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  1. Please screen thoroughly !!

    The stories we can share !! I was just trying to let it be known what happen to me yesterday and make the community aware. I have multiple screening methods and I am aware that not all ladies do. I have not gotten back to people checking refrences like I should. I was just making it public. Not here to judge or shame just trying to be a little better in my corner of the world. Play safe !!
  2. Please screen thoroughly !!

    You are right JR and the higher ups here and P411 has taken care of the sitiuation !!
  3. Please screen thoroughly !!

    I don't come on much and I tend to stay quite. However, today I recieved a P411 reply for an appointment. The number that was given to contact was a lady whom advertises on the board. Unfortunatly the number also when googgled has alot of negative ties to it. Something is very strange here and I have contacted the Admins here and also P411. Please be careful and if I can be any help to any of you here please let me know. And if in the past you have reached out for a ref and I have been slow to getting back to you or did not respond I am very sorry. I lose track at time.