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  1. Whatcha got cookin'

    Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake.
  2. Tongue or No Tongue?

    a lil tongue with some lip nibbling..
  3. I want to say hi to everyone in Denver

    Drat! Welcome to Colorado...even if you're not awesomely tall.. It's a great state!
  4. Truth in Advertising

    This post was approved by a mod.... years of lurking make this possible, I enjoy it. Is the cupcake being made an inclusion, or an add on item? I'm a fan of cup cakes...
  5. Fall Fun - Halloween Horror - Who likes Scary Movies?

    It's a wonderful time of year, scary movies and haunted places to visit!
  6. Mexican food

    We can hawk our homemade edibles?! It's great to turn veggies into delicious salsa! It would be nice to have the mexican food I was used to in Phoenix available somewhere in Colorado.
  7. Mexican food

    I'm a fan of La Luz Mexican Grill.. also my favorite salsa made by someone other than myself... (mix the mild with the roasted...) I usually get the fish tacos, or the atomic burrito if I'm not eating anything else that day.
  8. New to the TOB

    Yes, welcome aboard...where some of us are TOB lurkers...for years on end..
  9. In need of some suggestions

    Burgers..Cherry Cricket or Crave Real Burgers. I used this site for hike planning..
  10. Calling All Providers!

    I like pie.