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  1. False Referals

    Same has been happening to me. But also ladies need to remember just because so and so said he's nice to see doesn't mean he always is. Most of the time in my reference request i state "now this is for my visit(s) so please let me know if he's any different." OP, darling, so sorry that happened to you.
  2. P411 changes 2019

    Not sure if someone has answered this or not, but yes they have started to accept new clients/providers again
  3. Questions????

    How UNPROFESSIONAL! Never ever ever is that okay. So sorry dear.
  4. The difference

    That's easy. The one and only Queen
  5. The difference

    Way to make a girl blush. Thanks babeeeeee. You too.
  6. The difference

    A hot fluffy.
  7. The difference

    Hope it doesn't turn dangerous lol. I'm just asking out of curiosity.
  8. The difference

    I knew I'd get different answers that's why I asked. Just wanted to pick the brain of the TOB gentlemen.
  9. The difference

    I have a question for the men who like full figured woman. Whats the difference between CURVY and BBW? Opinions will vary obviously. I'm just curious.
  10. A Screening Conundrum

    So I think this goes along with YMMV. Cause If I'm into someone, the session will be better than when I'm not super into them but still having a good time. And I'm one of those providers that give you more the longer you're with me. Ask anyone who's been with me on overnights or longer hour appointments because you get the chance to explore and talk through it. The rate thing is sometimes just laziness or the misunderstanding of adding things on. YMMV comes into okah A LOT more than people think Just my 2 cents
  11. A Screening Conundrum

    I agree with all but 2. I don't have a website for everything you need to know for someone to text me "rates?" I don't discuss it with someone new. Whether it's specified by time or services. I'm not risking it.
  12. A Screening Conundrum

    We talked about this last night.. I ALWAYS EXPLAIN that screening is for your safety and for mine. If they are still confused, I always give them the scenario of, you, a stranger have my address (with an appointment), see my phone number and all my pictures and you're not willing to give me your name? Nah boo, that's not how it works. Its not that hard to figure out who someone is if you look hard enough but if you don't trust me with your name, I don't trust you with my time
  13. Ladies, were reviews an ego booster?

    I'm with you on this one babe! The reviews for me WAS an ego boost if the person and I had unreal chemistry, the passion was there, more personal and less of a "business transaction." But then at the same time, I'd read some, blush and say to myself "Shit I did that?! That's hot."
  14. Loss of reviews

    I haven't even been around that long and I agree 100% with you. If the newbies stopped, read the websites, and wasn't so concerned on "I can come now" we wouldn't have that many problems. Just last night I had someone text me at 3am saying "hey I'm passing 104th now, no screen visit?" uhm excuse me? No.
  15. Loss of reviews

    With the new changes and new laws, I have taken down the descriptions of what "services" I offer just because it just doesn't feel safe for me to have it advertised. Especially when I am thinking about retiring. Also, most who have seen me know the extent of what I offer.