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  1. Credit Cards

    And taxi drivers, cash is king. It has no memory.
  2. Do the ladies mind ?

    Thanks to the ladies ! Whenever I come to an appointment, you should immediately strip search me😆
  3. Do the ladies mind ?

    Expected no less. It was an honest question, brought about by the wardrobe topic last week. So, as stated earlier, I’ll continue to secure my weapons before going to the door. Thanks to everyone else for your measured and thoughtful responses. 🚕
  4. Do the ladies mind ?

    Thank you for the wise and measured responses. I think I’ll stick to my current practice of leaving my weapon in a safe in the vehicle. Seems to be the best practice. Taxi 🚕
  5. Do the ladies mind ?

    I haven’t up to now, so I want to know how the ladies feel about gentlemen coming to a date carrying a concealed weapon ?
  6. If your crotch was...

    Poison- Talk Dirty to Me
  7. Describe your cooking

    Exceptional, creative, delicious
  8. Gfe or not

  9. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    I plead guilty, I was in high school.
  10. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    In a Skyride gondola at Disneyland.
  11. Where to start?

    Thanks Melissa, we all need a reminder every once in a while ❤️
  12. Why the reluctance to take credit and debit cards?

    Ultimately it’s a trust issue. Cash is extremely trustworthy. Card transactions not so much.
  13. Who would you bring back?

    I came to the party too late and totally missed Melissa Sterling. Nothing but regrets.
  14. How Old is too Old?

    I find that my best experiences are had with ladies 35 and older. It’s been that way since 1983. I was 28 then.
  15. Go Topless Day

    Pink, are you kidding, boobs are like motorcycles, they’re all great! BTW, Hunter, I also have a big belly 😜