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  1. FBSM Only

    Hello Countess. I've noticed most FBSM providers state in their ad: "Not an escort." A few also state other boundaries/no-no's such as "No mutual touch" or "No DATY" or "No kissing" etc. Right or wrong, I think most clients assume that if these restrictions are not spelled out in the ad, potentially alot more than just a massage and HJ is possible (i.e., YMMV) and they will make a play for it. I think you're wise to be as clear in your ad about your boundaries as makes you comfortable--and then again at the start of the session. Any client who is offended/turned off by this isn't someone you want to deal with anyway. Sadly, there will always be the jerk-face client that pushes those boundaries even *after* you've stated them. Door nobs were made to knock them in the ass on their way out. Then there are other dim bulbs who think/hope they might get lucky by somehow charming 'full service' out of a FBSM provider (and at a lower FBSM rate, no doubt), and so they schedule a session with a FBSM provider instead of an escort when what they really want are escort services. Go figure.
  2. Hi

  3. Geez, Can't Handle Rejection?

    Cali Rose, lots of scumbag narcissistic wanna-be clients out there who are imminently unworthy of you. Keep your screening stringent and your standards high, and those rejects will disqualify themselves. Try to just hit the 'next' button in your mind and move on.
  4. just takes a second ...

    The eye sees, but the nose knows...
  5. No towels!

    I haven't gotten the impression from this thread that expecting a certain level of professional hospitality vis-à-vis clean towels from our lovely ladies is in any way regarding them as less than human (i.e., as objects of "business"). To the contrary, to hold one to a high standard is to bestow the respect of expected excellence. Nor have I read anyone suggest that a provider who fails to provide a clean towel deserves to be flogged (unless that is her preference ).
  6. To ALL TOB members.....

    Not having enjoyed the privilege and pleasure of your company as of yet, Bella Marie, I can only evaluate based on what I've read here on the forum. Haven't noticed a trend toward the negative at all by you.
  7. No towels!

    Lol Sure, Lucy, if I gotta ask for a fucking towel then I ask for a fucking towel--and yeah, hospitality takes a hit for that amateur shit. But that's not the point. We're talking about *prevention* now. It aint rocket science. So you stack clean, nicely folded ones beside the sink in a way that makes it very clear which are fresh and which aren't (assuming the previous client didn't know to toss the used one in the hamper conveniently sitting nearby. But then the hostess would have already cleared the used one(s) away before the next client arrived, right?) What's a large package of decent hand towels run these days?
  8. No towels!

    If the guest client has to ask about a towel, hospitality has already failed. C'mon people, this is an EVENT. Attention to fucking detail! No excuses. Just like good hygiene.
  9. Taking an extended " Break"...

    Bon Voyage, Bella, and safe landings.
  10. Review ettiqutte question...

    I'll always ask the lady at the end of the session if she'd care for a review, and whether she'd like it juicy or discreet. Discreet has been the majority preference. Barring provider red flags that *should* be noted in a review (which I've never had to do, actually), I won't review of the lady wishes me not to. (There was one provider I saw who asked for a review and then changed her mind after it posed. Since my experience with her had been fine, and my review reflected that, I accommodated her. She had her reasons which weren't my business.)
  11. Athletes and Politics

    You're mighty right about your original post being a simple opinion piece. I think some took baton and ran with it and, given the current political climate, that was entirely predictable. My guess, though, is that when you started jerking people off with that whole "you took the cheese" bit, you wrote the book on how to win friends and influence people. Murphy's Law #304:You can't wash people's balls and finger-fuck their assholes at the same time and expect to get paid.
  12. Athletes and Politics

    Big Broncos fan here. Yuge! Ex-Marine also so I've put my money where my mouth is with respect to the flag and attendant concerns. Personally I couldn't give two fucks in a monastery if a pro-athlete decides to kneel [gasp, clutches pearls] during the national anthem. Now, if Von Miller were to suddenly kneel in protest right before sacking the qb, that might piss me the fuck off. Because my little tranquilizing distraction from the bigger problems in life would have been momentarily compromised. Boo fucking hoo. Far too much really seriously fucked up shit has gone on in this country, and continues to go on, in large part because the masses have been spoon fed 'bread and circuses' to keep them entertained, keep them tranquilized, keep them preoccupied with stupid trivial shit. Stuff face with hot dog and beer. Rinse, repeat. Get the fuck over it.
  13. TOFTT

    She popped up on my radar as well. Good on ya mate!
  14. When provider's change personas

    Short of having a bad experience with such a provider, it's not a red flag for me. As others have said, there are legitimate reasons for doing so. For instance, to the extent that one's persona is a form of marketing, I could see how a provider might 'try on' a few to see how they project before finally settling on one. Cheers! xoxo
  15. I am such a Pussy!!

    Florida is the past, Denver the future. Keep yourself a mile high And abstain from the lectures. They said, "Colorado rockies is the space you outta be!" So she stayed her fine ass put and lived happily ever after. Smokin moguls. Edibles.