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  1. I could be 100% white (I'm half), and I would still stand by my beliefs. You want your precious little board back? My people want our land back. Sometimes you just don't get what you want!
  2. Lol... I don't give 0.002 fucks about a white girl's poor little feelings... I CARE ABOUT HUMAN LIVES! Their f'd up narrative is the same that justifies the end of innocent human lives... Why am I expected to be polite with somebody who perpetuates stereotypes that hurt my people? I know MULTIPLE providers who were robbed/assaulted by white men (bikers) but did they go and put "no Caucasian men" on their ads the next day???? The excuses are bullshit... I'm not going to tell you that you need to see black people - but you sure as hell aren't going to tell me that I need to provide resources for racists!
  3. Have you ever thought that maybe the statistics for black women being incarcerated are higher... because BLACK WOMEN ARE TARGETED AND EXPLOITED BY OUR RACIST CRIMINAL "JUSTICE" SYSTEM...?! The one that allows law enforcement to kill blacks with impunity... STATISTICS say that blacks and whites use drugs at the same rate YET BLACKS ARE INCARCERATED AT A MUCH HIGHER RATE. Blacks are also far more likely to do a LONGER SENTENCE for the same exact crime a white person does. There are plenty of STATISTICS to back this up... Do your research before spewing bullshit. Black people are NOT inherently more violent, that's just exactly what our government wants you to think. It's perfect, you think they're vicious beasts - so private prisons can profit off of the mass incarceration of PoC and working class in our country (you know, the one with the highest incarcerated population) while your white ass can complain about black people on the internet. I don't usually post on the forums, but word got around and I had to... LOL While we're on this topic. F you racist broads. The ones that say "No AA" on your ads. Thanks for perpetuating the idea that black people are inherently violent. Those racist ideas you promote actually uphold stereotypes against black people that are used to oppress. That are used to justify the murder of them by law enforcement, or even some random coward (ex: George Zimmerman). You are not my friend and don't you dare ask for references! Black Lives Matter.
  4. AirBnB vs Motels

    When I work out of town, I only use AirBnb! Lots of guys are turned off by hotels. Especially when you have no reviews on sites of that region... I never tell the client they're meeting me at an AirBnb, I just advertise as "private residential incall"... The search filters makes finding the perfect AirBnb easy. I always rent an entire house/condo, with a parking spot for clients or ample street parking, WiFi, AC, and washer/dryer in unit. I've done it in 8 different cities and never had an issue I don't think hosts are filming, but if they are, they probably saved the tape of my stay!