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  1. I missed everyone

    Welcome back, and bring the mush!
  2. Ladies be careful...

    Cali, glad you're aware and careful!
  3. Would you be offended

    Wouldn't be offended in the least. I suppose delivery is just as important as the request itself.
  4. Watch out girls! Don’t be tricked like I was!

    Francesca, sorry that happened to you! Makes me especially angry that it happened with a supposedly reputable member-client of this board--casts a poor light on those of us who *are* reputable. Glad you brought it to light here, though. Trust is earned hard in this world.
  5. Tips for Newbies

    Relate to the lady as if *nothing* is "a sure thing" the access to and enjoyment of which you can just take for granted. That includes your introduction, interim correspondence (emails, phone calls, texts), in-person interaction throughout the appointment, and any subsequent contact. This will encourage you to treat the lady with consideration, respect, and class. She will appreciate it.
  6. The Days Are Warm and The Nights Are Young

    Summer camping...milking the last rays of daylight to read a little more, then putting the book aside to listen to the stillness and the birds as I sip from a glass of Glenmorangie Lasanta...
  7. Stood up too many times

    Not a fun turn, brah. Sounds like you might be personalizing (making the negative outcome about you and your sense of worth) as well as putting yourself on the ass end of 'luck'--as if the Hobby Universe were out to get you. Things tend to get squirrely when we do that to ourselves, and the desperation that commonly results can leak out into how we communicate with the lovely ladies on this board (with not-so-great results). If a provider--even three [gasp] in a row--ghosts you short notice (assuming your approach is solid), that's about *her*--her reasons, possibly her burner malfunction, perhaps her lack of professionalism, maybe her hair-trigger instinct to shut it down if something feels off, whatever--not you. Next. Move on. Dial another series of digits. Hobby on, Wayne. It's literally a numbers game.
  8. Just Wrong!

    Chrissy, you handled it fine. Dude sounds like an opportunistic asshole. If he had to cancel short notice (it happens sometimes), he should have offered to pay a cancellation fee next time he tried to book with you, and then gone with the rate of the original appointment.
  9. Zodiac Signs

    Yeah, ten reps/day is a bitch, aint it? Knock yourself out.
  10. Zodiac Signs

    Astrology: 1 cup superstitious froth; 2 tbs. confirmation bias; 1/2 cup placebo effect; dash of genuine Woo; pinch of salt.
  11. Infatuation…

    Works on every level!
  12. Where's the Love?

    Profound Tantric wisdom eloquently put, Tali. Thank you.
  13. Discretion is paramount

    I second that emotion. Besides being disrespectful, it's just Tacky. As. Fuck.
  14. What should I wear?

    I'd say, if she asks be *decisive*. If it's a first date conservative is likely best unless you have clear reason to think otherwise--shows you respect boundaries, and aren't forgetting that she's a human being rather than a mannequin playing dress-up. LBD/LRD is always good, with heels. Sets off the initial glass of wine and conversation nicely.