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  1. HOBBYISTS: Team Downtown or Team DTC?

    Either. 😜
  2. unwritten rule on reviews - should be written?

    I totally agree.having been to a couple AMP’s. walking in is somewhat unnerving. Had some great times there. BUT, why help LE? I vote leave them out of the review pages!
  3. Apologize

    I guess I should clarify: if the lady goes incommunicado, you guys can’t contact them. And here I review them.
  4. Apologize

    Not unless they want me to be.
  5. Apologize

    Ladies 000-000-0000 Colorado Escort Hey Guys, I feel like I almost owe you an apology. Some ladies I review seem to vanish! Even from me. I do not know why. Sometimes I review a lady and she becomes incommunicado! Take for example my last review. Haven't hear hide nor hair from her! This has happened with a number of ladies I reviewed. I totally want to see them again, they WANT a review, ( I generally ask them if they want want one). I write a review, and they go silent! I wish I knew why this is but I don't. Happy Hobbying H.C.
  6. 411 cheyennecatori

    Cheyenne, you are absolutely adorable ❤️💕
  7. How to find a woman for a couple

    I PMed you.
  8. 411 cheyennecatori

    Perhaps you should message her and discuss this with her rather than on the forum? just saying 😉
  9. Denver foothills

    Dude, they are messing with you. Your email isn’t shown to users.
  10. dream house co

    MANY and I mean MANY years ago went there. The doors have peepholes that allow viewing from out side. The place is strictly Self Service!
  11. Interested in knowing

    Not all providers offer all services to all clients. What a lady will do with one gent, she may not do with another. its called YMMV for good reasons.
  12. Question for the providers

    Lucky me!
  13. Anyone been to Kiev, Ukraine?

    NO! But I do know a little Russian! And she is HOT! LMAO
  14. Hi

    Hello, And Welcome! I hope you enjoy your times here!
  15. Ladies, Please Read!!!

    He can't be a gentleman if he is harassing you! Or anyone for that matter. Is he a TOB guy? Feel free to PM me! XOXO