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  1. New P411 ?

    Is there a way to make the profiles smaller on p411? Feels like it takes forever to scroll through profiles and you can’t really look at the site if you’re trying to be discreet.
  2. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    After looking at pictures again. I would actually say they are accurate, Definitely worth a visit.
  3. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Miu was very nice! She likes to cook and gave me some tips on how to make better Japanese curry. She does look different than her pictures, but still cute. I would recommend.
  4. Colorado Companion Just wondering if anyone met with anyone from the Latina group that was visiting from California this week? Nancy Preston and Anahi Sanz were a few of the ones that looked interesting. Seemed reasonable too. Thanks!
  5. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    I met Juliet yesterday and she is really cool and fun. Would see again.
  6. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Saw Mago yesterday. She's great! Need to build a little connection first, but once you do, she's great to be around. Would recommend.
  7. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Just met Ivy and she is great! Great English and fun to be around. Lexi and Diva were nice too. Language can be tricky sometimes and pictures might not matchup all the time, but overall I totally recommend GO.
  8. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    I think I have met everyone who has visited with this agency and definitely recommend. Good service! Conversation can be difficult sometimes, but everyone has been easy to get along with.
  9. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Crystal had to delay tour so no duos. Olivia will be visiting though
  10. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Bee is very nice. If you've seen any of the other Korean girls expect the same type of experience which is nice.
  11. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Shu was nice to be around and easy to get along with. I would repeat.
  12. 411 on Brandi Love

    I checked. Two grand. Thought about it for a bit and then moved on.
  13. Is there a way that providers review clients

    Don't feel bad. This has been happening a lot. I think they're just busy. Everyone that I've visited lately has said they've been booked solid. Just try again another time and don't freak out when you hear nothing back or get a cancellation. Things have been different lately, but that's just part of the game. Good luck to you!
  14. Ekaterina 424-789-0987 Colorado Companion Has anyone had experience with katerina sassyblonde? I'm thinking of setting up an appointment, but the fact that she goes by a few names has me worried. I think she is the same person as Vera Blonde, but I have no idea what to think. Also has multiple numbers.
  15. 411 Kylie Peyton

    I was very tempted to book with her, but I think my money will be spent better elsewhere. She is cute, but anytime I go north of 400 I don't really get a much better experience and kind of feel like I wasted money. If you're super rich though, go for it!!
  16. MadisonXOXO

    I'm able to set an appointment with her, but I'm going to wait until someone posts a review. She has a different number now and that worriesme me a bit. I look forward to seeing her again, but will wait just in case things have changed. Hope everyone is having a good week so far!
  17. Japanese Providers?

    To accommodate and/or consider Colorado Companion Good afternoon! I was just wondering if anyone knew of any Japanese providers in Denver? I've seen lots of Korean and Thai providers, but never Japanese. Let me know if you have any good recommendations. I've seen a few posts on other sites, but they looked pretty bogus. Thanks!
  18. Secret Companions

    Colorado Companion Has anyone visited anyone from Secret Companions? Looks like it's privilege agency with a new website. I have an appointment with Margo on Fri, but I'm a little worried since she has zero reviews. Thanks!
  19. Secret Companions

    Thanks for the replies. If I meet with her, I will report back.
  20. Victoria Grace? 971-266-0080 Colorado Companion Has anyone met Victoria Grace before? Looks pretty great, but I was unable to find any reviews of her on tob. Thanks!
  21. Victoria Grace?

    Thanks smiling guy! I think I'll probably avoid the Russian roulette.
  22. What Happened to her

    I don't think she's coming back, but you never know. My all time all time favorite!
  23. Aleksis 747-400-6755 Colorado Companion Noticed a recent influx of eastern European on eros, but I'm a little weary since I can't find any reviews of most of these. Anyone meet with any of the eastern European providers? (Natalie, Melissa, etc.) Seems like their ads are all from the same agency.
  24. Tomi 720-372-3114 Colorado Companion Just wondering if anyone had seen Tomi while she was in town? She is supposed to be a friend of Madison who disappeared a bit ago. Her website also now advertises a girl named Amanda. I had an appointment scheduled, but it was cancelled. It's a little weird that I can't find any reviews or ads though. Let me know if you've visited her. I would love to see her, but I got to stick to the no reviews/ads= no see Here's her site:
  25. 411 on Eleonora

    Also interested in learning more about her. She was recommended to me by Denmark Helga who has visited here before. No reviews or anyone that has seen her. Here's her website: