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  1. Vaccines are sexy!

    BBB, How's things with you, man? I don't think we've ever spoken, so, hello. It's nice to meet you. A question: what do you know about Marjorie Taylor Greene -- is MTG vaccinated? I'm hoping so, 'cause then it fits with a fantasy of mine. After all, that big mouth of hers has got to be good at something, (as long as she isn't talking.) By the way, we can add many more to your list soon. Not soon enough, but soon, nonetheless. I love Biden's simple statement the other day: "We, who have been vaccinated, have been very patient, but it's running out." When the Florida hopeful threatened his lawsuit yesterday, it was even better: "Bring it on." Stay cool. Stay healthy.
  2. No Vaccine then no "P"?

    Thank you for your efforts to protect us all. 💛 😷
  3. Is Ashley Madison for real?

    The name Ashley Madison. It sounds classy. How could you not meet the right type of 'cultured but smutty' partner with Ashley's special screening process?
  4. Members you miss

    Norway was so beautiful -- the kind of woman that takes your breath away when she opens the door. Man, that was a long time ago.
  5. Why Men are Monsters

    Vassago, it's great to be back and read another of your entertaining stories. Happy New year!
  6. Flying a provider to you

    No and No! Don't do it. There's plenty of fish in this sea, right here. Some are beautiful, generous, sweet, and kind, and if that's not your style, you can find whatever you're looking for, right here in Colorado. Don't be a fool.
  7. OP, that's the risk we run. Just when we think we are heading out for a thrilling and well deserved knee trembler and a touch of comfort, life smacks us in the kisser... It's a normal reaction to rush into the arms of a welcoming stranger in times of war and uncertainty, or so the movies tell us. Instead, you ran smack into a real human being and rediscovered the hole in your soul, were reminded of the universality of real human suffering and our universal desire for a moment of peace and stability. Heavy shit. I don't know what I'd do in your shoes. I remember a time when condoms were a rarity among old and new bedfellows, and you both benefited from the romantic joining. I don't believe you deserve any derision for expressing your feelings here, but I've learned that some friends are often quick to cry foul and take offense at what they believe to be a judgemental attack on their own private, personal experience, and they're right, if you were judging them. But I believe that you yourself are only working through this recent experience in public on a forum where you thought others might understand and perhaps might offer insight and/or benefit from your process. That makes sense and is honorable. I also realize that for some, you discuss their chosen profession which they consider to be honorable and not dysfunctional for them. Coincidentally, I agree with them. OP, you are on to something of value here for you, and perhaps your new friend that deserves further time and exploration if you are to grow as a human being. The warnings given here are valid so take heed and walk with trepidation. In spite of the negativity of the give and take of emotional territorialism displayed here, I feel the support shared by members to be generous and we'll meant. Also I appreciate your point of view , as well as that which has been shared by most others who contributed. I am again astounded and humbled to return here to learn from and share with the other unique 'misfits' who gather here as we have done so for so many years. Stay healthy in mind and body, dear people.
  8. Members you miss

    Heather on Cap Hill, who was Lisa before the boob job? Active on RagTop? Heaven or Hell was around the time of Decadent City.
  9. has anyone tried these?

    It's an old joke, but still one of my favorites.
  10. has anyone tried these?

    The regimental colours.
  11. Members you miss

    Becky, Catrina (of the Pink Floyd tattoo), Kodie, Sabrina, Katie, and so many others whose names have been forgotten; their faces will always be with me.
  12. 40 is better than 20

    Happy Birthday and hooray for the 40s, (hooray for the pudding, hooray for the pumpkin pie. ) A universal truth: the best is yet to come.
  13. The Provider Paradox

    Don't get me started. Sometimes, you just can't fix stupid. But I believe that everyone deserves a chance, and that requires education to succeed. I can't blame the ignorant, and so many are these days. It is unfortunate that knowledge has gone out of style, but no one said that we have to be stylish. enjoy your summer, folks. Be kind to one another.
  14. Members you miss

    If I'm wrong about this, Good news! I had word he was dead, not 24 hour.s ago, but years ago.