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  1. After turning state's evidence on a major Russian cartel member...oh wait you've heard this one...
  2. providers who don’t want reviews

    Plus back-channel and PM? Would I just PM the OP on any Upscale provider on the chance that she is the 'one' that he is referring to. I agree with gr8owl, I think a review of the provider indicating pictures are not accurate but otherwise the OP seemed to enjoy his experience (based on his comments above). The provider could then rebut why the photos are either old or 'borrowed', or perhaps cause her to update her site to reflect current look.
  3. Gentlemen please clean up after yourselves

    Hence a burner phone (or phone app) separate email address - disable notifications on the messaging app you use. That way you can hand the phone to anyone.
  4. Not having any luck any pointers

    Am I the only one that sees the Rocky’s auto guy when I read his handle? Perhaps a handle that has less baggage in the metro area. I think the mods can help you change.
  5. I remember thinking Stephen King would never finish The Dark Tower series. He did and he’s still writing like a book a week. And he got ran over by a car! If he can get run over by a car then George RR Martin can finish GOT by God! Besides there are prequels and spinoffs to be had. HBO will download him to a machine so he can finish!
  6. Ladies be careful

    Wait, I thought the point was TO mess around with Laci!
  7. Netflix and chill by myself is my happy place

    Black mirror - the crystal ball into our future! It’s uncanny how close to reality some of the shows are and how they take technology exactly where we will because we are full speed ahead damn the torpedoes humans!
  8. Which path are you on

    It takes a whole lot of moonlight to shine on the path of fate...
  9. I find her more stimulating!
  10. Infatuation…

    I’m not in love...I’m magnetized
  11. Hail ...

  12. Ladies we have to do better

    Just my two cents but the reviews would be difficult to prove (see all the mentions of fake reviews - self reviews) whereas to Laci’s point saying I will do x for y has it down in black and white. I have a review pending I chose to do alphabet soup and tried to generalize the session. Guess we shall see if it gets approved.
  13. Tracking Cell Phone Movements

    Of course why should the government get a warrant when they can just buy the information: https://bgr.com/2018/06/19/track-cell-phone-location-verizon-t-mobile-att-not-any-more/ Hopefully they have really stopped.
  14. All Time Favorites?

    She knows...