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  1. Um, really? Is this a thing?!

    I was getting a BJ going over Loveland Pass late one night and the girl looked up at me and said "are you sure you can drive ok?". I said "don't worry hon, if I go over the cliff I'll die with a smile on my face and you'll never know what hit you".
  2. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    You must be one of the very few people in Colorado that don't text while driving. It does still seem to be dangerous to use the voice text, but I use it when I receive a text and need to reply while driving. That did get me in trouble once with a provider when as I was recording my text that I would arrive in 20 minutes, I was cut off in traffic by a lady not paying attention to the road. I screamed a bunch of profanities then hit send. Oops, that text isn't going to read well. I am joking. BTW, the OP treated this idiot with way more grace than he deserved.
  3. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    The only possible review he could write is no call/no show which didn't even happen. He didn't confirm a time , which to me means no session. So you couldn't even be considered a nc/ns. Even after all his nasty texts and threats you were still kind enough to tell him "give me 5 minutes and I can be ready" and that's still not good enough for him? How often does a guy get to a ladies incall and she says "give me 5 minutes"? I would say it happens all the time and if guys were too impatient to wait a few minutes then there would be a lot of unsatisfied men walking around. This guy went way over the line. You sound like a sweetheart with more than enough understanding.
  4. A note to some men. A word of advice.

    One girl I know from TOB said when guys would ask her for a $50 session she would tell them for 50 bucks they could come over and she would give them a good kick in the balls. When she told me that my eyes lit up, I had a big smile on my face and I said "really, how often do you run that special?" She said "for me, anytime".
  5. Music makes the world better 🎷🎸

    Shostakvich Sym. #10 is my go to piece at this time
  6. Infatuation…

    Things did not work out so well for me. I acted too weird, for example- I would be sitting in my chair waiting, she would come through the door and I would say "where you been", she would say "out ho-ing", then I would go off ranting "you're lying, you been out shopping, getting your nails done".
  7. Getting bumped out of your scheduled visit

    What's wrong with tuna? Now I'm hungry
  8. Dilemma

    My opinion on this is that if she wants a referral from the stud of TOB , she may not only have to give you a "free one", she may have to pay for your services. I'm sure there have been some dirt bags that have tried to blackmail girls for a good review, but this doesn't seem like the case here.
  9. When providers retaliate

    There is one issue I haven't seen addressed in this forum, and that is the client informing the provider that he didn't want to see her because she looked older in the verification picture. She was nice enough to send a recent picture and it was used to hurt her feelings. There are a million other reasons he could have used to not schedule with her instead of insulting her.
  10. Ladies, were reviews an ego booster?

    I remember when my dad caught me. He came in shaking his finger at the bed, and scolding me saying "boy, you're gonna go blind if you keep doing that". I waved my hands at him from the other side of the room and said "dad, I'm over here".
  11. Negative Reviews

    I believe I was wrong BallR. In my previous posts, it was my opinion to let the NC/NS slide. But now after seeing your review, you were obligated to do a NC/NS review. It appears this provider had a NC/NS review 2 weeks before you scheduled an appointment. I assume you saw that review but gave her the benefit of the doubt (which was the point I was trying to make in my posts), you were stood up on that session. Again you give her the benefit of the doubt and schedule another appointment. I can see that also, you're being patient and understanding. But she blows you off again without having the slightest courtesy of a simple message letting you know she can't make it. That is atrocious behavior. Unfortunately because of the rules against posting 2 reviews of the same provider within 6 months, most people won't see that she had 3 NC/NS in a 2 week period. But seeing 2 NC/NS in 2 weeks is all the information most guys need to make a decision. Thanks BallR.
  12. Negative Reviews

    Hey Bora Bora, didn't I just say the same thing 7 hrs ago in my post? That's ok, I may have learned to be tolerant from an advanced member such as yourself in a forum awhile back. If BallR chooses not to do a review it's not like he's doing a huge disservice to other gentlemen on the board, they may also lose some time and suffer disappointment in not achieving the fun they so lustfully sought after. One other thing- this provider could actually be super reliable with all other clients, but just took an instant dislike to BallR and decided to really mess with him. I am joking BallR. Now I'm reminded of a time when I wasn't so tolerant. I had been a member of TOB for just a short while when I contacted a lady from Backpage. We set up an appointment and I drove 30 minutes to her incall and texted her that I had arrived and I received no answer. So I was upset and started sending her texts stating that I had driven a long way and she could not do this to me, I said "you may not know this, but I'm kind of a big deal around here, I'll be doing a review about this and you will never work in this town again"- lol. I didn't really say any of that, but I did send her a text saying that I was a member of TOB and I was going to do a review. I immediately felt horrible and sent another text right away saying how sorry I was for acting like a huge jerk and I would not be doing a review, and please excuse my idiocy. I drove home and then I heard from her and she let me know something unavoidable came up and she was sorry, and hoped I wasn't going to do a review. I assured her I wouldn't. I didn't get to meet her on her visit to town that time. But I did meet her on her next trip to Denver and enjoyed her company very much.
  13. Negative Reviews

    I'll be glad to. A month or so after I first met this girl, I scheduled a 2nd meeting. So we made an appointment, but she called me and said her incall and her transportation fell through. I told her if she was comfortable with me that I would be glad to come pick her up and bring her back, and I gave her my address so she knew where I would be taking her. She said that would be great. When we arrived at my place and walked in it is obvious that I'm a musician, I have a lot of different instruments in the living room. So I was playing one for a few minutes for her. When I was done she said that she appreciated being able to enjoy music and had not always been able to do so. I asked what she meant and she told me she had been born deaf. She told me around the age of 9 (I may be wrong about the age), doctors had come up with a new experimental surgery that could give certain types of deaf persons hearing. So she was in the first test groups for this new procedure. When she came to the part of the story of coming out of surgery and hearing her mothers and grandmothers voices for the first time I just felt what an emotional and joyous moment that must have been. The whole night was great with her. I had just scheduled an hour with her, but she was in my company for about 3 hours. The session was awesome, but the time getting to know her was even better.
  14. Negative Reviews

    I do think Mustang is right about it being important that negative review resulting from a NC/NS shows just that. Because you are not actually doing a review, you are only indicating the lady may not be very reliable. It definitely is not the same for a client to be stood up as it is for the provider to be stood up without a call. It may cost us some gas money and some time, but it does not affect our bottom line like it does the ladies. So I like to give the girls some leeway there. I've been stood up without a call 4 times by ladies that are members of TOB (probably a 100 times by backpage girls). The ladies from TOB each had the same reason- car accident. I know for sure that 2 of the ladies had an accident, I have no reason to not believe the other 2 girls, and it doesn't matter because that is a legitimate reason for a NC/NS. Instead of being a whiny brat about it, I just rescheduled with all 4 ladies at a later date. They were all terrific and I would have missed some awesome company if I had developed an attitude over being stood up, especially since one of the beautiful ladies has become my ATF. Another girl from TOB (she is actually a participant of this thread, I can't name names but she is a real sweetheart), I contacted her one night not too long ago, and apparently she keeps very good records- she began apologizing to me because she may have stood me up a while back. I told her I was sure she had never been a NC/NS with me, then she said it wasn't a NC/NS, but she had called and cancelled. I could only say that she surely did not need to apologize for having the proper manners to inform me that she could not make it to an appointment long ago, she insisted on apologizing anyway, so I said "apology accepted, when can we get together". I just brought that up because that level of thoughtfulness is heartwarming. I do have one more story about a girl and NC/NS. This girl did not NC/NS me but she wasn't easy to schedule with, and did have a recent review for NC/NS. When we got together she was saying she was concerned about that review, I told her that I didn't think that she should let it bother her. I said its not really a review, it just means you're maybe not very dependable, then looked her in the eye and said "which is true!!!, there are worse traits you could have as a provider", then she laughed. I mentioned this because if I was worried about a NC/NS on her record I would have never met the only provider to bring tears to my eyes because of her life affirming story. If the readers of this forum want hear this story, I'll be glad to come back and tell it. otherwise i will shut up. Anyway guys, give the ladies a break on the NC/NS reviews.
  15. Bacon...Bacon...Bacon...

    Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Bacon, But Were Afraid To Ask