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  1. Donation

    There is a traveling provider who touts her services on her website as: Getting you closer to God. Maybe we should start the Church of the Holy Courtesan. Incalls would be tax free, ladies would be ordained and spreading the message of love and converting the sinners! Honey, I'm going to chuch! Pass the donation plate please!
  2. Low Volume Girls

    Honestly, I'm sure that the providers I see ONLY see me. See...that's low volume!
  3. A little Help in the Highlands

    $7 extra to spend time with a beautiful woman...I’m not made of gold! (Sarcasm off)
  4. 411 on Lauren

    Damn! I guess we know where my eyes wander...
  5. 411 on Lauren

    I would think her butt!
  6. Kate Lynn Is she legit?

    She has an ad up today: https://theotherboard.com/ads/show/14915
  7. A little Help in the Highlands

    No to mention he probably has tightie whities on...
  8. More strange hooker math...

    what we refer to as fat fingering...
  9. What sites do you use

  10. What is your life philosophy?

    No matter where you go...there you are...
  11. What do you do when . . .

    I agree with acmb2017. An honest review doesn’t necessarily mean a bad review. What if the thing that bothers you (let’s just say gum chewing) bothers most of her clients and no one ever mentions it or notes it in a review. I go visit her and I hate gum chewing. Now we both are going to have a bad session and I wouldn’t repeat either. It sounds like her goal is to grow and Have a steady clientele. I don’t think you have to be mean about it. You can say you recommend but wouldn’t repeat yourself, say you didn’t click and here’s why but here were the good things. I understand what fish is trying to say about a hardline but even he admits that reviews have changed his mind. This is an expensive hobby and it does help to have a little bit of knowledge going in to help make a decision. Plus there is always the guys that really really dig gum chewing and then she’s perfect! (I don’t hate gum chewing for the record!)
  12. 411 cheyennecatori

    https://theotherboard.com/ads/show/8062 she has posted on some other boards as well. Reading through the TER reviews I gathered she is not gfe and it wasn’t clear if daty was an enjoyed activity so I didn’t want to pursue. Those items I’m sure are very much ymmv so take it with a grain of salt. Likely since she moved (according to her ad) the timing of reviews stopping make sense.
  13. 411 Natalie 720-689-8709

    Ok I’ll be captain obvious here I see a phone number listed on this post both title and original op question and a phone number in the bp ad. Perhaps a phone call will do the trick as old fashioned as that may be! Am I missing something even more obvious?