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  1. Hello All

    Welcome aboard!!!!
  2. When making choices

    So LongFellowDeeds what's your other handle?
  3. Another Small Backpage Win

    I purchased credits sometime ago and it wont let me purchase an ad. It only allows me to post a free ad but the free ads are somewhere lost in cyber space on BP when you post. Don't know what good it is to have credits just sitting there and i can't use the money.
  4. Really?? I'm Sure She is

    She forgot to give us her room #
  5. Discrimination

    Some ninjas are just plain drama. So I definitely understand the NBA rule
  6. Happy Birthday Sundance

    Happy Birthday Sundance! !!!
  7. Hi hi hi!

    Hey hey hey! It really is all about the hokey pokey
  8. Happy Birthday Lucy Kitten!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  9. Happy Birthday BigBaldBlk!!!

    Happy Birthday B3 !!!!
  10. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    Wishing you all the best!!!!
  11. Hey everyone

    Welcome aboard!!!!
  12. purchasing Viagra on-line

    These days you can't trust it!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday Justina Carter!

    Happy Birthday JC!!!!