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  1. Covered Requests

    Thank you, I have heard some say that CBJ is not there favorite…just wondering.
  2. Just a question, do ladies get offended if covered is a request? For all activities?
  3. Be kind to your Animals!

    Do you have a hard time “meeting “ individuals who are dog owners?
  4. Members you miss

    As a semi new person to this board, it feels like something happened (I’m sure COVID)...but did I miss something? I’ve been out for awhile. Maybe it’s me, but something feels like the music died a little bit.
  5. Helloo Colorado

    Hello...and welcome 😊
  6. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Also how do I change my profile picture? Can I do that on a phone? I promise I won’t post anything random anymore... I just wanted to post something one time here...😀