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  1. Stood up twice in one day

    Agreed 100% -- slow clap for this response. With a few giggles But on a different note if 2 people were texting me asking for the same time appointment and If Ive seen one before and havent seen the second, I will always go with the one Ive seen before due to all the NCNS I have been getting. Anf its pretty sad too considering I have people who are serious about wanting to meet me and I am NOT available all the time-
  2. Question for providers

    So I'll be a fish out of water in this post, but because I have 2 locations I sometimes text certain people. Now granted I have permission to text as long as I dont say something other than Hello, how are you (nothing super outrageous) or anything like that. And it's one of the things I ask in my screening if its okay to text. And if I dont get a text back then I leave it alone Its not desperation, or anything like that I just have certain people that dont see me unless they know I am available and some dont/cant get on TOB just to see if I have posted.
  3. Take Care Of Yourself.

    I don't know about other providers but I have another job and go to school so I don't carry my business phone with me all the time or that's what I'd do. That's why I keep my calendar as up to date as I can.
  4. Take Care Of Yourself.

    Going to start turning the phone off. I wasnt doing that before. Was just ignoring it. Glad you got to recharge babe!
  5. Take Care Of Yourself.

    I keep mine as up to date as possible and change things when I know that things change. But when I woke up on the day I'm speaking of, I just DIDNT want to see anyone. And I was like I'll wait until after my workout and breakfast maybe I'll feel better but by the time I got to my phone after the gym it was flooded in messages and I still felt shitty. So, I didnt want to keep saying I was available if I didnt want to see anyone because well... You know.
  6. Take Care Of Yourself.

    I get extremely frustrated with constantly having to ignore people's rude texts/calls when they ask if I am available and I tell them no. And to which they respond well I checked your calendar last night and it says that you are available today. Okay well, that was last night and I've decided to take a day to not be available. I work and go to school. I need to take care of myself too or else I'll have a mental breakdown. Sometimes you need personal days to reset, especially when the weather is nice. And I damn sure don't have to explain myself for needing to take a personal day. There are plenty of other girls available on the day(s) that I am not. Okay, I feel better. Kisses -Amber
  7. Whew!

    That wind today! Just about knocked me over trying to get out of my car. Stay safe today and watch your doors! Don't let them hit other cars. LOL Have a wonderful week. Kisses! Amber
  8. Low Volume Girls

    Hey BOO! So I consider myself low volume due to me only working a few days a week and not available all hours of the day/night. Im very select about who I see anyway. We talked about this LOL. But everyone has there own opinion on what Low Volume may mean. Hell with how many reviews I have I might not be considered low volume anymore. But I also dont really see anyone new anymore either. Sooooooo.
  9. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    This is why I love you . Kisses PFunk
  10. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    I wouldnt blame you! And also the number I have for him and now in a black hole. He uses an app that recycles his number every 30 days or so. I dont have his real number after I screened him because you know, discretion is important. Oh the irony.
  11. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    I dont understand what would go through someone's mind to do that. I understand a "Hello" from a newbie but not dont you remember that mind blowing orgasm. Haha. Come on now. That's just stupidity.
  12. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    Honestly, I think he was trolling. I think part of him didn't realize I was with my mother but part of him wanted to be malicious. Ya know what I mean?
  13. How old are you guys?

    You're more adorable Kissssssssssssssssses
  14. Newbie !!! Saying Hello

    Welcome Beautiful!!
  15. How old are you guys?

    Shit, ya'll making me feel like a baby over here. *totally blushing*