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  1. What's going on in Denver where is everyone???

    You do get what you pay for. I just saw a listing for under $100. That's scary. If I were a hobbyist that would scare me to death. Probably NOT an Independent and maybe staying at Motel 6? It costs a fortune to tour and advertise. Ya all gotta keep that in mind and when you have a high average; you do get what you pay for! My 2 cents Can't wait to come back to Denver! My new favorite city in the US!
  2. Why do guys on here want me to pay them to review me?

    Thank you Fishndude 57. Why are you other guys so mean? Do your due diligence. I am not a novice I love your city and really want to come back. When I read what Happymon wrote, thats insultive. Gidh, I even thought of moving here. Perhaps I should say nothing at all. Thanks to those wonderful gentleman I did get to meet from here that want no part of posting reviews. Fine with me. I have plenty. Thanks to you guys that defended me. Take care Denver... I'm flying away and never posting in a discussion board again. I only had a simple question. Take care, Kelly
  3. Why do guys on here want me to pay them to review me?

    [Snip} Thanks ya all! Trying to learn my way around Denver here. This has been enlightening. Ha!
  4. [Snip} Guys have contacted me and want me to discount my services for them to review me. REALLY? I didn't start doing this yesterday and isn't that called extortion? I call it incredibly insulting and rude! Just wanted to get the 411 about this. That is crazy! Kelly
  5. Hey Tyson's Corner!

    Hey I love the days of the week! Kelly
  6. New to this board and new to Denver

    Thanks to all of you and your suggestions. I rented a car and went to Red Rocks Park, hiked the trail, saw plenty of wildlife and was amazed with the rock formations and the Amphitheater! Really enjoyed myself and went to the Morrison Foothills and had a nice quaint dinner...alone LOL! It is a very spiritual place and I needed that. So worth renting a car and getting out. Im looking for a bit more of a challenge as far as hiking and plan on leaving before sunrise. Was referred to Echo Lake/ Mt Evans and Chawtauqua outside Boulder. There are so many places to see and I was hoping to work this weekend during my trip here. That's why I am going so early tomorrow. I may have to move here. Though I am Kelly of Dallas (Where all of this started and where I am from) I live in the Northeast and have fallen in love with the aesthetic beauty of the land here. [Snip} Thanks for all of your ideas and comments. Really appreciate it! Hugs, Kelly
  7. New to this board and new to Denver

    Also, why is my profile photo not showing when I post?
  8. New to this board and new to Denver

    Thank you so much! Would love a guide Here is a link to my reviews [snip] I already have that on my profile. Is it NOT showing up? Very confused about this website! Thanks for your help
  9. New to this board and new to Denver

    Thanks Leigh! I have hiking boots and would love to!!! [snip] That would be so great!
  10. New to this board and new to Denver

    Hi ya all, I was referred to this board by another provider/friend. I didn't know this was out there. Does any one have advice on navigating through this? I have a lot of reviews on other sites, but none here yet. Would that keep me from being contacted through here by gents? Also, I love this city! I can't believe it has taken me so long to get here! Everyone is genuinely nice. I am not used to that after moving to the Northeast. Any advice about where I should go (I have a car) to really see and enjoy the mountains? Thanks so much! Hugs, Kelly