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  1. Is P411 dead?

    I went back and reviewed the e-mails sent from the admin. As JoDoe27 mentions, it states no new companions will be added to the site. Ads will go away, no visiting ads, okays will stay only for those that renew, there will be limited PM's between admirers and companions, the gist of it was the site will be a verification site only with companions being able to link to their external sites, so those websites will become more important it seems. I am going to renew for now, but you may want to screen shot your info. Oh and the url will likely change away from a .com. If I've revealed too much mods please remove. They ask not to post verbatim the e-mails, I've not done that, just summarized.
  2. Ladies... write a book

    https://www.loladavina.com/table-of-contents-1/ It's a very interesting read.
  3. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    I didn’t mean that new! And yes we still can only if I can sit in back! 🏍
  4. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    I will say I was pm’d once by a new member wanting to meet irl and discuss this and ladies. I politely declined it seemed a bit off to me. As we’ve often stated with sessions ymmv so it wasn’t something I felt comfortable doing (meeting and sharing details). Maybe just me being overly cautious and private.
  5. hotel wi-fi

    I tried to add this as an edit but wasn't fast enough: To your question regarding leaving a record that matches your stay, I would only worry about it in relation to staying at a high end hotel that has the $ to have a security staff that would actually look at these things and might be incentivized to keep illicit activities on their grounds to a minimum. Most mainstream and lower end hotels barely have enough staff to keep things rolling, while resorts in Vegas have huge security staffs monitoring a lot of stuff (granted mostly the gaming areas, but still). I also have not stayed anywhere that has actively blocked anything. Mostly it's just been crappy wifi and slow speeds.
  6. hotel wi-fi

    Mountainrider33 is right, if you are worried or can't connect, use a VPN. Probably the main reason hotel chains would want to block porn sites is to steer you towards their PAID TV offerings more than policing what you are doing. Usually how filtering is done is by category rather than individual sites, so ToB while technically not a porn site is flagged as Adult Entertainment in filtering software and is blocked by many filtering services. Of course some places block VPN traffic, but that's mostly nation states and not so much commercial entities. That said Starbucks is going to block porn in 2019. https://www.pcmag.com/news/365186/starbucks-to-block-public-wi-fi-porn-in-2019?utm_source=email&utm_campaign=whatsnewnow&utm_medium=title Opera has a version with a VPN built into the browser. Haven't tried it yet but it would make it a little less cumbersome because the browser would handle the VPN setup and traffic for you: https://www.opera.com/computer/features/free-vpn
  7. Moves your soul.

    I have my own Walkabout planned for late January so right now this is speaking to me...
  8. What would your ad say fellahs?

    How could everyone forget - the pictures are me or it’s FREE!
  9. Ghosting practice

    From conversations I've had with provider friends, from their side of the table this can be a consuming business. Post your ad, weed through dozens if not more texts trying to determine who sounds promising to see, respond to texts and e-mails, screen, set appointments, hope that clients don't cancel or NCNS, give attention to regulars that can be needy, try to weave your life around all the above. I don't know how they do it and stay sane. Unfortunately texts and e-mails get buried in the new texts and e-mails. I had reached out to a provider via text and e-mail. I figured it was how I introduced myself or perhaps she didn't like reviews I'd done or other providers I'd seen. I decided to PM her here, and had a response within the hour. Maybe it's like standby seats on a plane, you just have to hit the right moment until you've seen a provider long enough. Even then because of the familiarity factor I've been rescheduled because I'm a known quantity. I have let providers I see know that I'm okay with that, but when it happens you still have to wonder how you factor into their business model. The reality is probably most of the providers don't have a business model, it's a wing and a prayer, one day or even one hour at a time. I'm with you on the ghosting, but a much wiser member of the board told me that you just move on to your next option, it's not worth the brain damage to try and figure out how or why!
  10. Post Your Funnies

  11. https://www.thisisinsider.com/dutch-man-emile-ratelband-wants-to-legally-change-his-age-to-49-2018-11
  12. Sears declairs bankruptcy

  13. After turning state's evidence on a major Russian cartel member...oh wait you've heard this one...
  14. providers who don’t want reviews

    Plus back-channel and PM? Would I just PM the OP on any Upscale provider on the chance that she is the 'one' that he is referring to. I agree with gr8owl, I think a review of the provider indicating pictures are not accurate but otherwise the OP seemed to enjoy his experience (based on his comments above). The provider could then rebut why the photos are either old or 'borrowed', or perhaps cause her to update her site to reflect current look.