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  1. 411 on Ashley Nicole in Colo Springs

    here: https://theotherboard.com/users/95479 - or you could click on Profile listed below Corrado's picture and see his reviews. Ashley's is currently at the top.

    Lol! I just browse the ToB forums on my phone🙃
  3. 411 on RyanLikesIt

    Saw her today. It is her in the pictures. I would recommend. Review forthcoming.

    I do seem to recall seeing that thank you for the refresher. Maybe I should have gone with: Mom, what's a magazine?

    Lol...it just occurred to me that joke may go over the heads of younger members...what's penthouse?
  6. Any info on this 40 year old lady

    and...written in the third person - she is 5'9" rather than I am 5'9". I always wonder when the ads are third person.
  7. 411 on RyanLikesIt

    RyanLikesIt 541-620-2541 Colorado Escort Wondered if anyone has seen Ryan. She responded quickly to a text and has a sense of humor. She has a P411 account: https://www.preferred411.com/P254997 and even a ToB account but hasn't had activity since 5-2-17: https://theotherboard.com/users/117294 She has one review here and has an indication of a Self Review, but as the Erotic Monkey thread in 411 indicates, the self review and an Erotic Monkey review may be related. I'm going to check out the Erotic Monkey review and PM the reviewer here. Phone number search links back to different sites but all have the same picture group, same name. A link to a Backpage ad is dead. If you have info but don't want to share here please PM me. Do the Caught Self Reviewing flags raise a red flag for most gents?
  8. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    To me this kind of goes to atf's right? Look at the various 411 questions about where did this provider go? So if you like to move around so to speak I would think your chances of lower volume would be higher. If you want to see an atf regularly and you want the provider around then likely theyll have to be higher volume in order to make a living (I know there are lots of variables). like scarecrow said...she's just waiting and excited to see me. As long as she doesn't break that illusion the question is moot.
  9. My 1st ever tat...

    so...shooting ducks, strangling roosters, I'm guessing that birds should feel unsafe in your presence?
  10. Fall in love with client♀️

    I would always kid that I had a girlfriend at every client I visited! They just didn't know they were my girlfriend!😊 Kidding aside we are drawn to others for sometimes no one knows why. I'm sure many providers have been the object of desire in more than one way. I can see how you would want to be the receiver having put yourself in the role of giver. It's like a masseuse wanting to have someone touch them. I'm sure it's hard and I hope you find what you need.
  11. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    It depends on how you slice it!🙃
  12. 411 on Morticia Adams

    Dare it be said: 'Tish, that's French'!
  13. Info Jordyn Lovely

    I've noticed that reviews on TER are taking a softer tone. It may be along with their new look they are also trying to be less specific detail orientated. My personal opinion is to be more vague in the text but include the alphabet soup of activities.
  14. Info Jordyn Lovely

    The forums are a great place to mine nuggets of wisdom, learn from the mistakes of others. Newbies usually get either ignored or hammered but hey, that's the Internet in a sentence. Reviews are your friends. There are other reviews sites as well, by checking two or three you can get a sense of what your experience might be like. Look for providers that advertise they are newbie friendly. That means they are willing to guide you through your awkwardness. These links have been posted before but are worth your time to read: http://www.wikihow.com/Be-an-Escort's-Favorite-Client https://skipthegames.com/articles/about-escorts/tips-from-an-escort-dos-and-donts Most of all remember these ladies are exactly that, ladies that deserve your respect and consideration. You may have had a couple of bad experiences, take a step back, think about what you want and why those experiences didn't go well, then do some research and find a lady that will hopefully meet your needs. A couple of tips that I have followed thanks to gentlemen wiser than I: Only take the donation amount with you, maybe a little extra for a tip. Don't take your wallet in with you. You don't need it. Plus your butt looks better! Don't be a dick (sorry to all the Dick's out there)! If it's not working with a provider you want to see, move on to the next. You'll be amazed at how quickly your FAV list grows. If you need to cancel, give at least 24 hours notice unless it's sickness or an emergency, but still give as much notice you can. NoCallNoShow sucks (on both sides of the aisle). You have to put a little effort in to things that provide you pleasure, so put some effort in.
  15. One and done or multiple visits?

    I believe I read in one of these threads that if the first experience is not good that it's likely trying again will result in the same or a worse experience. What I try to do is take what I learned and try to make the first experience with a different YL better! So far the repeats I've had have been with only a few and those repeat seasons did not disappoint. Sometimes the devil you know...right!😈