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  1. HOBBYISTS: Team Downtown or Team DTC?

    I'm team cherry creek all day, just seems to be a nice middle ground. And by cherry creek I mean leetsdale and alameda area lol not 225 and iliff hahaha
  2. Requesting 411 on Lilia

    [snip] I am going to try and be as nice as possible about this. Lol. However, I'm very very upset with my interaction with these girls. On Christmas Day I set up an appointment to meet Abigail. [snip] The response time was very slow between texts-they have an operator or some third party person handling the business. I stated that I was there, then 15 minutes later I received a text saying that they would be there in 45 minutes.... This is not acceptable. [snip] So, like the idiot that I am, I stayed and waited out, a little over an hour of waiting I left. Then another hour later I got a text telling me what the apt number was-did ya really think I'd wait outside your place for over two hours?!?! After this I messaged them and expressed my concerns about them wasting my time, So I gave the operator time to respond and they didn't. [snip] So, again, like the idiot I am, I set up another appointment for the next day pull up, stated that I'm here and 15 minutes later I get a response with the apt #, Knock and no one comes to the door.... I text and said β€œhey, I'm outside your door"-no response to this. I wait for about 5 minutes outside the door, knocking here n there and after that I left. [snip] So I basicially just told the operator, β€œLook, I've given y'all a great opportunity to redeem yourself after last night I tried to give them a couple chances. Peace and love, be safe yall!
  3. 411 on Hazel

    I've seen hazel twice now. And I gotta say that she isn't the most pleasant. The pictures of her are to a T though. At the end I would say it was worth her slightly poor attitude lol
  4. 411 On Krystal Denver BP

    Message me some of the ads, I may have already met them and can help you out, like I said this was my first "review" but I'm not new to the block
  5. 411 On Krystal Denver BP

    I'm excited to share with you gentlemen that she just left my house! She was right on time and seriously looked better in person than the pics. I know I'm new here so my opinion may not be too creditable but I figured I'd share this with you and start to become more and more of a member to this community. She's not gunna waste your time, just do it.
  6. Strip clubs?

    I've been here about 6 years and have been to the gnarly strip club on Santa fe twice I think? Funny and honestly a true story, I really didn't know.. I went to this place one night and probably only dropped about 250, which is actually a decent amount of money to a guy like me. This money was basicially on one girl and I kept getting dance after dance on and off for about 2-3 hours. Towards the end I had a bouncer just standing there to watch over the girl? I was kinda confused since he wasn't there all night watching me like a hawk,lol. I leave, get home, and realize there was a hole in the crotch of my dress slacks...
  7. Booger-Eating Morons

    I haven't read all of the conversation in this thread but the first five were quite comedic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚