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  1. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    First I want to say thank you to all the wonderful providers I've had the pleasure of meeting. I am amazed that you are able to do what you do in the face of the uphill climb that being associated with this hobby brings. Running any business is difficult, running one with the adversity you face is probably almost impossible (I've been doing this a little over a year and you see many providers come and go). I've been in the service industry (not one as fun as this-mind you!) for most of my adult life. My hourly rate was based on competition, what the market would bear, and what clients were willing to pay to get my services. I charged more than similar companies, and less than others. When I raised my rates existing clients usually stayed with me, I can't recall having lost a client to a rate increase, even when the rate increase was designed to have them go elsewhere. I do get that having a lot of competition drives the rate down, but for me rate is not the only concern. I'm fortunate that I can engage in this hobby once or twice a month so I usually find who I would like to see, then see if I can work it in my budget. Providers can call me out here for being wrong, but at least for me rate only factors into part of the decision. Obviously if the experience is worth it, I will return and pay the rate requested. If it was not, then I will look elsewhere. I have not asked for a provider to change their rate, to me the rate advertised is the rate I expect to pay. If I feel the rate doesn't match what I hope to experience than I don't contact the provider. I understand you have to set your rate based on 'the going rate' but I think if you are confident in your abilities, make it easy to do business with you, and enjoy your work recurring business will happen. The only thing I can offer would be have a tiered rate system or one rate for one time visits and another for regulars, offer specials to entice new clients in the hopes they will become regulars. I realize I'm coming at this from the other side of the door, but the horse wasn't going to beat itself!
  2. I agreed to pick her up

    Wow, how Trump like!
  3. The Real BadBoy

    This picture doesn't show the part where he catches the wheel in mid-air, reattaches it, slides in sideways and kisses the girl! The end.
  4. Gimme two steps

    Gentlemen, better be nice to the ladies! http://people.com/crime/pennsylvania-stripper-murder-sugar-daddy/ http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/06/4-female-escorts-charged-with-murder-in-death-man-who-stopped-to-fix-flat-tire.html
  5. Swedish Blonde

    Well, depending on what photos you want to be her: http://jessicacrimson.com/reviewed_escort_mobile_numbers/720-787-8698# Google image search finds those photos associated with a lot of different names and numbers, but all in the metro area, all provider ads so maybe not stolen model pics. I would guess not her photos, or maybe agency phone number. It could be that webcrawlers are just grabbing that number and putting it with fake ads. Pics seem TGTBT.
  6. Ivy Doore 411

    There is a number of profiles lately using similar verbiage, changing photos, etc, the 'I review rude clients' line. This provider, Red Headed B...probably part of an agency. Likely the person that shows up or answers the door won't be the photos in the ad, and probably self-service eye candy.
  7. Ivy Doore 411

    I remember Tineye or google catching those photos as well so that’s not her either!
  8. Ivy Doore 411

    Interesting, Tineye or Google Search doesn't find either for me...they just like you better!
  9. Lilly Taylor

    I believe it's Friend To F***
  10. Ivy Doore 411

    Excellent work. Looks like this person figured a way around Tineye and Google Image Search. Following your link it's clear the images are from Shutterstock, but taken from the 'still' version of videos, which probably flies under the radar of picture searches!
  11. You don’t say if you reschedule after the cancellation and if the appointment happens? I’m guessing there is something you get from sessions with her that keeps you going back which would likely be the deciding factor for me. It would suck to keep having to reschedule and at some point I think I would move on. There are a lot of providers to chose from so I think it comes down to how flexible your schedule is. I've had providers cancel and I didn’t pursue a rebook if it was our first meeting. If we are comfortable and have met before and I want to see her I will reschedule. i have some ATF’s that I let know I’m flexible and it’s okay to reschedule. The first time I meet someone it’s nervewracking enough to go through screening - protocol - etc. so they cancel I will just let it go and move on. Sorry for the convoluted answer but I think it comes down to how bad you want to meet with her.
  12. Adrianna

  13. New friend on TOB!

    Glad you had a good time hopefully the cold weather coming in won't keep you away too long!
  14. Shower and GFE

    Here is the exact verbiage: So search for that and take a meeting! Of course it doesn't say she'll take a shower with you, just that she is willing to take a shower.
  15. Shower and GFE

    If you hover over shower or click on it verbiage comes up that says provider is willing to shower with client or something close to that i originally thought it meant they had a shower