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  1. TOFTT

  2. Preference or objectification?

    Guess I just like women. Ditto.
  3. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    I fondly remember having a Peanut Butter Burger there. One would think those items don't go well together, but amazingly they did. I remember it being a fun experience!
  4. I am such a Pussy!!

    Oh to be young and facing a fork in the road. I'm sure my fellow over 50 comrades will back me up on this. First you probably didn't blow it you explain to them that hurricanes gave trepidation and give them the flooding examples - you know how hard it is to rebuild. Second because I'm an eternal pessimist I taught my kids this: take the worst case scenario for the situation you are facing. Can you live with it? If you can't, what can you live with? Now what does it take to make that happen? Do that. I know it doesn't seem like it from where you stand but you have the fortune of youth on your side. Now is when you can bounce back from a mistake, work all day and all night, sleep on the floor, etc. my long winded way of saying: follow your heart now if you'll excuse me I have a burning man trip to plan...
  5. Nightshift?

    I don't know about night shift but there is a review of a provider I see on erotic monkey that is a cut and paste of my review of her on TER under another persons name. It includes the 'vip' portion so either someone looks for reviews of providers and posts them as their own or they have a crawler with username/pw. At any rate I tend to look at reviews to determine legitimacy, longevity, and chemistry. If a provider one or two bad reviews I tend to overlook unless NS or if it seems like the client was ripped off. Not sure how to legitimize the reviews unless there would be a two factor system where I post a review and the provider I've seen verifies we've actually met and either adds her own rebutal or let's it go as is. I wonder about LE and usage against someone but then I also think how do you prove it's really me that wrote this.😉
  6. Will that be Cash or Credit Sir?

    What do the providers prefer regarding envelopes? I've been doing envelopes this whole time.
  7. Really B!#$&.. You just logged in!

    I never 'log off' either, but simply close the browser window. The system must track active usage, so unless you were to leave a browser window open, it would not show you as online. The mods could elaborate more about how it works I'm sure.
  8. Really B!#$&.. You just logged in!

    You can also click on Forum - Online Users and see who's currently online and what they are viewing or if they are using PM.
  9. Darn Acronyms !

    I found this, the closest thing that would make sense: FMST FMST Stands For : Finishmaster
  10. Any ladies willing to indulge my fantasy?

    There was planking in that porn!
  11. This past week Dan Savage discussed on his podcast Savage Love a similar query, it was about why we are attracted to the body types that we are. One of the things brought up was what we are taught in our youth to find attractive or what the model for attractiveness is. For instance if we were taught that broad shouldered muscular men were manly men and we should aspire to that body type, chances are if we are gay we are then attracted to that body type because it holds our ideal. The same would be true for our desire for women, if curvy Marilyn Monroe types were idealized, that is the body type we would like. I love how everything comes back to what we learned as a child.
  12. Kyra of Denver, responsive???

    Wow...her TER profile is gone. I thought that was impossible!
  13. I got a text

    There could be a million things going on , someone stole a phone, someone lost a phone, someone dialed a number just 1 digit off, etc.etc. I think gr8owl has a good suggestion to contact her in another manner. It would be interesting for you and pfunk to compare notes to see if somehow you have a provider in common and somehow her phone was compromised and someone is just going down the list...Ignoring it is probably a safe way to handle it. Let this be a learning experience, I know passwords are a major pain, but set one up on your phone. That way if you do lose it, or if someone steals it, they can't just get on it and see all your stuff. Also LE can't make you unlock your phone (the last I knew). At the very least it pisses off the person that stole it because they have to wipe it to do something with it.
  14. Personal Websites

    Two set's of eyes are better than one. Have someone you trust look at it, check to make sure all the links work and go where you expect them to go, read what you've wrote to make sure it makes sense, catch spelling errors, etc. An editor is a good thing!
  15. A little information here: I agree, it would be interesting to read the self-reviews.