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  1. This forum seems lonely! What's your favorite dessert?

    Thanks ☺
  2. This forum seems lonely! What's your favorite dessert?

    Creme Brulee. Not doubt. Even a year later. And what is up with this forum being desolate. I totally considered going out there. Anybody care to share what it's like in any respect of experiencing a city? Is there maybe another cite that is more popular in that region?
  3. Screaming

    Too bad it's not OMG.
  4. Screaming

    Now everybody. We mustn't forget to scream.
  5. Only good reviews going through???

    I have no idea what I am talking about. I was highlighting the absurd notion that you have to be one or the other. Obviously we all have be on guard as to not become prey. that makes us neither suckers nor sociopaths. Assuming there is any validity to what was just said.
  6. Only good reviews going through???

    Lies, damn lies and statistics. But anyway, it was just a "whatever" thing to say, if one out of 20 ppl are sociopaths then 19/20 are not. So in this dog eat dog world, you're either a sucker or a sociopath. If there is a place where all the thirsty people could go drink, then they would all go. But maybe only 1 in 50 people are thirsty. The probability that you meet the person with the seemingly lower odd at the water fountain is actually exponentially greater. So it is more likely for someone to meet a sociopath in a place where they can wear sheep's clothing and still maintain their true nature. I was literally talking nonsense, It certainly doesn't take one to know one. But apparently it is more prevalent for someone to chronically do what is wrong for their own gain, even though they are aware that it is, in fact, not right than it is to meet someone who might frighten some people like a person who has schizophrenia, but if unprovoked and left alone is not dangerous at all. But a serial killer is one in a million. It doesn't mean they aren't a freakish reality and a concerning one. I have never seen a mountain lion but i am not exactly an enthusiast of being stalked and then becoming its lunch. And sucker is really only something a sociopath or con artist or perpetrator might think of a human being.
  7. Only good reviews going through???

    One in 20 people are sociopaths. You're more likely to be a sociopath than a sucker. I believe that only 19 out of 20 people are suckers. So, you do the statistics because I know I have no idea was goin on.
  8. Only good reviews going through???

    It's meant to be absurd. We've all seen Rounders. Because it's such an interesting movie to watch all the way through. If I go on a forum and somebody insults me by saying we've all seen the movie because I parodied the first line from it, they likely only saw that part of the movie.
  9. Only good reviews going through???

    .Ok. If you can't walk into a room and tell who the cop is, you are the cop.
  10. Only good reviews going through???

    Yes. Cause we gun toting idiots around these parts. I don't know what you mean by "exaggerates in its timeline." I realize how stupid this MAY seem, but regardless of how legitimate the review or the rebuttal, I believe in some very fundamental rules. We keep ourselves safe, we keep our friends safe and we keep our things safe. The violence, no good. The escalation of such calls for some regular dosage of Eskalith (brand name for Lithium). But truly, jealous fiance, over protective sister, passive boyfriend, or truly just self sufficient and hyper vigilant, we are all afraid of serial killers. If you walk into a room and can't spot the serial ARE the serial killer. Just a saying I learned about poker. But may I make a suggestion without you getting upset? Maybe consider wearing velcro shoes to your next visit. Or fuck it, just leave those suckers on.
  11. Only good reviews going through???

    I was just reading the link to the review and couldn't help but comment. I can completely understand your point of view. It would be a very uncomfortable and off putting experience. I also read the provider's rebuttal. Just because somebody is independent, doesn't necessarily mean that they are out there all on their own leaving the meeting of strangers to chance. In terms of safety, it is very important that somebody knows where anyone is at all times. I realize this can somewhat defeat the hope of privacy...but if the information is given to a trusted friend, relative or boyfriend, it makes for a more relaxed and "safer" experience. I believe perhaps that it should go both ways if necessary. The point is...there is a time when it is time to go. Isn't that the whole motivation for finding a provider in the first place? It's a guaranteed parting of ways. People are protective sometimes and perhaps the approach may have been hostile...but it is understandable that if someone cares, they might make their point in order to prevent the issue of taking advantage. I believe certain clients will finagle what they can...I've heard bad stories from both sides. Nevertheless, as long as the provider explains that they are not alone (which they shouldn't be entirely) then it should be ok, for even an independent woman to have some back up if need be. That back up of course, being of her choosing.
  12. Only good reviews going through???

    That was not pointed toward reviewers with good intentions. I am saying that sometimes reviewers aren't as discrete and it's kind of a shame thing that women are socialized with... and my other issue has been when dudes don't even mention that they are members. I think it's douchie that they know more about us than we them. Then surprise, they had an issue with my pink taffeta ball gown BUT the can of Unicorn meat on their night stand was completely normal. I was worried that might happen...grain of salt. Honestly, I just think about how many times I have been outraged by men's behavior via messaging or otherwise. I read other reviews and I sometimes read into them and sometimes I think that they are meant to be understood only among men. The point is...stand by.
  13. Only good reviews going through???

    So. I think my rant had more to do with the idea ( which your skepticism addresses) that there can also be inaccuracy in good reviews--which is less likely to be adjusted or contended. If I may go a step the positive or the "yes" to let members know the service was provided as expected? I actually did not realize this for a minute and tell me if this is not the case. I don't know the exact words used in the review "guidelines," but I kid, I kid when I say...what happens when that provider exceeds expectations? that also a "No" in terms of service not being what was expected? I don't want to be too trivial on the subject--just obnoxiously feminist. I simply wanted to take something potentially--but temporarily upsetting--to any affected provider grappling with an unfavorable review, denoting the absurdity of the review relying entirely on a "yes." It is a nice boost to receive a "yes," but I'd like to at least point out, it can also be the details in the review that can feel too personal though likely unintended (benefit of the doubt). Honesty is definitely appreciated and as much as it would be nice to receive superfluous praise, it isn't always realistic. I believe there are several awesome providers whose reviews are inspired by their client's genuine satisfaction. We can't all be rock stars but I admire those who are.
  14. Only good reviews going through???

    The NO should really mean, so she said NO...that is terrible. She was rude? Is that because you suggested she go to charm school after you forgot the megalomaniac's guide to repelling women by subjecting them to your antiquated patriarchal supremacy? Call it..." an oportunity for a man to have nothing to report about what isn't his." Give me a NO W and I guarantee the lack of attraction from what is more likely than not his ruse to get something for nothing, is MUTUAL. Just a thought. I get it. There are vast exceptions to my rant. I'm fueled by the nerve of some inquiries. When it concerns safety, I will be rude and eventually learn to not apologize for it.
  15. In all fairness, I don't necessarily think that everything said was thought through to anyone in this forum. I completely agree that no matter what somebody posts, there will always be opposition. Threats are absolutely unacceptable. Let the "punishment" fit the "crime." Truth be told, there is no completely unoffensive way to talk about any demographic. Good or bad, stereotypes are offensive because it hurts individuals who are being themselves. It is even offensive to assume that just because somebody said something racist that they fall on the spectrum of entire racism. Give the girl a break. I'm sure everyone's retorts have relied on the entire premise that Violet is white...? And who cares if she is? She said something that is not "popular" but really, why not compassionately understand that she is learning a lesson. Not every overprivileged white female emerges from the womb understanding the hard knock realities of those who are innately gorgeous or who have this thing down already...right? I'm sure she has never struggled a day in her life, which is why she is here, just like everyone else.