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  1. I agreed to pick her up

    OMG You know, sometimes that's actually needed to remind me of the "deficit" the little man suffered during the later marriage years. Still, to the OP, my two cents on the whole thing... you probably shouldn't have offered to pick her up and re-scheduled since she couldn't figure it out. Even so, 35 min drive... that's over 2 hours additional time with her? I would assume that would not have been in awkward silence. You really had no reason to ask for more session time.
  2. Too dang sensitive? You help me judge, please.

    Trust is a big factor here. All I'll say is if you're not on P411 or DateCheck or some other verification service, then her request is not out of line to be able to confirm your identity and ultimately (through other due-diligence methods) determine if you're legit and safe to see, or a time-waster. I'm sure you've done your research on her up-front before contacting her and believe her to be legit and not going to waste your time, so your request to know her real name and see her ID is IMHO out of line. Her response is not unexpected. Don't be a dick.
  3. Really???

    I just got a notice on P411 (from admin) that some one there was revoked for trying to use a camera watch, so be vigilant people.
  4. Orally speaking

    I would be really surprised that you need a root canal due to a cavity. But if you've been in a lot of pain before seeing a dentist, then that's not unusual.. the pain is because bacteria has gotten into the pulp cavity and to the nerve inside the tooth. I highly highly recommend you have a root-canal specialist do the root canal. Have your dentist drill and do a pulpectomy (remove the inflamed pulp cavity), then put a temporary filling, then go to a specialist (oral surgeon) who does only root canals. They have better equipment and experience for the job and will get _all_ of the nerve out of the canals all the way down to the bone. The difference in pain you'll feel afterwords will be less than a day versus many days. And if the dentist doesn't get all the nerve (happened to a couple friends), you'll be in pain a lot longer and still risk an abscess, which means you'll lose the tooth completely a little later. One friend lost the tooth anyway and now has an implant (more pain and $$$). The oral surgeon is a bit more expensive, but the risk of losing the tooth completely is much lower. You'll still need a crown to get the tooth back to being a what it was, but you can start performing French the next day if all goes well.
  5. What would your gang name be??

  6. Does the Hotel Matter…

    FWIW, Hotwire and Priceline can get you half that most times, and even better if you want to roll the dice along with the clues provided on Of course YMMV and it does lock in the days.

    Maybe ... like "throwing a hot dog down a hallway" ? (Name that movie...)
  8. Deposits

    All valid points. I don't find it any harder to use than Walmart pay .. both are based on scanning QR codes in all the latest wallets so it's simple, but understanding what a Bitcoin "wallet" is (really just a long acct number stored in an App protected with a password) and how the transactions are processed is a hurdle to get over. But it's not much different than a credit card transaction in complexity. And then how to convert it to (and from) USD with your bank account via ACH (electronic check) through an exchange is an additional layer that can make it hard to use for everyday stuff. ( is a legit exchange FWIW.) The price fluctuations lately have been straight up. Exchange rate right now is $2818 / bitcoin. I would *love* to use it for the hobby because of it's cash-like anonymous nature, but I know I'm in a minority (if not the only one here). As a provider perhaps you'd love it because it can't be charged back (reversed) like Credit Cards, i.e., it's like cash, once the bitcoin transaction is confirmed and in your account, it's yours, no charge-backs. That's nice for those deposits you're talking about since I would not expect you'd be getting those in cash. Anyway... my $0.02. PS: I just renewed P411 with Bitcoin.
  9. Deposits

    So you've tried it? FWIW, Coinbase has an instant transfer (cash out) feature now.
  10. Deposits

    You providers need to take Bitcoin ! It's easy... and insane how much it has appreciated in value this year.
  11. Must Watch TV?

    It was very light on substance, and quite a short piece getting into what Las Vegas and Seattle PD are doing. This is better w.r.t. substance..
  12. P411waiting

    I have had no response on P411 for a week then all of a sudden have a positive response the day before the appt I requested, so there's something with the site where there doesn't seem to be an "accept" button to let us know it's acceptable (or at least tentative). Or maybe hitting the button costs money... I don't know. [Edit... Aha, reading other posts, yup, delayed messages would cause this..] IMHO, 4 hrs is definitely not long enough. I'd give it at least 24 hrs for contact. And if you're trying to book an appt within 24hrs, you better be directly calling or texting or emailing, whatever is her preferred method.
  13. I think the UPS man saw me spakin it

    I've gotten "caught", really just eye-balled by another motorist, while getting a BJ in a parked car. Weird mix of thoughts went through my head, but in the end I just shot back a glance hopefully saying "don't you wish this was you?". And he moved along...
  14. Condoms - Yes or No?

    Talk about an "inflammatory" question... Sheesh!
  15. Hotel or Outcall?

    Outcall is limiting for me since, like a few other gents here, there is a wife at my place. So I'd have to rent a room somewhere to see you. That changes the $$$ picture enough, in general, to make me pass on outcalls. Except in rare, exceptional, cases, and there has only been one of those (and it also included a plane flight and a rental car...)