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  2. Now They're Coming for Victoria's Secret

    The facility the phones are made have nets outside the windows so the workers can't jump to Thur deaths
  3. Now They're Coming for Victoria's Secret

    Compared to the US polictcal/social/economic system anything made under the Chinese system could be called prisoner/slave labor. But a boycott of their products is NOT going to change that.
  4.‘nothing-on-this-page-is-real’-how-lies-become-truth-in-online-america/ar-BBPOoIi?li=BBnb7Kz I know, TLDR.
  5. Hello

    Don’t listen to miss cranky pants. I do have a few suggestions for you on how to get the balls bouncing. Change your profile to provider and your sex as male. Add pictures to your new provider profile and create a listing.
  6. Hello Denver

    Welcome to TOB Miss Bliss. Sit back and enjoy the ride.....
  7. It's a beautiful Colorado day

    At DU vs Airforce playoff soccer game. My 10 yr old is the ball boy. It is simply beautiful, sunny, warm, amazing views of rocky mountains.... Oh and did lets not forget about the college girls in their spandex pants showing off all their curves... Oh and let's not forget about the college kids moms, also hot at DU.... It is an amazing site to see all around. Mountains big and small every which way you look 😏 Enjoy this Colorado day.
  8. Whatcha got cookin'

    Tonight it is country fried venison backstrap steak with homemade country gravy.
  9. Holidays and Traditions

    The Sat after Thanksgiving. I purchase a bottle of my favorite 21 year old single malt scotch, (lasts me through New Years) and go for it.
  10. Hello

    Maybe you should invest in some grammar and english skills. Along with some reading skills where the rules would tell you this post is clearly not the way to post a listing.
  11. Today
  12. Holidays and Traditions

    Always after Thanksgiving and this year it will be December 2nd. I love the magic of Christmas.
  13. Hello

    I wish you luck and blessings sweetheart!
  14. Hello Denver

    Welcome! For me, personally, I like to see honest, real girls...say what you do, and do what you say....
  15. Hello

    Weather it's men or women, I love to make my partner as bliss as I can. Let me know if i can escort you today and fullfill all your fantasys
  16. Hello

    For outdoors Red Rocks is always a fun place to play
  17. too quiet -- hear the one about the train

    Thank you for pulling that clip up so that all could enjoy!!!!. Some day I will learn how to do that.
  18. Just checking in...

    Yum! That looks delicious! Thank you for the recommendation!
  19. Hello

    Fer reals! Ain't gonna make money with this lame-ass ad!
  20. Hello

    Way to come in strong. Do you cater to ladies and gents? I recommend you put some pictures in your profile and post a listing.
  21. Insomnia

    Can't, even though it legal here know, my employer has written policies which do not allow it.
  22. Hello

    My windows could use a good cleaning and I got this hot tub, I want to get rid of. Oh, I forgot. If ya know anything about snow blowers, let me know. That's all I can think of for now.
  23. Holidays and Traditions

    The weekend after Thanksgiving Christmas goes up. This year we have a lot of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I luv it!
  24. Insomnia

  25. Are relationships overrated? Fell hard for a married woman.

    Kali, I agree. I think we sit may sit in our stew long enough for some self reflection, and then, we can become open to possibilities. And for me, sometimes it takes stewing long enough that I am willing to listen to the people who care about me. And you are definitely cool enough. In fact, you are so cool, you are hot !!
  26. Now They're Coming for Victoria's Secret

    Apple? I wasn’t aware of that hmmm
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