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  1. Making a Survey

    Hello Friends ! I spoke with p411 administrators about conducting another survey since it had been so long since they issued the first one ! I never got to participate so I thought it would be interesting to create a new one . I need ideas on what the survey should be focused on and why the data that we'd be collecting based on the questionnaire would be so important . What should we study/ measure ? And what type of sample size ? Not just limit it to our community maybe ? All ideas welcome. Thank you
  2. Are any of you...

    That's what life insurance is for 😉
  3. Are any of you...

    That short little song always makes me tear up
  4. Are any of you...

    When I saw this topic , this is exactly what I was thinking as well. People are too materialistic and live way above their means. I read this book called The Millionaire Next Door and it talked about how people who are at least at least a net worth of 1 million actually live much simpler lives, drive american made cars, live in middle class homes, DON"T PAY FOR THEIR KID'S COLLEGE EDUCATION, don't eat out and if they do it's not a super expensive restaurant, and are not in that much debt. Where does their money go? They invest it, and invest it in things that appreciate like property, and investments that are NON-TAXABLE. I couldn't believe that their are financial investments that are non-taxable, and you are accruing interest. No one would know this about the everyday normal looking millionaire because you can't see their bank accounts and investments. That's why they literally could be living next door to you. Oh, and they don't give to charity. I may have deviated a little bit from what Audrey Astor is saying since I'm talking about the right way to be rich, and I believe she is talking more about giving up your worldly possessions and discovering what is really important in life. I agree with both lifestyles, minimalism is definitely something that builds character. When you lose everything, you learn to want less and need less, and you stop sweating the small stuff.... except your hierarchy of needs, that's about it. Done with the soap box. Have a great day everybody!
  5. Review ettiqutte question...

    A review should be motivated by true testimony. It's a personal decision made by the client when they feel inspired to share their experience. I prefer the review to be completely organic, that way I can gain real criticism in how I'm performing and if there are areas I can improve upon. If both parties know a review will be posted before the session commences then the genuineness and authenticity of the session would be brought into question.
  6. Can we please stop with the attacks, and the phone call threats I am now getting, and the hate mail, since DEMOGRAPHICS AREN'T RACIST, STATISTICS AND SOCIOLOGY ARE NOT RACIST!!!!!!!! And I was not pointing it out to be racist, I was pointing it out to bring AWARENESS. If you all would bother to continue to read on in the chain, You woud read that I apologized, while praising black women, and emphasizing the fact that It was not a racist statement. And may I also emphasize the fact that I am a provider that actually does see african americans, a long with other races.... but other girls will actually post no AA, but never get hate messages. And I know there are so many providers that will only see white guys because dudes will call me and bring up the fact that they are another color in shy apprehension, and I'll tell them I don't care. Then they'll exhale with a sigh of relief, and tell me that other girls actually care about that! Do I have anybody backing me on that? Nope! How many White Male customers am I going to lose over this admission, probably a few! Again, NOT RACIST, They are racist! So Back Off!
  7. Who's Hiring?

    Maybe I should take a road trip... get out of the Denver air. The advice is great. And I'm sorry ....
  8. Who's Hiring?

    And I just now saw this.... feeling a little assholish.... Thanks?
  9. Not enough African-American providers

    Oh no, did I just shame myself In the shame community? I'm done. I'm tired. I'm tired of nobody having the balls to just say the actual truth. Let's go on pretending.... And just put on a front... about the industry.... Not black people sorry I ruined the spirit of the topic. Black women are gorgeous and they'll never age a day. I wish I had their vocal chords and I've always wanted to rock a foxy fro... Also, to immediately command the respect of every person when I walk in the room would be really cool.... And this is all genuine btw. No more negativity. I'm not mad at tob, I shouldn't have snapped at such a vulnerable topic. I'm sorry
  10. Not enough African-American providers

    and what do you call this, if you don't call it a business. And please, when i read everyone writing AA, I think of alcoholics anonymous... Oh here's another statistic for everyone ... HIV/AIDS ... majority of cases .... dare I say? African American women. Heterosexual obviously
  11. Not enough African-American providers

    And when I said "suffering" I didn't mean it in the sense that they are inferior, lesser than, or do not have the ability to succeed. It sounded white supremacist only because I'm white, and it seems racist only because it's negative and I'm not black. Why are black women paid far less than white women working the same jobs? Why is it that more of the African American population is criminalized for crimes that are committed by other majority groups? Even in prostitution more blacks are criminalized than their white counterparts. I'm bringing this up because the topic itself is offensive in the fact that it's targeting one particular race, making them stand out , and everyone is failing to see what is really going on. Everyone is tiptoeing, around, and sugar coating the whole thing! This is dumb. I don't even no why I even partook in this discussion. Did I not read earlier that people were saying all the black chicks are on back page? And backpage ... well enough said there. And all those ads say "No blacks" ??? So I'm at a loss... I'm simply over it. Also youre stereotyping what homeless looks like. Just because you're homeless doesn't mean you're carless. There are more shelters for women as well. On colfax I see nothing but homeless black men... West Colfax. So .... I shrug my shoulders and digress
  12. Not enough African-American providers

    Why? Obviously no one has ever been to jail . It's really shitty no one is acknowledging this. If we don't recognize the issue we will never find a solution.
  13. Who's Hiring?

    Hey everybody! All you Hobbyist out there! This is to you. Just want to know if you're hiring at your business, or company, or firm that you so claim to have all this power and position in? Because I have been looking for a job, you know, the kind where you fill out a W2? And I have to do this in the meantime, yet there is NO Compliance with my cancellation policy, nor a desire to follow through with a promised engagement in the future.. so if you all think I'm not good enough, and you find someone else more desirable that is available last minute, and cancel on me, then hire me at your job. I'm obvious doing something wrong. right? This is real. I have a resume that will knock down any other applicant. On Both here, and the orthodox workforce. Opinions, suggestions, advice, criticism, even mindless self indulgence is welcome. I'm throwing up my arms and saying "what's going on?!"
  14. Not enough African-American providers

    this is a socioeconomic fact. Most AA female providers have pimps, and are in jail, homeless, or .. who knows. I know this because I've seen it. The AA population is SUFFERING.
  15. Independent, intelligent women

    May I ask, Subtlysexy89, what inspired you to post this topic? I'm intrigued... Can you please elaborate on your thoughts about this? What women are stigmatized present day that come to mind? I think of female musicians[ Alamos ( hybrid of Amos and Alanis) lol autocorrect] ....