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  1. Hypothetical

    Elle, you aren't chopped liver. That you bothered to post this despite stating that you don't know what to think/feel tells me that you actually know *exactly* how you think/feel (i.e., "This situation is bullshit" and disrespected, respectively). Your reaction is spot on. Honor yourself. :*
  2. Grab 'Em By The P*ssy

    Derailment couldn't have happened to a more worthy post.
  3. Curious

    Stumbled my brand-newbie way to BP and noticed the ad of a classy-looking and gorgeous brunette. I had no idea BP was considered somewhat sketchy (hadn't even heard of TOB; she was the one who enlightened me after our first date when I asked her if she'd like a review, and where), or that if the pics there looked too good to be true they often were. I called her, zero references, and she graciously set up an outcall--easiest thing in the world, which I simply took for granted because what did I know about the screening process? When she arrived I found her more stunning than her pictures--and again took it for granted, as I had no bad experiences against which to gauge my good fortune. And such a sweetheart! I saw only her the next five times in two months, then a few more times over the course of a year or so before moving on... Through the rear-view mirror I can see that my beginner's luck in meeting her was like bowling a strike blindfolded on my first toss despite never having picked up a bowling ball before. She set the bar extremely high. I will never forget her. :*
  4. Both/and, 2Big...both/and. Ample flesh on that catwalk is simply a quality problem. 'Course, they might need to change the name to Victoria's Secret Is Out.
  5. All I'm wanting is some head

    Best deal going. Just watch out for the up-sell, it's a doozy.
  6. Protocol?

    Yeah, I'd say the protocol is opposite that of a job interview. Of course, arriving early (specially to a first-time address across town, with traffic) is sometimes inevitable. In which case visit the local coffee shop or something to kill time. Don't be a lurker.
  7. Providers asking for deposit

    While requiring a deposit is understandable given the fuckery that happens from clients (and, really, I can only imagine what providers deal with in that regard, tho I've heard some horror stories), I personally wouldn't pay one unless the lady and I had a well-established relationship--which, of course, would probably reduce the likelihood of the deposit being required in the first place. So I suppose the need to guard against being ripped-off goes both ways. Would I make an exception if the (first time) lady were highly reputable and well-established? Perhaps, if she were local.
  8. Self Care and YOU!

    Agreed. Self Care is Job One.
  9. Happy Birthday USMC

    Oorah. Get some, devil dogs.
  10. Ladies watch off report

    Sorry that happened, Madison. I'll reiterate the "cash is king" maxim that's been articulated. Glad you're helping that fucker's karma along by PMing his info to the ladies here, and perhaps adding his name to the Blacklist. Beyond that, living well is the best revenge. I trust you're doing your part.
  11. Perception

    You'll read stories here on the Board of people--providers and clients--who have done so. Some successfully, others not. (I tried it once and it didn't last--not from lack of love). I'm not sure which odds are lesser: finding a client who is genuinely okay with dating and even becoming emotionally involved with a provider who continues to provide; or the provider changing her vocation/profession (if providing is her main source of income) to make room for that new relationship...
  12. Thank a VETERAN

    Thank you for your appreciation. Semper Fi!
  13. Happy 243rd Birthday USMC ...... Semper fi

    Ooh rah. Get some, devil dogs. (USMC 1989-1993)
  14. Are relationships overrated? Fell hard for a married woman.

    Best not to overgeneralize when it comes to people. For every woman who, say, "changes her mind" in a relationship there's probably a hundred (likely more) men who beat the shit out of their wives/girlfriends over something incredibly stupid. Does that mean men in general beat their wives/girlfriends? Save yourself the frustration of trying to figure out why this woman did what she did (though if I had to guess, when push came to shove she was probably unwilling to risk her marriage--with children--to continue her relationship with you, regardless of her feelings). It could have been for a dozen different reasons in her mind, and you will probably never know. Even if you were to discuss it with her at some point down the road, she might not tell you the whole truth. But unless you seriously crossed a line with her, all you really need to know is that it was about her, not you.
  15. Question for the Gents

    Hey Hunter. Assuming a provider (such as yourself) has passed scrutiny with me prior to my reaching out, her use of an assistant would simply inform me that she was 1) smart, 2) enterprising, and 3) prospering. Go for it!