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  1. Do your nerves get to you?

    Take your own advice MAG. Your jumping to conclusions because you didn't even bother to ask what the situation is. You just are quick to bash anyone. Why are you being a dick to someone you don't know? Listen adults make mistakes, I've taken it on the chin, now it's time to move forward. That's the adult thing right? Not acting like a chode, belittling someone and making assumptions about them. I'm sorry if I offended YOU by wasting someone else's time. I have contacted Kandi directly to resolve the situation. So we can all go on with our regular scheduled programming.
  2. Do your nerves get to you?

    I get it, ncns=up against the wall with the firing squad all pointing at my head and everyone is pulling the trigger. cool
  3. Do your nerves get to you?

    Thanks for the advice. Sometimes things come up that are out of your control. I'm human and new to the hobby. Should have communicated with Kandi. Take it as a learning experience.
  4. Do your nerves get to you?

    I agree. I apologize for missing our last appointment. I feel Pretty terrible about it! No excuses I just suck. I'm sorry love. Hope it hasn't ruin my chances of seeing you in the future.
  5. Do your nerves get to you?

    Do any other hobbyist let their nerves effect the way you perform in your sessions? For me when meeting a new provider seems to spark it and I can't perform to the best of my ability. Even if I am super attracted by the provider. What do you guys do to try and get past that? Maybe my brain is just broken.
  6. 411 on Shelby

    Shelby 720-955-7566 Colorado Escort Hey guys has anyone seen this provider, she's gorgeous and looks too good to be true. Any feedback would be great. Thanks. ________________________________ cached Ad BP Denver escorts Mar. 31, 2016