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  1. Parking am I wrong?

    Marilyn, your directions are fine, simple, and clear (having navigated them myself). To paraphrase the bard, "The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars but in ourselves that we are dumbass-assholes."
  2. Sorry you dealt with that. Notwithstanding this lady's glowing reviews, and the fact that legit shit does happen to derail appointments on the provider's end, I'd have to conclude that five cancellations as you've described indicates seriously flaky behavior. Now is she just being temporarily flaky (because Jupiter is aligned with Mars while Mercury is in retrograde), or is she just a flake? I suppose that's a matter of opinion. After two cancellations (for any reason) I'd have to say, "Next!" Your time, energy, and wine $$ are better spent elsewhere. Good luck out there!
  3. In my experience, the lady asking for a face pic is unusual, though not unheard of legitimacy-wise. It's only come up once for me, and she was totally legit. But I made sure everything else looked good first--established TOB (or whichever legit site) profile/reviews, googled phone number confirmed what I was seeing on TOB, and passed the intuition/gut-check test. Since it's theoretically possible for one person to pass screening, and another person to show up at the lady's front door, I can see why some ladies would want that extra verification.
  4. Young people are having much less sex

    Interesting...there's a theory out there that environmental pollution, nutritional deficiencies, and an extremely sedentary lifestyle are playing an outsized role in hormonal imbalances particularly among young people.
  5. I like the idea of a United Carnal Provider's Union (call it the UCPU, which would of course mean first that sex work had been legalized in this country, which should have happened a long time ago). It would utilize leverage and collective bargaining power to provide a competitive wage that kept up with the rate of inflation (which would of course mean that Congress passed that wage-requirement into law, which should have happened a long time ago), safe/humane working conditions, and legal recourse to the redress of grievances stemming from abusive clients, unethical competitors, and exploitative management. Not too much to ask for our lovely ladies! Of course the UCPU, like any union, would become vulnerable to turning into a top-heavy, cumbersome, inflexible, and convoluted bureaucracy mostly interested in preserving/expanding its own political power, resulting in increasingly--and unsustainably--rising costs, uncompetitive wages, and bloated retirement pensions. These, if they came to pass, would lead to hobbyists and pimps flocking overseas in search of "cheaper hookers" while crying with full throats to abolish the UCPU as "Socialist" and "Un-American," and for a return to "the good old days" of Robber-Baron-style predatory/exploitative capitalism. Millions of providers, having lost the job security and protection the UCPU offered them, would end up once again living month to month, subject to the whims of puritanical lawmakers and prevailing political gales, struggling with the rest of the country's huddled masses to supplement their income as wage-slaves to billionaires and banksters while fomenting social/political unrest and finally revolution. At some point after this, when the shards of commerce had been glued back together with blood and sawdust, and with much harrumphing ("I didn't get a 'harrumph' outta dat guy!"), the novel and controversial notion of workers' rights would surface once more, and the UCPU would be resuscitated to ensure the socio-economic well-being of those lovely ladies who provide for a living... And so it would go, same as it ever was... C'est la vie!
  6. Thirty minutes is good enough !

    Jenine, you just might be articulating what may end up being your personal business practice going forward . Go for it! As for me, I must agree with the other gents above. Anyone I'd choose to see, after due diligence, would rate at least an hour. Good luck out there!
  7. Funnny thread! Thanks for the laughs, everyone

    Hey Phoenix. Admin steps aside (covered above), a client's ability to leave a review isn't contingent on getting a reference from the provider. They are mutually exclusive. It almost sounds like this client wanted a quid pro quo from you, which, depending on how much you needed the review, could be seen as coercive. I hope that wasn't the case here. Still, it's a jungle out there. Good luck and stay safe!
  9. Not sure 'gullible' is the right word, unless you're certain this provider was deliberately stringing you along for her own amusement--which is possible, I suppose, but far less likely than that she's simply a flake. Don't worry, with time and experience you'll develop a sixth sense for flakiness--in the hobby and all other walks of life--and learn to steer clear of it. Bon chance!
  10. Tasteless Thoughts

    The easiest, most superficial answer to that question no doubt lies in the realm of physical attractiveness. I'm sure that's a lustful 'yes!' for most guys, for obvious reasons, and why wouldn't it be? Going deeper than that--where fantasy and reality collide in this business--the sine qua non attribute of 'emotionally & relationally available' exerts itself. How many lady-providers are? Just Jos, above, probably expressed (in her juicily frank way) where most of them are coming from more-or-less, and so that answer, if one is being fully rationally, is a resigned 'no!' If one is being fully So we pursue the fantasy like moths to flame, again and again, trying to touch oasis instead of mirage, hoping to connect in the deepest ways with our goddess-muse du jour while trying to convince ourselves that all we wish to do is fuck.
  11. My Thoughts on Valentines

    A poignant post, Marilyn! Having been on both sides of the 'Valentine's Day 'Divide' (i.e., 'taken' and 'single') many times each through the years, I'm grateful to have more-or-less extricated myself altogether from the nauseating commercial orgy that our culture has made a day originally intended to celebrate true love. I'm with you. Celebrate love every day! Love for your self, love for your neighbor, love for your significant other. It doesn't have to cost anything. And it's something--perhaps the most important thing in life--that money cannot buy.
  12. Lack of legitimacy

    No links (or dead links to a defunct website or generic site with no actual profile, both of which I've seen here) isn't necessarily a deal-breaker for me. If the TOB profile appears legit--pics, reviews, and a consistent presence that I've noticed over a significant period of time--that's typically enough for me to take the next step of reaching out if I'm interested. If there's a phone number (and most of the time there is), googling that can also illuminate the picture a bit more. I've had no hiccups around this so far. With that being said, if I'm a new provider with no TOB reviews, I would definitely have a link to my own website.
  13. Blessings To Everyone! 2021 is HERE!

    Happy 2021! "Thus, though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run!"
  14. Safety Again

    That thread was (mildly) entertaining.