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  1. I have found this to be an interesting read. I assume when one says "pimp" one is referring to the portrayal in films. A man who has a "stable" of women who he controls and they give him all the money they make.  Yes, that's awful.

    I started in this industry when I was 22. I worked for about 6 months before meeting the man that I would soon go on to marry and subsequently divorce (via civie life).   It was an agency on the East Coast ran by a Cuban woman, Jewelz.

    My experience was nothing short of phenomenal. She handled all of the screening,  paid for my hotel (upscale only) and transportation to NJ and then had a private driver for transportation while I was in the state. She kept in constant communication, bought me an incredible cake for my birthday, encouraged us women to make friends, blocked and blasted clients on the local boards if they were bad, taught me how to screen should I ever enter the industry on my own, and was like a second mother to me.  I still think fondly of her. We kept in touch for years after I left the industry.


  2. 3 hours ago, lustybustygina said:

    GFE   It’s sex and intimacy with all the warmth, passion and enthusiasm that always seems to be missing from casual encounters. You’ll get to enjoy and appreciate all the best parts of a relationship without any of the commitment or strings that would normally be attached. As long as you remember it’s a professional interaction first and an experience second, the GFE is the perfect choice for someone looking to rediscover emotional and physical intimacy.

    This exactly, Gina.

    Redbook definition of GFE, which was, from what I understand, one of the original terms and is considered by oldschool clients to be textbook was: 

    Bbbj, cfs, dfk, msog.



  3. I love fly fishing. I have my favorite areas here in Utah that I know and love. I know the time of year to go, I know what works best for me (oh hi, Euro Nymphs) and I know which bends to fish.

    I don't know the specifics here. My experience thus far here in Denver is that our cities (SLC and Denver) aren't too different. Our weather patterns also seem to be similar.

    For the foreseeable future,my time in Denver will include volunteer work, and my trips are centered around reconnecting with the Veterans that have moved back to Denver after completing Rehab.

    I'd love to hear from people who have a similar hobby and understanding of fly fishing. What times of the year are best? Areas within an hour and a half range from Denver? Yes, I realize i can Google search this however, let's be honest, the best places to fish are the ones that aren't well advertised.

    I'd love spending a morning-afternoon fly fishing when appropriate.

    Thank you in advance!


  4. I like to make warming foods, open my curtains and watch the snow falling. Afterwards, I relish walking in the neighborhood and feeling/hearing the crunching of the freshly fallen snow, breathing in the clean air (we get the inversion here, so snowfall is much appreciated to cleanse the air) and appreciating the silence that overtakes the world for a bit.


  5. My experience has been, at least here and in Boston, there are a noticeable amount who do have a "script". Not the majority, but definitely noticeable.


    Personally,  i am not a fan. I much prefer things to progress naturally. Being ordered around makes me feel like an object insteas of a human. Not so much my jam.


  6. I have a rule that after one year, i no longer vouch for you on private reference requests. 


    My reason for that is simple, people change and if it's been over a year, how am i supposed to vouch with certainty that you are safe? It's my reputation on the line with other women. I also only accept references within a certain timeframe from gentlemen for the same reason.


    I have found this is fairly common, at least in salt lake city. My p411 okays stay on profiles, as do my okays on board sites, but i won't vouch privately if over a year



  7. 8 hours ago, Hunter VanDyke said:

    An acceptable age is whatever you are comfortable with, and what the provider is comfortable with. Thats really all that matters.  When I was in my 20s I was completely comfortable with gentlemen from their 20s to 60s. Older than that, and I was a little creeped out.  Now that I'm in my 40s, I'm comfortable with gentlemen usually in their 40's to 80's. Much younger than that, and I get a little creeped out. That's just me, and I prefer to have a good time in my sessions, and not be thinking any weird thoughts. 🤷‍♀️

    This exactly. It's whatever the individual is comfortable with. I second everything in this post


  8. Not known here, but the woman who introduced me to this hobby world! She worked on the East Coast, specifically New Jersey. Her name was Jennifer Taylor.


    Stunning. She was a dead ringer for Jennifer Connelly facially. About 5'3, long dark curly hair, small breasts, pale skin and freckles.  More importantly,  she was incredibly smart, put together and funny.


    We did duos for a while together. We still keep in touch. She's married now and has since moved on, but she was something else.