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  1. Anybody miss Trump yet?

    Yep!!!! You just cant fix STUPID. The sheep have spoken. lol
  2. Flying a provider to you

    I'd say only do it if you have more money than brain cells....
  3. Anyone have luck with the sugar daddy sites?

    I've been on SB for a few years and it's a crap shoot for sure. I was fairly lucky at first, but this last year has been full of scammers and flakes. After chatting with a few they all of a sudden want a down payment or allowance without even meeting. I tell them I don't give up the $$ without a meet and they usally disappear, so I block them. SB was better at the beginning as they showed how long the girl has been on SB and when they were on last. They also showed if your message was read but now it costs you points to know if it was read. (BS is you ask me). When I"m out of points, I will flush them as it's just not worth the hassle with all the flakes and scammers and the changes that they made toward paying clients to make them pay more. Bottom line: Just do the providers as they deliver what you want without all the work and discouragement.
  4. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    It's always best to ask for a specific pose,... to know for sure. Say giving the finger with one hand and a peace sign with the other.
  5. On the lighter side of things

    What's the difference between love, true love and showing off?? spitting, swallowing and gargling

    RUT-ROW!! Must of gotten licked..... all over.
  7. Where do I stay??

    To bad she's cbj or I would give her a reason to stay on the western slope.
  8. Why do guys on here want me to pay them to review me?

    LOL. Bottom line, guys will want to pay the least amount and the girls will want the most. If you can't afford it then she's obviously broken your "Rosie factor". Rub one out and buy yourself a steak.
  9. I agree that it should remain forever. It's best to know and let your little head do the thinking. lol. JK. You can NEVER have enough intel