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  1. Kinky Holly 952-737-3662
    Colorado Escort

    So I did some google and for some reason it checked out it was only couple ads from Tx to Co, decided to give her a call as I thought maybe it would be legit. So if anyone is looking to see her I can tell you to save your gas and trip cause she is not even close to the pics.


  2. 22 hours ago, Mustang87 said:
    13 hours ago, Melissa Sterling said:

    As a provider in the Springs,  I can tell you the quality you will find on this site is higher than back page, but you will be asked for some kind of screening info. Some list it in their ads, some on their website, some not at all. The trick here is to figure out who wants what. Just a tip, always be polite and willing to be screened.  If you're not wanting to do that, I don't know what to suggest. Also, don't start the conversation with, yeah you available.  Introduce yourself. And do not ask for services provided. Check reviews. 

    Awesome, thank you Melissa I appreciate it.

    Will do. thanks


  3. 32 minutes ago, MikeInCOSprings said:

    Yes, if they are on BP and look like models, then obviously common sense applies...

    FWIW, I've had decent luck on BP.  Never had a bad experience, but I do my homework.

    Another possibility: Use the Search feature of this site and filter by city.

    I really think you're making this way to hard.  If you have money and half a brain, it's not that hard to get laid in this town.  And if it is, Denver's only an hour away.

    Im not making this hard at all, Im not sure what the big deal is. I asked a question that is all. Getting laid is not the hard part its finding a quality attractive lay, my standards my be different then others.

    Guys you can close the thread, I will find a provider here to give me a reference and I can continue my journey lol not a biggie.


  4. You guys are taking this a bit to the extreme, I just giving my honest opinion is that what the forums are for?. I have never seen any provider from this site but they all seem to look quite attractive. The ones that I have seen on BP have pictures of models and when you see them they are no where near what the picture is. I think we can all vouch for that nobody likes to be tricked. I look forward to meeting more high end providers which is my quest. No offense if you took my opinions personal. 


  5. Yea, Ive noticed that trust me. I have done quite a few of BP and they are all scams and never remotely close to the same person as advertised. But I registered for ECCIE, but someone told me to check her that it was better for COS. Let's see what I can find on here lol the difference from Denver DTC providers to COS is like night and day its crazy.


  6. Mike, that is the thing I have seen a few bp and the quality is horrendous lets be honest. I am looking for references to see the upscale women that are attractive and worth it. The upscale women do not allow BP for references.