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  1. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    This is why I love you . Kisses PFunk
  2. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    I wouldnt blame you! And also the number I have for him and now in a black hole. He uses an app that recycles his number every 30 days or so. I dont have his real number after I screened him because you know, discretion is important. Oh the irony.
  3. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    I dont understand what would go through someone's mind to do that. I understand a "Hello" from a newbie but not dont you remember that mind blowing orgasm. Haha. Come on now. That's just stupidity.
  4. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    Honestly, I think he was trolling. I think part of him didn't realize I was with my mother but part of him wanted to be malicious. Ya know what I mean?
  5. How old are you guys?

    You're more adorable Kissssssssssssssssses
  6. Newbie !!! Saying Hello

    Welcome Beautiful!!
  7. How old are you guys?

    Shit, ya'll making me feel like a baby over here. *totally blushing*
  8. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    He just walked up to me and was like Hey Amber! Thanks for that mind-blowing appointment on Monday (can't remember what day he said exactly) I tried to shrug him off like he had the wrong person, but he kept at it saying things like "what dont remember that shaking orgasm I gave you?" I made sure he was blacklisted and if he was on here I would tell the moderators about him. Luckily he's new to the scene, only a BP dude and got the hint that maybe he's not the smartest thing on the planet My mom was like 2 feet behind me.
  9. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    Thank you! You understand. You and I have had many many talks about this.
  10. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    Total heart eyes with this story. Perfect example.
  11. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    Because my mom is not an idiot, and I am very bad at lying
  12. It shouldn't need to be reminded butttttt

    I am extremely lucky my mom has an open mind and was open to listening to me.
  13. So ya'll do know that if you see a provider or vise versa in public ESPECIALLY with other people, you don't acknowledge them. As well as NOT using their stage name. Had to come to terms with that my moms now is aware of what I do "for fun," because someone came up to me and proceeded to call me by my stage name in front of my mom and some of my college friends at the mall.... Just wanted to make sure that the ones on here know to think with the correct head on this one. I'm not going to come up to you when you're with your WIFE AND KIDS. How fucking dare you. Jeez, the people I've been dealing with the last few months. Anyone, hope everyone has a blessed and safe Friday. Kisses! Amber
  14. Etiquette

    I have a bench with some of my shoes at the entryway of my apartment. Figured that would be enough. Including a shoes off at the door message with my apartment number, LOL
  15. Etiquette

    I always take my shoes off, I was actually complimented on it. It's just second nature like driving a manual, or saying yes sir/ma'am