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  1. On the lighter side of things

    A couple go into a pet shop looking for a new pet, the pet shop owner tells them he has a cool monkey that can do his own brand of sign language. When the monkey sees the couple he points at himself, then his heart, then at the couple, indicating he loves them. The couple says "awesome, we will take him". On their way home unfortunately there is a tragic car accident, the couple are killed but the monkey survives. As the state patrol are investigating the discover they the monkey can communicate. An officer says "what was going on here monkey?", the monkey raises his hand to his mouth with his thumb and pinky outstretched and tips his hand up. The officer says "oh, they were drinking, what else?", the monkey again raises his hand to his mouth with the thumb and index finger touching and takes a few imaginary puffs. The officer says "oh, smoking a little weed too, anything else?", the monkey touches his thumb and index finger and makes an O on one hand and pokes the O repeatedly with the index finger from his other hand. The officer exclaims " oh my God, they were having sex too, what were you doing during all of this monkey?", the monkey feigns like he's gripping an imaginary steering wheel and looking over his shoulder into the back seat.
  2. More changes

    No matter what happens I had an awesome time. So many great ladies I've met through this site, thank you for the inspired companionship. Thanks to the guys for all the great reviews. Thanks to the mods especially Boink and Kaduk for allowing me to be here, Whisperer also. I loved the forums, can't even tell you how much I learned from reading them, so much invaluable information. TOB is an awesome site, hope it continues. Best of luck to everyone!!!
  3. Back page orphans

    Pardon my interruption, but could somebody point me to the $60 specials?
  4. I've had enough

    I don't understand why karma would be coming back on her. She's not the one playing games, she politely asked them to cease. When they persisted she taught them a little lesson- there may be consequences for their actions, and it was just a small prank. I would have thought that some girls would applaud her actions. Instead of just ignoring these idiots she actually did something. I thought that was the title of this thread "I've had enough". It makes me think about the scene from the movie- Network, where the producer goes on ranting " I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore". His statement "I'm a human being, I have value" must resonate strongly in Ryan. I have nothing but respect for her, and from her reviews I see her clients do also. I don't have to say stay strong Ryan, you already know your a winner.
  5. I've had enough

    The problem I see with your approach darlin is I'd rather be abused by you than have sex with most other girls.
  6. Business hours, and method of contact you prefer- text, call, or e-mail.
  7. No don't need to look any further

    That one is too easy, anyone that has been in the hobby for more than a week can spot that fake. Give us a hard one.
  8. Apologize

    I don't think you owe anyone an apology. Guys on this board should thank you. I just noticed that recently you went over the 100 mark for reviews, that's quite an accomplishment. I thank you for your positive and accurate reviews.
  9. FS QV

    QV won't work for me considering it takes me 5 minutes to get undressed and another 10 minutes to put my clothes back on.
  10. I agreed to pick her up

    Thank you Keyser, your assumption was correct. As for reason 1) regarding my silliness- I'm sure I will fix the problem, but probably not till I desperately need to use their services, and most likely by the method ilovewomen stated in downloading the app to my phone (btw- thank you ilovewomen). But I don't think I need to lie to the ladies if they ask me to order an Uber, I will just say no I can't do that and offer them a ride if I'm able. This brings me to my answer for 2)- The ladies on TOB have never asked me to order an Uber for them. I think a couple of times they accepted a ride home. But usually they have it together and the Uber knows when to come back and pick them up. I don't know if other guys have experienced this when dealing with ladies from another site- her ad says outcall only- you contact her, set up a time, she gives you the price, you give her the address, everything seems hunky dory, then!!! she says "just order me an Uber". I'm thinking the price she gave me wasn't the total price, and what other surprises does she have in store. I might offer a ride at that point and give her my reason why I can't order an Uber, I don't care if she thinks I'm an idiot because I already know this appt. is not going to happen. The situations where I've given a girl a ride are when something unexpected came up- their ride fell through, driver didn't show up, car won't start, etc., this doesn't happen often. But when it does- I love it, and I consider it way out of line to ask for extra session time. When the lady is in your car it feels like an extension of GFE, and sometimes you can get the wife experience- getting scolded for exceeding the speed limit, going the wrong way.
  11. I agreed to pick her up

    I believe you missed my point. If I could order rides for the ladies, then I wouldn't have an excuse to offer a ride myself. Also, I have no desire to drive for Uber or Lyft.
  12. I agreed to pick her up

    Probably because I was never actually a driver for Uber, all I did was fill out an online application. After that every time I went to Ubers website it would take me to the drivers section and would not allow me to go anywhere else on the site. Then I wasted time trying to straighten it out to no avail. Maybe that's why I con't.
  13. I agreed to pick her up

    I felt like I had to reply to this topic because I have had the pleasure of giving many ladies a ride when other plans didn't work out. I do consider owning a car and being able to operate it legally a privilege not a right. From the time I obtained my drivers license I have given rides to friends less fortunate than myself. Every so often a lady does have a problem with transportation and I will tell them that if they are comfortable with me I will be glad to pick them up and drive them back afterwards. I am unable to order an Uber or a Lyft because both companies have me listed as a driver for them. This stems from me filling out a application for Uber, just so I could get a $20 credit on an expensive, addicting internet golf game. I don't know how Lyft obtained my information, but apparently I drive for them also. Many ladies decline my offer, which I understand because I am a stranger. Some girls do accept my offer though, I try and make them comfortable- my car is clean and in great running condition, I'm a safe driver, and I make sure I give them my address so they know where I'm taking them. Usually I will pick them up and drop them off a block from where they live because I don't need to know where they reside. Most of the time the girls transportation problems come up at last minute (shit happens), and at least they're letting me know they can't make it ( that another topic- ncns). If I am able that's when I tell the lady I will be glad to give them a ride- nsa. That brings me to my point- the time she is in my car and we are talking, getting to know one another is awesome. That is the special time that she is not asking me to pay for. Asking for anything for a simple will of good gesture is not the way I was brought up. I do have one great story of one sweet lady- her friends dropped her off at my house and parked down the street. After our session was over and she left, she came back and said her friends were gone. I invited her back in while she tried to contact her friends, apparently they drove to the other side of town. I told her she was welcome to wait at my place or I would be happy to give her a ride. She asked if I could give her a ride to meet her friends, so I give her a ride across town and her friends aren't there ( they weren't very good friends). She's upset and worried about inconveniencing me, I let her know it was not a problem and was enjoying getting to know her. She asked me if I could give her a ride home, which was on the complete other side of town, I said " sure I'm not going to leave you stranded". She offered to give me back a good portion of the donation I had given her, which I absolutely declined. We even stopped to get food at a drive thru, and had been in my car for at least 2 hours. We were getting close to her place and she asked me if I was still horny because she was, I said "hell yeah", I found a dark, inconspicuous to park. The session we had at my house was great, the experience we had in my car was indescribable but firmly imprinted in my memory. I know that offering and accepting rides from strangers is not usually a good idea but sometimes intimacy precludes uneasiness. Having a conversation in my car is very intimate to me, and I just hope to repay some of the kindness that the ladies have shown towards me.
  14. Prime Example

    I had to look at the ad a few (10) times before I saw it Chrissy, then it was very obvious- 2 watches - 2money bags= hh-100, hr-200. I thought the providers used roses to be less obvious.
  15. How do you answer the question..

    From looking at your pictures , I don't think you need to lose any weight or go on a diet.