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  2. Aubree

    Phone number 702-465-3858 links to this with this image When searched shows here 702-707-3338 <--- different---> image set as a brunette.....
  3. I'm back "kinda"

    It takes guts to deal with grief the way it sounds like you have...glad to see you back here!
  4. Truly Bi Providers?

    I got a long lists of PM's....Thanks Everyone I appreciate it very much!
  5. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    You get a fantastic massage for around 40 bucks, all the aches and pains are gone, best half hour or full hour your you have spent for sure! if you'd like to leave a tip, the usual is 20 bucks to show your appreciation, just saying!
  6. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    Only one post? Fellow POSTERS......seriously? OK simply say. I'd really say go to SW Plaza in SW Denver They by FAR have the best foot massage, 39 bucks, you can't go wrong! WORD!!!!
  7. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    Starting out, I'd schedule 30 minutes with a lady I'd not seen before. That invariably proved to be too short as between the pre-foreplay foreplay of drinks/convo preceding the traditional foreplay appetizer, and the main course time inevitably ran out and the session felt rushed. So I went to an hour minimum, which was better for a lady I hadn't seen before but still too short for one I was seeing again (or again and again) so 90 minutes became standard in that case. Happily, at the best of times, time ceased to be counted altogether.
  8. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    Fixed location/amp not happening for me. Too risky. Go to the reviews section, open review search, enter FBSM in the experience description and any other particulars - for OP Boulder - and many optional specs. Text, call, enjoy, repeat.
  9. 411 on Carleybustygirl

    She's been around a while. I saw her about a year and a half ago. And when I met her she seemed was worse for wear both physically and mentally. I had to arrange her outcall transpo. She was delayed, showed up with reasonable enthusiasm which dropped off quickly. Seemed more interested to chat than really get on with stuff. Somewhat awkward in the way she handles herself, Major turn off overall. I'd recommend in a pinch but only if you don't keep your expectations very high.
  10. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    My preferred session is a dinner date. Plenty of time for conversation; cuddles afterwards are wonderful. The advantage of GFE vs. GF is that she goes home afterwards (or you do). As the famous Ravenous Randi said, “You don’t pay us to come f**k your brains out. You pay us to leave when we’re done.”
  11. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    I usually went to an AMP when I had a short window of opportunity suddenly open up. Walk in the front door, pay their fee, tip appropriately, and walk out a calmer fellow. About the only thing faster is if the stroll is active. AMP are usually a better quality experience than an SW. The sensuality of a table shower is also a plus. With an escort it usually takes at least an hour to set an appointment. Then add all the time needed for an AMP session. Without time constraints, pre-booking with an escort is the way to go.
  12. Price of adds

    You ramble too much. Break down one sentence please.......
  13. HH vs HR

    I have never had an hour appointment be a disappointment. Adapt to what is happening is the key. This isn’t real hard.
  14. Aubree

    I am likely wrong, but something about that face is very masculine.
  15. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    Why go to an AMP or similar establishment when you can get exactly what you want here at TOB with a little research?
  16. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    Reviews, reviews and then reviews. After that, request some Private Messages should any gents choose to share. You really CAN'T "go about about :asking for these types of services" without coming off like Joe Law on the Hunt. For anyone to answer your specific questions on this open forum invites Joe to bust out his giant magnifying glass and examine the answer, and invites the Mods to give a cyber spanking to the answerer. Additionally, I "bet" ( am sure) there are some newbie friendly ladies who, perhaps among other things, happily offer FBSM. Read up, dive in and get your....feet...wet.
  17. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    It seems obvious to me that the amount of time will correlate directly with the type of experience you are looking for. If you want the GFE /3C experience....Conversation, Connection, Cuddling....that is going to take more time. MSOG will take more time also. If you are looking for a blow and go, quick 3G, or other one shot blitz, 30 minutes should be plenty of time. When I was younger for example, I loved aggressive women who would launch insatiable 69 attacks for two intense hours of MSOG. Older now, that can be reduced to a one shot and 30 minute attack. For me, the whole GFE\3C was meaningless.......Whenever, if ever, I wanted that, I would get a girl friend. From my vantage point the term "GFE" was always kind of stupid. I have had plenty of GF's in my lifetime, and I do not recall time limits, condoms, and hundreds of dollars in rates being a part of sexually aggressive, impatient, insatiable, oral freakazoid woman?...that is an entirely different situation all together!
  18. HH vs HR

    Don't start a thread complaining about HHR how much you hate ect, yet your website has HHR. 😊
  19. Yesterday
  20. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    I love that you make time for cuddling. Cuddling is a must for me as well, although I have taken the suggestion of a friend, and after some time cuddling, ask if my partner would like a little body rub. There is amazing conversation and connection to be made in the cuddling/body rubbing at the end. 💙💙💙
  21. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    Like this topic!! I have always preferred longer sessions. I suppose a big part of my reasoning is the old school romantic in me. Yes, I know it is a business transaction. Not fooling myself. Don't need to be lectured. However, I thoroughly enjoy taking the extra effort, and time, to make the entire experience as enjoyable as possible for my playmate as well as for me. I think allowing time to ease into fun makes a big difference. Taking extra time to playfully discuss what she really likes and what I really like is exciting! Teasing, flirting with one another over a glass of wine or cold beer builds anticipation. At least it does for me and almost always for her as well. And, you must, simply must, have time to cuddle afterwards!! We each have our own needs and ways to play. 90 min, 2 hour+ just works best for me.
  22. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    Sign up to rubmaps and read away. Lots off good info there but be sure you are looking at recent reviews, since the girls rotate quite frequently.
  23. Aubree

    Too much for this old soul
  24. Why is it so

    Dang! Ironically the only safe place to run into this girl would be a narrow dark alley!
  25. Aubree

    Some ladies love a lot of makeup ...
  26. I need in my life...

    running fingers though the hair can be so relaxing ..
  27. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    And I want to emphasize, I don't know about the two places you've mentioned. They absolutely could be offering a lot of relaxation, but they could also be just a cheap place for a foot rub or back massage.
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