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  1. Hairy balls are like sucking on small soft fuzzy peaches :/ ... lol shave em', wax em', laser the hair off w/e just get em' smooth .
  2. Is it ever too much

    Lol ... love it, love it, love it, love it.
  3. You ever have one of those days?

    Some have better tcb touring or local ..... I suggest when contacting a provider just be thorough. If she allows text then then text her, email her, and if she accepts phone calls leave a vm, if she's active on any board shoot a pm too to maximize a quicker response and all that way there's no way they can say they have no records of contact if you tried at least 3 or 4 different ways. That's coming from a 20-something touring lady that has great tcb skills thank you very much. Don't think i've ever taken longer than half-day to return someone's reference request even when really busy.
  4. <3 Happy Birthday Geecue2

    Happy (belated) Birthday.
  5. New To Denver

    Welcome to TOB Bonnie
  6. Open Minded????

    At minimum hearing your fantasies and not freaking the f**k out lol.
  7. yes or no??

    If someone was looking for a good burger place or pizza where to go?
  8. Just curious......

    I couldn't click the red X fast enough lol (smh).
  9. Travelers or Home Town

    I think it's great to "buy local" but I believe in encouraging variety in the broadest sense (local and touring).
  10. When a guy uses these couple of descriptors

    Lmao. No no no don't think that Mr.Bubble SOMETIMES is the key word used. Rough is good ..... sometimes. A mix can be very fun. No one wants rough the whole time (at least I don't).
  11. Good Read.

    Whew! I like her! This was a great read .
  12. Need help from the porn experts

    Good luck .... she's hot.
  13. When a guy uses these couple of descriptors

    Sorta depends on if that's a theme in every review of his .... graphic language doesn't turn me off per se but it definitely might give me an idea of what kind of "fun" I'll be looking forward to. I don't mind it rough at all....sometimes. Lol @ "pounded her into the mattress". Challenge accepted!
  14. Advice

    Yep... a repeat pain in the ass and a good regular/GOOD REPEAT client are not the same thing. He's not making her money either he's technically robbing imo her over and over.
  15. Advice

    This ....
  16. She asked.....

    Yes the bad attitude it sounds like she displayed and what she said should've been an instant bone-killer (if he had more money to extend). Whether he had more money or not lol talk about not only being ready to go but likely wouldn't come back. To the lady who said something like he should've left feeling on cloud nine ... exactly!
  17. She asked.....

    I meant she was trying terribly (too late to edit) ... but lol thanks.
  18. Goodmorning Fellas!!!

    Hooray for higher learning! Congrats on your current accolades and much luck and success for the future.
  19. Advice

    Not a problem....hope things start looking up. You teach people how to treat you .
  20. This look drives me wild.

    It's the shape of her face I think too (aside from her being gorgeous) ..... don't think it'd word if her face was too round or full.
  21. This look drives me wild.

    *whistles* the days when Uma was crazy hot.
  22. Questions , boys....

    Ahhhhh .... oops gotcha.
  23. Advice

    No 3 are better than me. 2 long-time regulars starting dicking around on my time and cancelling sometimes within 30mins of meeting or ncns and for both of them I blocked them from contacting me (by phone) after 2 chances each and they began emailing me and eventually stopped after getting the hint. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me .... 2 chances is all they get without either 1. compensating you for previous appts they flaked on (because you imo lost money to be made from their appt and money you cancelled on without enough notice to re-book them because of the time-wasting client) or 2. requiring a full deposit based on past behavior for any future appts. They'll stop trying to bother you which imo is fine because a timewaster is NOT making you money anyways or they will pay up and stop acting like c*nts. So...ignore further contact from him or tell him pay up up-front.
  24. She asked.....

    She was trying (terrible) to get you to extend.