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  1. 411 on Sin

    Well my review stands. Not sure how ahe is now but back when i saw her. She amd her bf ripped me off after ahe got my donation she got a call.she did t say anything then her bf came up amd was.knocking on door and then when she opened it he started his gangster threats. But if she has changed
  2. Tiffany - Colorado Springs scam and con artist

    Awesome. Thanks for info. Tried a few time to book but she said she needed money first to get room. Glad I didn't even go meet
  3. Rip off artists

    I'm curious also on who this was. I mean I don't do deposit but that's just me
  4. Any 411 on Paris in COS?

    She works with bunni. But haven't seen either one. She responded with an address that seems funny
  5. 411 on Susana T

    Thanks foxfieldman. Was getting ready to head over there but saw your post and decided not too. I politely let her her know that I decided not to see her and she got all upset. So to me that means she is not legit.
  6. 411 on Ali from tryst

  7. Beware Sextortion Scam

    I had that happen where they claim they did research and k nk is where I live. Sent pics of thugs with guns saying if I dont pay they will kill me. Lol
  8. I've seen here and is one of my favorites. Not sure why she was banned.
  9. Violet Ray CS

    She is very picky on who she sees. If your not her type she wont see you. She will increase first visit and then claim regulars get discount or lower. Rate. I've seen her friend and have talked with violet ray but have not seen her.
  10. Reviews for Khloe

    Yes same girl. One of my favorites in springs
  11. 411 on Stella (719) 362-6435?

    She is ok. Not the bedt but ok
  12. Looking for any info on stressawsy. Massage in springs. Thinking of going there
  13. Curious about this girl....

    She wasnt to bad. Little awkward with the dogs in house and guy upstairs
  14. Cos

    And as for the screen name. I used to be a repossession agent
  15. Cos

    Wow. Sorry been a way for a few day. I didnt mean for it to blow up this way. I have seen a few here and there but it seems like there has been more flakes out there then. Normal....