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  1. Need someone to talk to

    Or volunteer to walk dogs! That’s some love there!
  2. Evil Is Among Us

    Click the contact us found at the bottom of every page to reach the mods.
  3. WTF is going on??

    I will say that I've come to believe that the rate doesn't always equate to the experience (I believe I've read this here before). I think it's great that ladies are able to get the rate they need, as mentioned it's not cheap to live in the Denver area. I will say that a higher rate will often cause me to do more research about the experience I will have, and if there is uncertainty I will likely keep searching. Which is why ToB is such a helpful forum.
  4. Do we know?

    Likely he will be. What are the chances that he will have any of the consequences that most of us would face. My guess he will still wake up a month from now with a football team and 6.6 Billion. His ToB name handle has to be 1%Life!
  5. So Many Pretty Ladies !

  6. To be fair, the researcher and the article are making a lot of assumptions a default configuration of a basic device don't have right out of the box. If you have a smart home, or even smart lighting, and you enable your app to track you by your phone, thereby knowing when your proximity to your home is so it can adjust the heat, turn on lights, unlock the door, etc. All of these things require the end user to actively configure (or have configured for them) parameters which yes, could track a person. However, just because you have Brand A device in your home and another person has the same device, you going in proximity to their device doesn't automatically know you are there. Currently you are more likely to be outed by your phone more than a smart device. But...as we go down this road, and we begin to develop more and more creative uses for these devices, and just like with friends on Facebook, you add friends to your smart device so that when Bob comes over your home knows to play Led Zeppelin because that's what Bob likes, then you could see this being more realistic. The article seems to be a 'be very afraid' of technology kind of article without a lot of real substance to back it up. The potential is really there, but even the article says in apartment buildings based on behavior you could infer something happened, meaning I come home, turn on the lights in apartment 1B, then I leave and turn off the lights and then the lights go on in apartment 3C, it could mean I went up to 3C. Could also mean 3C came home. It's always smart to protect your privacy, and urge your elected officials to start putting something in place here in the US that they have done in the UK (GDPR, which goes to great lengths to make companies make your data your own) so we can have similar control over our data. Note the Amazon devices all come with a button you can press so that it stops listening to you. There is also the unplug it from power option!
  7. Alien, aliens, blade runner, terminator - all movies that shouldn’t be that old but damn - are!
  8. P411 forgot something...

    I think safari doesn’t care about https so it does work on iOS devices. Not sure about android but on a pc chrome doesn’t work.
  9. P411 forgot something...

    Maybe it's just me...I can get to it from my phone. Interesting though.
  10. Somebody needs to renew their security certificate...or it's been revoked (I tried from multiple browsers, you can't get there from here or bypass the security setting in the browsers). I hadn't thought about that, but as ssl (https://) becomes the norm and browsers don't allow you around it, that's a pretty back door way of shutting someone down (pun not intended!). Everyone else seeing the same?
  11. Looks like a certain chain that starts with M and ends with T is scrutinizing women who: check in by themselves - use a lot of towels - use extra linen - have sex toys. Because sex trafficking. http://www.papermag.com/marriott-hotels-sex-trafficking-training-2627520121.html https://www.teenvogue.com/story/how-hotel-employees-are-trained-to-spot-human-trafficking https://www.reddit.com/r/SexWorkers/comments/akh718/marriott_hotels_are_keeping_track_of_single_women/ https://www.reddit.com/r/TwoXChromosomes/comments/ak39ff/marriott_is_now_watching_solo_women_travelers_and/ Some chains are blocking sites on their free wifi, some bars are not allowing single women to sit at the bars by themselves. FOSTA-SESTA is really working it!
  12. Feet

    If I had a nickel for every random text I get asking if I have pretty feet...😂
  13. Feet

    There are things you share with your friend group, and there are things you share with ToB.
  14. I think that can be an added charge.😉
  15. Newbie question about hotels

    Some google street maps actually walk you into the lobby - try that to get a feel for the place - act like you belong there as mtnrider said staff doesn’t know and doesn’t care if you are a hobbyist. Some large hotels have side and convention entrances try those as an alternate way to go in without going by front desk.