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  1. P411 is now a closed community

    You are indeed correct Miss Adrianna.(what a beautiful name💕) I remember mentioning to you about this very thing. I was suspicious because I generally use google to search phone numbers and came across the link to your reviews. And realized the fakery after our discussions. Anyway there are at least 2 valid reviews on there, (mine😎) . So take reviews on Erotic Monkey with a healthy dose of skepticism!
  2. The new protocol?

    Too funny Kali. But an Excellent ice breaker. And I HATE when I run out of Thumbs ups! ☹️ I’m just glad the Mods didn’t provide us with a middle finger button 😎🙂. Enjoy your day, much love ❤️ to you
  3. The new protocol?

    Yes Miss Kali it is now difficult especially for the FNG’s. I guess if a guy had his mind made up to see a particular lady it is difficult if she’s not so inclined! I think one might have to start with Newbie friendly ladies. But heck, there are SO many beautiful ladies on this board ( you included Miss Kali 💝) , how can he go wrong by seeing a newbie friendly lady? And then maybe reviewing her, then requesting a reference from her? Some FNG’s have reached out to me! I’ve offered my advice for what that’s worth.🤔 I’ve approached ladies I know are newbie friendly. And facilitate an introduction between the new gentleman and the lady. It then becomes incumbent on them to negotiate the terms of verification, visits and any business that may or may not occur between them 😎. But lets face it, some ladies just aren’t newbie friendly and there just might not be any way around that. And that’s not a bad thing , in my opinion. It’s certainly her perogative to see or not see whom ever. But on the flip side of that, are the new ladies. Ladies with no reviews. Many gentlemen just won’t see the. So it’s tough for them, too. Thank you Kali for your warm regards by the way.❤️ I hope you have a beautiful day🌝
  4. The new protocol?

    Hello Miss Kali, Thankyou so much for replying 💝! Excellent questions. I’m going to answer your second question first. I guess if reviews still had more information. Then No, I don’t believe that it would be appropriate to reference another reviewers likes, and adult activities (pre review changes) and then ask for the same menu items provided to me by any lady I reviewed. Obviously all ladies provide menu items on an individual basis. There is the term, YMMV, or as I like to say, IRMV( Individual Results May Vary)😎. To answer you first question, I think I would do a couple things. 1) search for newbie friendly providers. Perhaps we need a new classification , FNG Friendly provider. (Fucking New Guy) Friendly provider! 🤔 . If I was an FNG, I guess I’d just strike up a conversation, via message, text, email. Be tactful, polite, gentlemenly, I would NOT ask about menu items! I think at this point, since donations are not allowed in ads, it would be ok to ask about that. 2) I have had FNG’s (no offense to you guys) reach out to me to enquire as to how to see ladies on Theotherboard, I give my advice, free of charge BTW, lol.!🙂 And not only that, I’ve contacted ladies I know ARE FNG friendly. And referred FNGs to ladies and vice versa. Obviously it is up to the lady and gentleman to discuss details of any visits and activities that may or may not take place in addition to any other business negotiations! Finally to address your, Any other thoughts or ideas question. Guys, be gentlemen. Be respectful. These are ladies! Don’t ask for menu items unless you first develop a trusting dialogue. Be patient. Thank you again Miss Kali💕 much love and many kisses happycamper
  5. The new protocol?

    Something I used to do before the recent changes, if there was a lady I was interested in meeting, I would invite her to please see my reviews and the let me know if we would be a good match for a visit. If she replied yes, then I was fairly certain we would enjoy each other. * If she said no, that was ok too! I simply wished her well and explain that I totally respect her boundaries! And I’d explain how important I feel it is to both of us to know these things ahead of a visit! So many times she agreed and we parted the conversation on pleasant terms. As a result of the changes to the review system and ads, if there is a lady I am interested in seeing I contact her, via here or text, and I simply tell her first WHO I am, Happycamper, from Theotherboard. Then after we establish who we both are, and develop a dialogue, I tell her TACTFULLY , not graphically, what I enjoy sharing with a lady. And again ask if she thinks we would play well together . * If not, I reply as I’ve mentioned above.* If she still wants to visit, we both have some idea of what each other’s likes are! This seems to have worked well for me. Nobody gets offended, we keep the discussion on a adult and professional level! As a side note, I very much enjoy developing a dialogue with a lady before meeting. To ME, it helps us both to get to know one another before a visit. And that can make for a great time for both of us.
  6. Dang it! You are in the Springs! I'm in Arvada.:confused:

  7. Use of PMs

    Message me
  8. Ladies, you are not alone.

    And me! 1800 Happycamper.lol
  9. Hello Peyton baby. Come to Colorado, there’s lots of us gentlemen that would love to meet you.❤️😎


  10. Tob Veteran and It's a Bright and New Day!

    Meant Outlaw Josey not Joseph, dumb auto correct 😎
  11. Finally saying Hi

    Well it's about time you Naughty girl! (Joking of course) Welcome Dear Nicole I hope you enjoy it here! smithb2189@yahoo.com
  12. Welcome to the board!

    If you ever visit Denver, look me up!




    1. Modeldiamond


      Thanks babe I sure will. 

  13. Friend Zone 2

    Ok, but like my moma told me : Happycamper, 😎how you gonna know you don’t like pootang unless you try it!
  14. Friend Zone 2

    How about we compromise, you say Putang, I say Poontang, we meet in the middle enjoy dinner!😎
  15. Friend Zone 2

    Ok DEAR! ❤️💝😎 is this our first fight? ❤️