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  1. Looking for a fun provider this weekend

    Did you need to bring that into the convo! I suppose next you'll say you never saw Star Wars in the theater (the first one...errrr Episode IV...or whatever get off my lawn!)
  2. Sad day in Geek-land

    Land of the Dead - I think more poignant today than ever! And Space:1999 - that was my Saturday staple! I applaud Dr Who for having the wherewithal to have a woman kick butt. One step forward with two steps back...
  3. If you could...

    technically not anywhere in the world...but what a view! https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/main/index.html
  4. Last Day, Leaving Town Soon Ads?

    There are so many visiting ladies that I will consider them for a one time visit, local ladies I too prefer a regular provider. While I might be drawn to an ad that says leaving soon, I often think either they are going to visit other cities to see how that goes, or on vacation. If it's someone I would want to see, I would usually wait until they return or figure I just missed my opportunity.
  5. Info on this body rub/nuru gal Bliss

    I believe it was a typo and it's revised now. The rate I experienced was commensurate to the experience. Not purposely being vague but don't want to be shilling.
  6. Info on this body rub/nuru gal Bliss

    I've seen Crystal several times over the past 6 months always a great experience. She asked me to post a review after our last session: https://theotherboard.com/users/118749 I do recommend you see her.
  7. What kind of info is important

    She will do XYZ with a previous reviewer, but not you, cuz you look like her dad. Now that is funny...and perhaps a little sad... I think it's helpful to know about parking, that way I know if I have to leave extra time because it's difficult. Activities are also helpful because if it's a NO (I understand that it's a provider's discretion and that I might be the day she decides not to do that activity) then if it's something important I can get beyond that activity if I really want to see her. Accurate pics does help, I have a certain body type I enjoy more than others and I prefer not to be suprised.
  8. Really???

  9. Cancelation epidemic

    Life happens and I think as most have alluded to, communication is the key. I have been canceled on and have had to cancel, only once with less than 24 hours notice due to waking up with a migraine. I try to reach out to the provider the day before to confirm, that way if I'm 'ghosted' at least I don't start to drive somewhere or try to stick to a schedule if I know things aren't going to happen as planned. As time4fun said, basic human courtesy. Now...let's all hug!
  10. Do you ever go over your budget

    Let me put it this way...I'm on my 4th extra job! JK!
  11. Really???

    For reference, I'm not sure if Android has a similar functionality with their connected watches, but the Apple Watch can control the camera on the phone. So it's not so much that the watch is doing the recording, but the phone is and controlled by the watch, so if the client is paying more attention to his watch than he is to you...
  12. Only good reviews going through???

    I agree with accuracy, but often times it's about how you felt in the session. I have had sessions where we didn't click but that doesn't mean it was a bad session. I always put at least 50% of how things go on me. It's been said many times, YMMV. I tend to take negative reviews with a grain of salt especially if it involves things that are mutual in nature. Other more concrete things, like tardiness (amazingly I'm late to everything in my life but appoints to providers...), NCNS, underhanded behavior, those things I think it's important to share and tend to stand out to me more than she only does LFK (maybe someone is not a good kisser). It's those kind of things you can decide going in if it's important enough to not see someone and move on.
  13. Best Movie Scene

    The music from Vangelis made this movie...
  14. Tantra w/ Vanessa and Ariel

    I had reached out to them via e-mail from the ToB ad and didn't hear back for a week when they asked if I could do an appointment that day. I wasn't available and suggested an alternate day and time with no response. The Web link from the ToB posting is dead. I would probably explore other Tantra or 4 Hand FBSM options.