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  1. So if a provider took a picture of you with her phone (without your permission), you would be ok and keep quiet?
  2. What someone pays to a provider is usually an order of magnitude more than what he pays in bars/dates on the weekend. Moreover, when a guy has sex with a chick he picked up in the bar or the club, he knows for a fact that she's attracted to him, which makes the sexual experience feels intimate & genuine. So why then pay for something that you can get for much much less money and also feels more real? Here is my thesis about the whole hobby thing: The job of an escort is that of an actor. You pay her to act like she likes you regardless of whether she genuinely likes you or not. Think of a porn star for instance; she does not have to have a chemistry with the guy in order to do her job. She gets paid because she is doing the scene she is asked to do. If she did a half-ass job or shitty job in the scene you don't expect her to get paid, right? In the case of the escort, she gets hired for one hour to perform the scene of the girlfriend experience but without cameras. Hence, if she did a half-ass job, showed an attitude or disrespect towards the person who hired her, why let her have his hard earned money?
  3. I have to strongly disagree. One of the main reasons men seek the hobby in the first place is to avoid the stupid games and other bullshit that comes with dating a non-working girl. If both are essentially equivalent, why pay for it? the client gives his hard-earned money in exchange for a good time and service. If for any reason, the working girl cannot treat him like a king (maybe she's having a bad day, or thinks that he looks ugly or creepy, or unworthy of her) she should cancel the date asap and gives a refund. "Having a bad day" excuse is the dumbest one ever btw and many fall for it. If a lady is having a bad day, please take the day off and don't waste the gents time or money. I would have much respect for a no-show girl than one who shows up but treats him like trash. I personally would love to have a No-show like this, it means I saved my wallet. Much, much better than if the 2 strippers have taken your money, treated you badly, or scammed you.
  4. The binary or trinary rating system (Yes, No, or Maybe) is not very useful mainly because many clients here give an automatic yes just to be nice, even if the date was of low quality. The problem is the lack of honest reviews. I have seen multiple client profiles with over 50+ Yes'es and not a single a No! Really, really? I think the star rating system (1-10) that was used in TER would be much more reflective and encourages honesty if the rating was done anonymously.
  5. Exactly.. however, sometimes they are not even clear on the boundaries. One time I had this very disrespectful "provider" who started talking over the phone with her buddy non-stop and ignoring me. I asked her to hangup the phone, and she got pissed off by this outrageous request!!!!!!! Another top provider here with 30+ good reviews snapchatted a photo of me to her girlfriend during the session without my permission. I am sure many have encountered few weird stories like this. It just sucks that you can no longer document such bad behavior in a review or get your envelope back when a provider is intentionally disrespectful.
  6. I feel like getting into an argument during the session is an instant mode killer. That is why I try to avoid them as much as possible, but then after you leave you feel like shit for not speaking up. Let me give an example. Multiple providers wear their towels/clothes right after you finish even though 30 minutes is left till the end of the date. I never understood why they do that? Do they want to signal that it is time for you to fuck off? What do you do when a provider gives you a bad treatment? Starting an argument would obviously kill the mode & Mr. Rictus Erectus. Writing a review here is no longer descriptive and many are not that honest. Many times, taking back your envelope is not an option that's on the table (no pun intended!).
  7. Now that the reviews are no more accessible, neither are the activities provided by the escort, where can one find these info? I am talking specifically about the donation amount, and the activities such as gfe, kissing/no kissing, russian, etc etc Do you mind if the client asks you for all these details via text (after screening)? Or if he discussed everything with you in private *before* placing the donation?
  8. She doesn't have a social media/mailing list/or personal website. And I am too lazy to check TOB everyday... I ended up writing a simple python script to check it for me and sends me a "she is here" notification email if an ad was posted
  9. Hello admins & members, Is there a way to get notified when your favorite provider comes back in town and posts an ad? If there isn't such functionality in TOB, I think it would be nice to add it to the notification settings. Otherwise, one would have to login and check the board every couple of days or so!