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  1. New Again!?!

    Where is the emoji beating the dead horse? Too funny, same thing over and over, did you people even read anything anyone else said? Its funny that even though its been said, ya just gotta say it again or you don't feel complete! Thick skinned is need and thick skulled is BIG... LOL at this!
  2. New Again!?!

    Shoot I wouldn't leave for something that trivial I know some folks enjoy being dicks, its in their nature, not happy unless they are unhappy or negative. On the other hand these last to responses were pretty funny...
  3. New Again!?!

    Yep I do know all that was simply asking as its been a while but no need to get chippy for no real reason but if that makes you feel better then its all good. Thanks for the replies just the same.
  4. 411 on Angel Eyez

    Thanks for the link and sorry I had a lack of info - wasn't on purpose!
  5. 411 on Angel Eyez

    Angel Eyez Colorado Companion Saw her on the Skip the games site, nice mature with nice pic's. Any low down? Thanks!
  6. Las Cruces

    Any providers in Las Cruces?
  7. New Again!?!

    So as you can see by my join date I've been here before and was somewhat active for a while and was a member of 411. Now I live even a bit farther away than when I stopped coming around, but I regress - did I just use that word :-D. Any way, I'm coming through Colorado Springs weekend after this one and am looking for someone nice to see. I'll only be one night and will probably be a bit tired from driving, none-the-less I'd like to get an idea for someone to see that can come to where I'll be at (which I don't know yet). Plus its been a while since I have hobbied so I have no idea how to even look up anyone you all may point me at. So a little help with this would be very appreciated. This was always a fun place to get and share info. Thanks all! Ahhh I see that my original date doesn't show which was early 2000's. Still, thanks just the same!