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  1. All Time Favorites?

    She knows...

    She has an ad up now and her p411 was logged on today https://theotherboard.com/listings/show/21252
  3. Cassidy 411

    Google image search brings up hits to an Instagram account that is not Cassidy on a couple of the photos. I would do more research for sure. https://www.hashimg.com/u/sonnnka/27561721
  4. Don’t forget Kansas
  5. In need of some suggestions

    Burgers - Crown Burgers on south Colorado: http://www.crownburgers.org Breakfast - LaPeep or The Egg and I Mexican - I'm a native whose not a big Mexican food fan. Love the ladies though! Scenic drives go west or south and you can't go wrong! I'm sure others will chime in with more specific routes. Overall Colorado is puppy friendly, just keep a leash on, it's easy to wander off fast and get lost!
  6. Bacon...Bacon...Bacon...

    Apocalypse Bacon
  7. Boston’s first was my first vinyl record. I think I went through 3 of those things! I also have the original lynyrd skynrd album where the band was in flames and they recalled and reissued after their plane crash.
  8. Crown tattoo

    I thought it meant you really really liked that downton abbey show!😂
  9. New to TOB

  10. 1

    I believe she alluded to that in a different post...
  11. Safe Communication

    Get a 43k soundproof phone booth for your office like Scott Pruitt, Head of the EPA did. That's how he keeps all his convo's secret!
  12. Newbie to TOB

  13. https://www.ipvanish.com/
  14. On a different note

    It's Eunuch flavor!
  15. Questions from Newbies about the Ladies

    I like the 3 review rule as well, but as BB said, it could also depend on length of membership, contributions to the board, etc. Even then I think a simple yes or no for would I personally see her again, no activities listing or answer any detailed questions. Following that rule would not give me some of the information I would like to know, but I think that is where maybe more direct communication with the provider would be in order. Everything is YMMV, but to keep everyone safe I think it's best to be minimalist until we figure our way through this.