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  1. Things in the Dtc area to do?

    Well, now that you mention it, ME
  2. Sex On Demand

    So a question along this same subject? I will see ads posted here that indicates she is available. I am an early riser and see ads at 0dark:30. So I texted one YL at like 4:00 a.m.because her ad was time stamped at 3:00 ish. I received a stern text a bit later, "DON'T ever contact me that early again!" I apologized. But won't call on her again anytime. There are a couple other ladies that post very early that I do see very early before work. I guess my thoughts are if you don't want a text that early, either shut the darn phone off or don't post st 2:00 a.m. The question I have is, do you ladies auto post or something? Do your ads get posted when if fact you are not even available?
  3. Sex On Demand

    I have found that to be the case too! P411 can be a lengthy process. It might not be the best avenue for short notice visits.
  4. FitFirm in Longmont, legit?

    P.M. me. I have seen her 3 times, IF it's Chase! Which it looks like it is.
  5. 411 Avery May

    She did the same to me when. I told her she has 3 different profiles based on her phone number search! She asked why anyone would search a providers phone number, and that I was an idiot and so on and so forth!
  6. 411 Avery May

    So, and looking at Avery's profile, https://theotherboard.com/users/120167/ads It says she is 5'5". 130 lbs. Her Pics don't say that!
  7. Taking an extended " Break"...

    Miss Bella, I always enjoyed your company and wish you the best. You are a very special person and will be missed by those that know you. Take care of yourself! 💕
  8. Review ettiqutte question...

  9. Anyone seen Trixie Thomas?

    She resurfaced as Chasemelately. (http://theotherboard.com/ads/show/9710). Review coming soon to a Board near you!
  10. Borrowed, Fake, Stolen, Lifted

    HMMM that is true, the owner does still have them. i never thought of that!
  11. Borrowed, Fake, Stolen, Lifted

    P.C. hits T.O.B.
  12. 411 Avery May

    Avery May 720-623-8278 Colorado Escort So, I often cross check Provider phone numbers here with Back page and/or Google Here is what I found: https://theotherboard.com/users/120167/ads (T.O.B) http://colorado.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/hotel-friendly-sexy-100-real/44814292 (Backpage) Interesting. Not only that: Search Google and I find this: http://www.escortprofile.xxx/720-623-8278/ Go figure
  13. Mia Mara?

    Colorado Escort Morning Gents. Any intel on Mia Mara? 720-398-0574 Thinking of pulling the plug. https://backpage.com.denver.hoxnif.com/post/23679631/ Thanks
  14. Thriving In Sex Work

    Darn, I misread the topic.I read, "Thriving Sex in the workplace!" I was hoping it be how to get lucky at work! l need a remedial reading cours
  15. Reviews

    Is it just me? Or has any one else noticed that the Mods are posting reviews more promptly? Thanks mods, I appreciate it! Happycamper!