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  1. CMT and more?

    I'd say go with your gut. You've been seeing this massage therapist long enough to have gotten a pretty good sense of what she's about, how she views you as a client, the level of trust and rapport between you, etc. *How* you ask is probably decisive at this point. My experience with this sort of thing is that I asked (after a couple sessions), and was told essentially 'not in a million years'--with any client, she said. But after a few more sessions over about a 9 month period, she offered, saying that I'd become select clientele. I think comfortability matters. Alot.
  2. Reading is fundamental

    It's what's known as the "Paululum Caput (i.e., 'the little head') Effect": sexually anticipatory excitation causes blood to rush from the prospective client's brain to his penis, engorging it and rendering him incapable of even the most basic intellectual navigation. This leads to the "Advertising Arousal Paradox": hot pics of the provider are needed to lure prospective clients, yet those hot pics induce the "Paululum Caput Effect," paralyzing the client's ability to intelligently approach the provider for a date. Nature doth have a sense of humor.
  3. Recent text message-

    You're mighty right.
  4. Favorite Parts

    The curved small of a woman's back, the nape and hollow of her neck, her calves, her belly, her inner thighs...
  5. How to treat a client

    Lots of ways to screen, and there's bound to be a few ways that both *reasonable* parties are okay with, but it's probably inevitable that an item or two of personal info will be asked for/given at some point in that process in order to verify--especially these days. If a client does his due diligence--and in my experience, zero problems so far--giving personal info is simply routine. Personally, I wouldn't see a lady who didn't screen rigorously. But to each their own. Luck out there!
  6. What’s the first thing you notice?

    For me it's a toss-up between what she's wearing, the sound of her voice and demeanor, her eyes, the color, length, and style of her hair, the curves of her body, the shade of her lipstick, the smoothness of her skin, and her nails. :*
  7. Despite the recent legislative catastrophe..

    Gemma, let me say this about like a house without a fireplace. :*
  8. Seriously? Guys what do you think?

    Audrey, it sounds like he lost his fucking mind.
  9. Is it Time yet??

    Chrissy, just keep it Chrissy and wear whatever the fuck ya want, whenever the fuck ya want.
  10. Connect to TOB from outside the US

    Great thread overall, but thank you Melissa for the fyi on Tor. Using TorBrowser now.
  11. Prices dropping and shoes are hard too find

    Lol. Moderators, I realize we've begun to see an influx of refugees from other, now-defunct boards clambering onto the TOB liner like drowning monkeys in the Pacific--it's the times we live in. But there's got to be some standard of decency, some measure of civility, some gradient of intellectual respectability for the inevitable riff-raff--those tasteless souls, those hobby tools, those misogynistic asshats--who defecate from their mouths to their fingers and then onto our forum, figuratively strutting about like moronic swells in polyester suits and greasy comb-overs while dispensing obtuse observations as if they were pearls of wisdom.
  12. review details

    'morning, lovely. Agreed re being more creative and connecting more as a community, networking, and the like. Hope you're well! :*
  13. More changes

    To the mods: nice work with the changes. Glad TOB is still around! "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." - Stephen Hawking (RIP)
  14. review details

    A little bummed, tho I'd imagine that the ladies (generally speaking) are a bit less disappointed than the guys. Seems to me that a few more objective-style info points could be included in the new review format toward elucidating how the experience went, in lieu of the salacious narrative portion of the program which, though fun to read, often shed more heat than light. ...
  15. new people

    It's called a quality problem. The more the merrier, and welcome one and all!