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  1. Mood

    Do it!
  2. Who Doesn't Love Licking Pussy?

    Well I'm still here😜
  3. 'Murica! Yeah!

    You'd be good in any cup. I understand your point though.
  4. Not the average lady

    You are always poised and ready with an appropriate response.
  5. Not the average lady

    It's always quality not quantity.
  6. Clients who are late?

    Give him 20 minutes.
  7. So my shrink told me...

    But it is prevalent in the general population too.
  8. So my shrink told me...

    Check the derivation of th word "therapist". It breaks down to "the rapist". Ergo, all therapists are rapists. Same logic, all based on what???
  9. What makes a favorite client

    YEAH! And same for fav providers too.
  10. Best Place To Stay In COS

    Hyatts along I-25
  11. Spaghetti (Copypasta...get it?)

    Great story!
  12. A little music

    Aye, tis a sad song for a bonny Scots lassie. :-(
  13. Alternate Universe

    So little time why not enjoy and find the positive things about each other.
  14. Connection with a provider?

    Well said.