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  1. New Provider

    Enjoy the Board! XxKae Marie
  2. AA Men

    We put the “no AA” (especially when they will work with POC Providers but won’t be paid by a POC client 🙃) into the average Avoid Pile. Same as no screening, bb, bait&switch, etc. The list goes on. It’s just a list of those that feel the need to separate themselves in such ways can find it if they want and others can avoid all the bridling of life. The list is ever growing. However there are plenty of conversation success stories like Miss Chrissy that we allow to grow and maybe even get an invite to the Cookout. Good luck and have fun Mr. Shane. XxKae Marie
  3. THANK YOU TheOtherBoard

    It’s already been 70 days?! Goodness. I repeat the sentiment. Woot Woot TOB!
  4. Disgruntled Client

    🔪 cut that cord babe (idk why they don’t have scissor emojis)
  5. What’s Your Love Language?

    I mean, we get around that regularly...they just email you your results.
  6. What’s Your Love Language?

    Anyone taken the 5 Love Languages quiz? 30 ?? ranking what you desire most from a partner. It’s a fun way to reflect on what type of Provider or Client you are. I suggest doing it as Single for this one (couple if you have an SO is fun too). 💞 5lovelanguages.com/profile/singles have fun loves! 💋
  7. Celebrate! Resist! Decriminalization for All!

    I’m not even sure if I can bring this to the board, but I feel like it’s important for the community to be aware and have the opportunity to engage with our own lives and livelihood. So....Happy International SW Day! ⛱ Also known as International Whore Day. There are SW and Client protests around the world fighting for our place in this life of liberty today. Support your SWs well loves. Providers are often there for you when everyone in your life is preoccupied. Where are you when our lives are institutionally cast away and aside? You love us, we love you. Let’s get the world on board so they can let us love in peace! 💞 XxKae Marie
  8. Reading is fundamental

    “Is your site/published info current?” I think this question would save dates and bring in business, Clients. You’re not being specific or annoying and you’re allowing the Provider to specifically tell you what you need to know IF there is anything different on their site. Even if you don’t read...the opening of that convo makes it much better to discuss those things comfortably for everyone. It’s services provided by a service Provider y’all. If you can go to the store and appropriately ask an employee how to get your needs met then you can come at a Provider correct. Paululum Caput...? Yeah get on the menstral train...blood rushing only when you're aroused still sounds manageable 😝 XxKae Marie
  9. Ladies choice

    Lol I hear y’all but let’s be realistic...we regularly buy upwards of 2000 bikes and other inatament recreational activity things to use 1/4 of the year if weather allows. Yeah you can ride an expensive road bike for 5 years with maintenance and blah blah blah....but I can only ride for like 5 minutes before it’s time to book another date...perspective. Take Honda vs Masarati. Both going to get you there, both priced for their respective product/sercive. Why does someone buy a Masarati? Because they freaking can...It has nothing to do with Provider prices...it has to do with what you want in your memory bank vs what you wanna keep in your pocket. Hobbying anything is a luxury...Don’t rate shame y’all. Remember the bottom line is vanilla free. XxKae Marie
  10. Thankful for TOB

    Welcome to the forefront Big! 🤗 XxKae Marie
  11. Sharing My P411 Okays on TOB?

    Preach Chrissy...preach. But really without reviews, clients have less to write and more nervous energy to throw on the boards. Providers are mostly just annoyed and trying not to die. Everyone is still a mess. Your words are Squad Goals though! Thanks for this! XxKae Marie
  12. Disrespectful sites.

    I was hoping that most of those sites died once FOSTA/SESTA got signed. Disrespectful is right! There were so many! There were several Prociders posting long how-to delist from them a while back XxKae Marie
  13. Memorial day wkend is coming

    For those that have been lost 💙🇺🇸 Enjoy your weekend loves! XxKae Marie
  14. Is perfume verboten?

    Like any other booking requests, just speak to her prior to arrive and all should go smoothly. Just to make sure no one is allergic or anything. Gifting your preference is best form. XxKae Marie
  15. Hello DC people

    Hi DC! I’m looking forwarding to putting the Capitol on my tour list. what others sites are worth looking at in the area? Thanks! XxKae Marie