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  1. Long time no see

    DTC Still the most favorable area for Denver ? Been A While since I’ve made a visit a my schedule is finally finished. Just needing location suggestions, so please feel free to chime in !
  2. Not enough African-American providers

    ..... No wonder your on a hobby site looking for a business position lol. Actually the AA population is FLOURISHING, where have you been? Clearly under a rock. I believe if it's not the same amount , or something close there's just as many white males/females in the system too. White girls have pimps also , anyone can be pimped lol.All you see when your on 16th street is white homeless men... must I really go on? Stereotyping Is Played out, Everyone can have the same thing happen to them.
  3. What to do

  4. Where Are The Curves Denver ?!

    Well me myself , I'm definitely in the Toned - Medium area.... but I'm top & Bottom heavy with a nice snatched waist. Medium-thick is what I was looking for I guess !
  5. Sorry for the delay Denver Loves.....

    Due to multiple transportation delays, my arrival will be delayed [snip] (Not sure if this was the right forum)
  6. Where Are The Curves Denver ?!

    You guys are right , by "thick " I mean nice bust and ridiculous hip/buttox! Maybe it's a Southern thing lol
  7. Where Are The Curves Denver ?!

    hi Everyone ! I've Visited A few times and now I'm officially a sad pup.... WHERE ARE THE THICK WOMEN?! Slim/toned with all the right curves .. You have to be out there lol !
  8. Hello TOB I'm DaniellexxRose

    thanks guys you make me feel very welcome here
  9. Hello TOB I'm DaniellexxRose

    thanks peter
  10. Hello TOB I'm DaniellexxRose

  11. Hello TOB I'm DaniellexxRose

    thanks guys for the welcome
  12. Hello TOB I'm DaniellexxRose

    Hello My name is Danielle Rose and I will be visiting Colorado for the first time ever. I thought I should introduce myself as I plan on making normal trips here and becoming part of the great community this board has a reputation for. I hope to meet some great and intriguing members of the community while I am here and show this southern Dominican gem what this great state is all about.
  13. TEXAS????? DFW AUS HOU

    Hello everyone I'm checking in from Dallas