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  1. CIalis vs. flowmax

    Thanks all. Was looking for experienc with either or the other. Might not have been clear.
  2. CIalis vs. flowmax

    Hey you geezer's. Went in for a physical. The lady doc gave me a prostate check. DAMN! Insurance didn't cover the reach around! I guess I need to look at other policies! so she said it's slightly enlarged. No you knuckle heads, the prostate. The subject of E.D. Came up. Yeah, it is happening! she recommended, Flow Max or cialis. Do you guys have any recommendations?
  3. Anyone seen Emma? bp?

    You beat me to it! Emma is with Denver ladies A BIG clue is when a lady posts all the cities she posted in her ad. Then go to http://denverladies.com/our-models/ And cross reference them with the ad. Avoid DL at all costs.
  4. So this happened

    Sorry Hun, never had that. Now if you had 8 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken collar bone and a broken shoulder blade, yeah I sure could give you some tips/advice.
  5. Happy to be back again!!

    Hey YOU! Welcome back. We MUST get together!
  6. Coming to Westminster

    In fact, 2 of my regulars are always in Westminster / Northglen / Thornton area.
  7. Coming to Westminster

    I have never had a problem in Westminster
  8. Well reviewed providers with old reviews

    I don't believe so. I know plenty of ladies who no longer want reviews for one reason or another. And there are those who have recent reviews that do not want reviews for the same reason or another. It has been told to me by some ladies thatpositive reviews can actually be bad because not all of them have all menu items available to all clients. So when a guy sees a menu item that was delivered by a lady, he automatically assumes it is available to him as well. Some ladies have plenty of clients and don't need reviews to attract more clientele. Hobby on Garth!
  9. What's something that's unique to Colorado?

  10. Rather disappointed

    Ok, I stand corrected. the judges WILL Accept Fuckery AND Bullshitery as acting actual words!
  11. Rather disappointed

    Fuckery? You just can''t go making up words! 😏 What the "F" is Fuckery?
  12. Rather disappointed

    I have a few observations: "a tip gets returning favors". I guess I thought your time was for companionship? And I thought discussing "tips" was not allowed. (Maybe I am wrong, but that would be the FIRST time) "but there seem to be a lot of jerks here" I see you have 2 favorable reviews form these jerks? ".i would like to extend a very grateful thank you to the gentlemen i did get the opportunity to talk to and see you were very polite and very kind and i know for me my service mirrors what thr gentlemen show me". So were they jerks too? It almost sounds like you had at least SOME good experiences but yet you are disappointed in ALL of us. And please don't paint all Colorado men with such a broad brush! I know the guys I have communicated with on this board are always polite and professional. One has to expect that no matter where one is you will always find kind and decent folks and also the rude. I have never been to KC. But have been to plenty of places to know that.
  13. 411 BP - Brighton

    Jeepers. SOMEONE posted a warning for her on BP! Now who would have done have done such a thing?
  14. 411 BP - Brighton

    Hi Lucy, thanks I appreciate the feedback. I wish it was easier to let folks know on a broader forum then here. I guess I am just Bit-coin challenged. HC
  15. 411 BP - Brighton

    I tried to post a BP ad warning of this thief but couldn't figure out how to use Bit-coin. Maybe one of you guys OR gals can do that?