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  1. Will East Colfax make a comeback?

    North of Park ave. it was... thats why the bankers and other businesses forced the city to change the name there to Walnut street so as not to be associated with it. That is why now when you travel north on Market, then cross Park, you will see that you are now on Walnut....geez
  2. 411:: Thalia marie-BANNED Profile

    She is part of a crew running with a manager out of texas. Her travel mate is banned also, Naomi mae aka vara faye. Perhaps others as well. A reputable provider sussed it out and saved my ass.
  3. Vara Faye fake

    Vara Faye Colorado Companion She sent me her real pics, and they are of banned provider Naomi mae. When i called her out on it, her male "manager" called me threatening me.
  4. Lily from skip the games

    Never fails to crack me up.
  5. 411 on mia banks

    Mia Banks 909-774-6069 Colorado Escort Has anyone been able to see her? She posts daily, but her phone doesnt work.
  6. Hot Springs

    Conundrum Creek, is its name, above Aspen Each way is almost 9 miles. You have to pack everyrhing out you bring. Its altitude is above 10,000, so the stars and the Milky Way are phenomenal. Meteors galore beneath a waterfall. I would take a provider in a heartbeat, if she were truly into it, lol. (Many years ago, I guided a group from S Africa into the Rawah Wilderness, and one girl brought her hair dryer...true story!)
  7. Hot Springs

    I second Ouray, but love the springs above Snowmass. Its a 3.5 hour hike, but its at high altitude, and the people you meet all camp there.
  8. 411 Queen9

    They had a bad experience I'm sorry they did not see my thread. Some on this board assumed, incorrectly, that I had somehow commited a sin by asking if she had familiarized herself with other reviews. She made a point of asking me to ask about services. I wanted to pm her, and she laughed it off as no big deal. My exact words to her were then " would you descibe yourself as gfe?" Perhaps he could have been saved the trouble.
  9. 411 Queen9

    Queen9 Colorado Escort Hello, i called Queen9, and asked if she had read any reviews, which she said no to. She was pleasant, and said i could ask her on phone instead of sending a pm. So, i said, "many of the providers offer gfe, protected. Do you? She said no, then hung up abruptly. I would have been willing for standard full service, but was not given the opportunity. Youth sometimes has its drawbacks...
  10. Shalaya (TOB)

    Yes, photos accurate.
  11. Shalaya (TOB)

    Ok, pulled the toftt trigger last night. [snip]Called, claimed her sister took car, and could i meet her. Went, then that changed to sister back, could we do car date. I said I wasnt comfortable with that. She then asked for $60 because phone was off. Said if I fronted her, she would do next session discounted. Shaking my head, I just gave the poor kid the monry, and wished her well.
  12. Backpage escort section gone

    Try (note, this is not .com) it's big in Cali, and they are set up for Colorado now