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  1. Thank you TOB

    I can speak for myself. I keep my ads pretty basic because no one seems to read anymore. If a girl lives in a housing community she isn't going to tell you for her safety that she's off of x and x. She's going to say I'm off i25/Orchard. For example.but I understand the point you are trying to say BadBoy.
  2. Thank you TOB

    It helps with the girls that aren't in Boulder and not in Denver, it prevents us from "annoying" boys when they ask your location and you say "Thornton/Northglenn/Westy" and they are saying "Why are you posting in Boulder/Denver then" Because we didn't have an option before. Now we do.
  3. Thank you TOB

    The entire point of my thread to say thanks. Because there will ALWAYS be a grey area of Denver/DTC. The new cities are better than what we had before. So stop complaining Most providers put MAJOR cross streets in their ads, which is best we can do with all the weirdos lately.
  4. Happy Birthday Callie Vane!!

    Happy Birthday to the Curvy, Luscious Callie Vane. The best person a girl could ask for a best friend! I looooooooooooooove you!!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Callie Vane!!

    Happy Birthday to the Curvy, Luscious Callie Vane. The best person a girl could ask for a best friend! I looooooooooooooove you!!!!!
  6. Thank you TOB

    Thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart for adding the new city options. MUCH love, A
  7. Standardization of Reviews

    I understand the want for acronyms but I truly believe that even things like "gfe, bbbj, and daty" should only be allowed if the review if the provider wishes. Only because even simple things like that are YMMV. But ya know. Each their own.
  8. Standardization of Reviews

    I think for everyone is different. Someone who is new and looking to start, maybe she wants it to be known that she is gfe or not or whatever the review is. For me, I would like my reviews to be as vague as possible because NOT EVERY APPOINTMENT IS THE SAME. I may do something, like a shower appointment for one person, that I may not offer to someone else. And I don't want it to be an assumption that everything in the reviews is what you get every time. If you are unsure of what to put in a review most of the time a provider will be more than happy to assist on whether she wants detailed play by play of the appointment or not. I don't know any provider who would get upset at this question. I am very grateful there is not a ONE for ALL rule for reviews. That would be TERRIBLE. Just my thought though. Happy Hobbying
  9. Condom Broke - Freaking Out a Little

    Men and woman. Civies and hobby men. Providers and normal girls. Single or married. YOU NEED TO REGULARLY get tested. Things like HIV/Herpes Simplex/Sypalisis don't always show symptoms right away. Sometimes it takes YEARS. Be a decent human to people you are having sexual contact with and take care of yourself. Budget it in if you don't have insurance. It's something that needs to be done. OP, Just like Miss Jos stated earlier. If you end up testing positive for something, please let the provider know. Stop overthinking it, it'll just make it worse. Like reading the side effects of a medication you are taking.
  10. Quick note and goodbye

    Wishing you lots of luck on your adventures past the biz! Stay safe, lots of love and positivity going your way!
  11. Ah the memories

    I'm a little late to the nostalgia of this post! I miss being home, in KY, out in the country with just the silence. Not having a care in the world. Those were simpler times, definitely miss things like that.
  12. What is up with super tight covers.

    All Jokes aside, if you are having that issue, I would supply your own. If you are attached, pick some up before the appointment. Or if you are seeing someone pretty regularly ask them if they have larger ones. Most providers have some on hand. But it's best to just have them with you
  13. What are Screening Procedures in Denver?

    OP, if you'd like some help please DM me.
  14. Non-traditional providers...

    When contacting a lady, please if she has a website, glance over what she has written. Then when you make contact, introduce yourself in the first message and state that you are a newbie and can follow her screening process(its almost ALWAYS on her website). First impressions are VERY important to us, and introductions are a huge turn on, for me anyway Do your research, have fun, and if you dont connect with the first provider you try, then there are PLENTY of other lovely ladies that would be happy to see you, as long as you follow the rules. Best Wishes A
  15. Hello!

    Welcome to fun