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  1. Is it Time yet??

    Chrissy, just keep it Chrissy and wear whatever the fuck ya want, whenever the fuck ya want.
  2. Connect to TOB from outside the US

    Great thread overall, but thank you Melissa for the fyi on Tor. Using TorBrowser now.
  3. Prices dropping and shoes are hard too find

    Lol. Moderators, I realize we've begun to see an influx of refugees from other, now-defunct boards clambering onto the TOB liner like drowning monkeys in the Pacific--it's the times we live in. But there's got to be some standard of decency, some measure of civility, some gradient of intellectual respectability for the inevitable riff-raff--those tasteless souls, those hobby tools, those misogynistic asshats--who defecate from their mouths to their fingers and then onto our forum, figuratively strutting about like moronic swells in polyester suits and greasy comb-overs while dispensing obtuse observations as if they were pearls of wisdom.
  4. Why even review now

    'morning, lovely. Agreed re being more creative and connecting more as a community, networking, and the like. Hope you're well! :*
  5. More changes

    To the mods: nice work with the changes. Glad TOB is still around! "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." - Stephen Hawking (RIP)
  6. Why even review now

    A little bummed, tho I'd imagine that the ladies (generally speaking) are a bit less disappointed than the guys. Seems to me that a few more objective-style info points could be included in the new review format toward elucidating how the experience went, in lieu of the salacious narrative portion of the program which, though fun to read, often shed more heat than light. ...
  7. new people

    It's called a quality problem. The more the merrier, and welcome one and all!
  8. How long does it take?

    Always informative and entertaining here on the forum. Re Sabrina, I wonder where/when the line might be drawn vis-à-vis membership on a board after gross misconduct has been established by that individual on another board. On the other hand, I believe in second chances as well as Caveat Emptor. I'd say at this point the quantity is sufficiently known that anyone walking wide-eyed and bushy-tailed into that situation is looking for a life lesson. Beautiful things, life lessons: the learnin' sticks. Btw, Sabrina, just an observation: when a provider changes up their menu practically on the daily--so to make your head spin, in fact--and then has multiple bad reviews most of which involve confusion about and/or denial of which options are available (both services and time), either the obfuscation is deliberate toward a rip-off or the business model, while in good faith, is self-defeating. Luck to you!
  9. Favorite in Session?

    Hi Josie. I like Enigma's 'A Posteriori', Amethystium's 'Odonata', Kaskade's 'dance. love', Mkono's 'Primal Future', Nikhil Banerjee on Sitar (North Indian Classical music) Live at Rotterdam 1970, Stan Getz (sax) 'Getz for Lovers', Maxwell's 'Embrya', Eliane Elias 'Dreamer,' Sade 'Love Deluxe'. Enjoy! :*
  10. I Failed!

    Hi Chrissy. It's an understandable personalizing reaction on your part, but the truth is : 1) Not coming ultimately has to do with the person who doesn't, and you really don't have the final say on how that goes; and 2) You didn't fail. I get that the client's coming is seen as an expected part of the service, but human sexuality is far too complex to pour those sorts of regimented expectations all over it. Chemistry, mood, sexual health, anxiety, etc. all impact. Not your fault. So continue to be your sexy goddess self. Sermon over.
  11. Fear Of Screening..?

    Hi Casey. I hope you reconsider that approach going forward, for your own sake. Welcome to the board, btw!
  12. Fear Of Screening..?

    Hello Gemma. An interesting issue for sure. I'd say that anyone running from screening in general (lots of ways to screen, right? ) either hasn't done their due diligence wrt the scene or the lady they've contacted, or else they're suspect. I think any respectable client is going to understand that some kind of screening on the lady's part is both smart and necessary for her sake, and agree to work with it. Personally, I've never had a problem giving personal info in addition to references--but only because by the time that I've reached out, I've researched everything available on the lady--reviews and time/presence-on-board(s) are big in this context--as well as checked in with my gut, and feel reasonably confident that she can be trusted. No hiccups so far. Cheers!
  13. Low Volume Girls

    Hello Hunter. Not that I take it strictly into account...My thought on low volume is no more than 2 clients in a day and no more than 4-6 in a week. A paradox? I'm a simple, complicated man.
  14. FBSM Only

    Hello Countess. I've noticed most FBSM providers state in their ad: "Not an escort." A few also state other boundaries/no-no's such as "No mutual touch" or "No DATY" or "No kissing" etc. Right or wrong, I think most clients assume that if these restrictions are not spelled out in the ad, potentially alot more than just a massage and HJ is possible (i.e., YMMV) and they will make a play for it. I think you're wise to be as clear in your ad about your boundaries as makes you comfortable--and then again at the start of the session. Any client who is offended/turned off by this isn't someone you want to deal with anyway. Sadly, there will always be the jerk-face client that pushes those boundaries even *after* you've stated them. Door nobs were made to knock them in the ass on their way out. Then there are other dim bulbs who think/hope they might get lucky by somehow charming 'full service' out of a FBSM provider (and at a lower FBSM rate, no doubt), and so they schedule a session with a FBSM provider instead of an escort when what they really want are escort services. Go figure.
  15. Hi