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  2. Quick note and goodbye

    Good luck in all your adventures and endeavours. You will be missed.
  3. 411 on Dani

    Colorado Companion 411 on Dani
  4. Today
  5. Wanna play a game??

    Suck it
  6. Wanna play a game??

    Lick it
  7. Another day on TOB...

  8. Most Romantic place to stay in Springs

    If you use escorts...that may mean you, and me too!
  9. Loveland!! I did it when i was 5 sure its as do-able as any one oops i mean place did i flubb up? There’s a first oops i mean 99th i crack myself up
  10. Do BJ's cure colds?

    Sounds like snake oil to me. Fasting and rest usually works pretty well.
  11. Wanna play a game??

    Ass itching
  12. Where is your mind?

  13. Where is your mind?

  14. Wanna play a game??

    Sunrise Delight
  15. Whisperer, this is the BIG one

    Show us the inner mind of Whisperer.
  16. Wanna play a game??

    morning wood
  17. Wanna play a game??

    Krispy Kreme
  18. Wanna play a game??

    Ring toss
  19. Whisperer, this is the BIG one

    No politics
  20. Wanna play a game??

    glazed donut
  21. Whisperer, this is the BIG one

    I posted this in Colorado because nobody loves Whisperer more than Colorado! Approaching the big 1000 post 🎉 Want the community to help guide you in what NOT to post. 1.) No ISO post 2.) No rate thread 3.)....take it from here community Make this epic and hand the TOB related stuff off to Kaduk and Boink. GO WHISPERER 🎉
  22. Wanna play a game??

    Strawberry flavored
  23. Wanna play a game??

    Extra juicy
  24. Wanna play a game??

    Thick and
  25. 9999

    Now this one needs to be epic!
  26. Wanna play a game??

    Coconut oil
  27. Wanna play a game??

    Pumpkin works
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