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  1. The Trials of a Newbie - Chapter 2

    OP, There are PLENTY of ladies on TOB who have LOADS of positive reviews and NONE that are a NO or So--So review. So you are just super picky, or you just aren't looking hard enough
  2. References

    Not all. I've had a few messages from guys on here, not established obviously, and they are baffled that I need their name and phone number. LOL. And P, nothing for you to be sorry about handsome! Just the name of the game and rolling with the punches.
  3. References

    100% Some of these guys expect us to let them into our homes but they don't want to give us their names? Freaking ridiculous
  4. References

    OP, now this is just my 2 cents, if you aren't willing to give references, but you're "established in the community," or so you might tell said provider, it would raise Red Flags in my mind about why you WOULDN'T want to give information out if you had a good time. My mind would go straight to Well What IS HE HIDING. Laci and Pfunk gave amazing advice. Just having a handle doesn't mean ladies will see you have to actually have some stuff on there. But like I said, that's just my thought on it.
  5. Unless something comes out in the next year or so that states they are Provider friendly, I'm not going to risk getting my bank account/prepaid card (Even if its only NetSpend) frozen. Until then, cash only
  6. Cash is King, my love. I've only done Venmo a few times from EXTREMELY trustworthy client(s). Like have been here from the very beginning trustworthy clients. I've had my share of being ripped off in a few different ways, so I've learned who to trust, and trust is VERY hard to come by nowadays.
  7. The Picture Issue

    My photos are not photoshopped. I use an app to blur them. I don't hide them
  8. The Picture Issue

    Personally, I like getting glammed up for photos makes me feel super sexy, but I also don't have my photographer alter my photos in any way, as far as photoshop or "slimming me down" at all. I like getting my photos taken because unlike a "selfie," you're able to see my entire body, then I can edit my face/tattoos as I please. As far as the lingerie goes, if I'm asked to start an appointment in a piece of lingerie featured in my photos, as long as it isn't getting cleaned, I'm happy to wear it. ANNNND! I do photoshoots more often then I like to admit, with myself and my photographer and I think if some girls have someone they trust they update their photos often. I only keep a select few on here and social media and my website mostly hold the rest or different pictures.
  9. Lelo Hex Condoms?

    I try and stay with the Elites as well. They are great. Again, personally, I dont like the Extra Studded. Just an odd feeling.
  10. Lelo Hex Condoms?

    Personally, I tend to just stick with Skyns. I'm familiar with them and my body likes them. All sorts of new brands popping up.
  11. Too Soon for Spooky Things?

    I put a scaare crow on my office door today. Never too early, just ready for it to STOP being so HOT! haha
  12. am I black listed on p411

    I understand what you’re saying. Depending on how the message comes across I would respond. But at the same time I have 25+ people in my email still from last year that pre screened and never saw me.
  13. am I black listed on p411

    Every provider is different but if you’re being super vague about when you are wanting to meet with them might be the issue, especially with only having ONE recent okay. I for one, don’t respond to someone I’ve never seen before if they say “hey I want to meet eventually just not sure when,” only because if someone is unsure, that makes me unsure. Of course a lot can go into this but that’s just my opinion
  14. Tongue or No Tongue?

    I personally think its the person I am with. I have multiple gentlemen that I've seen for quite some time and we don't kiss unless its very lightly but our time together is still full of passion. Then I have others who I can make out with the entire appointment with no issues whatsoever. Obviously, there's passion with both, or they wouldn't keep coming back.
  15. Ladies be careful...

    This kind of thing is one of the reasons I've tightened my screening and who I give references too. If you use a not so established girl for a reference, I will most definitely be screening more heavy than normal. I remember a few weeks ago I asked for a reference from someone who wasn't FROM here and she approved that he was safe to see before I even sent the number and name. Which raises a HUGE red flag for me. Use common sense and screen. NO AMOUNT of money is worth having a meeting for a sexual predator or LE