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  1. Negative Review Threats?

    Definitely not him lol
  2. Negative Review Threats?

    Thanks guys! I did not know that! Lol the review isn't that bad and you can CLEARLY see the back n forth he has done with me (leaving a bad review then a great review then bad again lol) so he pretty much contradicts himself if you look at it. Hopefully clients will look past it and see him as a bad apple and not hold that against me. Maybe i will just leave it alone.
  3. Negative Review Threats?

    I just had a gentleman that insisted on sending me my hh donation via card when i told him i would rather do cash. So he sends it anyways and i let him know i couldn't make it that day so he left me a bad review when we already discussed i would come see him on a later date. So fast forward to a week ago, i see him but he wanted me to spend an hr with him which i DID and i asked for an additional hh rate because of what my hourly rate was (he already gave me donation for the first hh) He turns around and gives me a GREAT review and when he found out that he wasn't getting an additional hh for free he turns around and gives me ANOTHER review saying i ripped him nnnooowwwww i have to do a rebuttle so i can get that negative review off of my profile. Mind you he wrote the rip-off review like the day after he wrote the positive one. Very frustrating how he can go back and forth.
  4. Bbq festival

    Thats only for friday...Saturday and Sunday are free entry ...unless you wanna be VIP
  5. Bbq festival

  6. There goes the neighborhood

    I have a strong personality and demand respect. If you are not willing to give it you will get blocked very quickly and loose a good friend (me) lol you may even get cussed out and feel dumb in the process 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ i love teaching lessons 🤗
  7. The Stupidity Is Real

    Some of these guys are idiots ....the guy who said this to me wouldn't give up his handle smh go figure
  8. BB

    Wait no I didn't read it wrong 🤔
  9. The Stupidity Is Real

    There was a guy that text me yesterday basically trying to blackmail me for BB saying I need the reviews and he's going to tell everyone not to see me being that he was a well established hobbiest on here 🤔😑 that didnt go over so well with me lol I'm sure he won't be contacting me again 😂
  10. BB

    Everyone that has contacted me on here (that have seen multiple girls) has not wanted to see me for the simple fact i don't offer daty or what are the girls such as my self supposed to do? Any suggestions, because I have bills too lol I was on BP before it shut down and I didn't have this problem...there were always a few here n there asking for BB but the majority didn't.
  11. BB

  12. BB

    Yup hahahhaha read it wrong lol
  13. BB

    And P.S bb Greek is the number 1 way to catch hiv/aids
  14. BB

    To each their own 🤷🏼‍♀️ ... I have heard horror stories from bbbj and daty
  15. BB

    Who slut shamed? lol isn't that the same thing you guys are doing when talking about girls that do BB??? Lol confusing