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  1. Thanks to you

    Love you back, handsome.
  2. Thanks to you

  3. Thanks to you

    Oh you're too sweet beautiful. 😚😚😚
  4. Thanks to you

    Love Ya Back!
  5. Thanks to you

    With all the bullshit and drama that goes on with this business on a day to day basis, I want to give a big thank you to all of you (men and women) that don't make things more complicated than it has to be.
  6. Birthday tomorrow - suggestions?

    Happy Late Birthday! Hope you found something fun "to do"
  7. Any help is appreciated

    Okay, so I posted on here a few months ago about the TER issue, well I'm finally linking my account to my reviews and found a website for cam girls essentially (not sure if I can post the name) attached to one of the reviews, with their watermark ( not sure how they got mine off) with another female face picture! Reading the ad(s) its stating services I dont offer. Anyone know how I can go about getting this taken down? Thanks in advance! Kisses
  8. One and done or multiple visits?

    I constantly feel nervous seeing a new person, especially when they don't have reviews or a P411 because I don't know what they like, what they need, and what they don't like. When I've seen someone a few times you get into a groove, you learn your way around and have fun! And that's the best kind of fun. My opinion anyway.
  9. TER Question for the Ladies

    I almost feel like TER is set up for a provider to fail. I've had an account with them for about 6 months, but can't get the TER ID to link with that specific profile. Since I would like to travel later in the year I'd like to learn how to maneuver around this site. I DID get ahold of the person writing this review and he's not sure what I was talking about but did inform me he was OVERWHELMED with the amount of things he HAD to fill out for VIP info. The VIP info is quite explicit. It's kind of terrifying because it talks about all the things I was taught and learned NOT to talk about to stay out of trouble. BLAAAAHHHHHH. One day at a time I guess.
  10. Hey Ladies! So I don't use TER, but I got a review on there by a guy I didn't get along with so I randomly check. I recently noticed the second review I have states that I am not independent and that I have a driver. Is there any way to ask TER to change that or do I need to contact this person to change it. I've had a decrease of appointments and a lot of text messages asking about it. Any advice would help since this information is untrue. -Amber720 XOXO
  11. Newbie Men To The Hobby.

    I just want to say a huge thank you to the newbies to the hobby that I've seen that follow the rules, don't fuss about screening and ask questions about how to become a better hobbyist. ie; TOB handle, references etc etc.
  12. References- Ladies

    Ladies, just a little friendly advice, when texting/calling/emailing another provider for a reference, please introduce yourself. Im not going to give you information on someone and confirm their information if you text me asking "Hey is Tony (?) a good person to see." This is geared more towards girls coming to the board from other sites. Its not to bash anyone, I just dont want gentlemen to think that I didnt give a reference just because I didnt want him to venture out. Just want your information to stay secure. XOXO Amber
  13. Wow, it's gotta be...

    All I have to say is be careful! To the ladies and the gentlemen. Do your research, trust your gut, look at reviews, google search pictures. Never a bad thing to be over cautious.
  14. Giving info about a provider

    I wish more people had common sense like you. If so none of the harassment I dealt with would have happened. Thank you for being a smart person.
  15. Just a little rant

    Under no circumstances should a hobbyist tell a provider where another provider resides. It's disrespectful for one, and it can be very dangerous. If you can't be discreet you shouldn't be seeing providers.