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  2. I slew The Dragon today

    That would depend on the COF, the ratio of contact patch surface area to loaded vehicle mass and the CG of the respective vehicles, assuming other conditions remained the same. 😜 For those who want pictures of The Dragon riders, check out KillBoy.
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  4. Weird Guy

    Haha, no I would laugh at questions like that. The dude just gave me a creepy feeling. Always better safe than sorry!!
  5. Hotels

  6. Hotels

  7. Hotels

  8. New Kids on the Block....

    Hey, they had "The Right Stuff." They're taking this comeback "Step by Step." So "Please Don't Go Girl," Because "You got it."
  9. Weird Guy

    Was it dumb questions like, "If a dog sweats through his tongue, why does he have armpits?"
  10. Hotels

    OMG I've never had S'mores
  11. Hotels

  12. Hotels

    And yeah I'll totes admit I'm still a young one. S'mores is the way to go!
  13. Hotels

    Hehe I feel ya there! I usually eat nothing but healthy food. Every once in awhile it's okay to spoil yourself. Good vibes to you!
  14. Fun things to do in Denver?

    Totally. Boulder has small farms and the western slope has huge farms...
  15. Hotels

    My god I love Poptarts! I found some Sugar Cookies ones and ate the entire box. I burned off most of the calories with...exercise... I can eat healthy when I die. I'm 28 and get carded at rated R movies and when I buy lottery tickets. I'll look 30 while I'm 60 at this rate
  16. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Always appreciate your helpful advice!!!
  17. Sasha - 719-377-3103

    I saw her. Ok, but a pretty substantial gut. Misleading pics
  18. 411 on Lola Fierce from CO Spgs

    Thanks Johnboy. I appreciate the research and the fact that you resisted the temptation to chastise me for shoddy research. I finally found an old 411 thread while doing a search for images on the web, and found the reviews that way. Searching on TOB I never figured out that she was Lola-7103, and I didn't click on enough reviews in the search results to find her. Cheers!
  19. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Honestly might just be best to not even mention it. The best way to build an ad is not to make it sound like you're talking to a thousand guys, but that you're talking only to the one particular reader.
  20. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Great answer, I think everyone should feel the same!
  21. I slew The Dragon today

    There used to be a question on the Drivers Test; Can you take a curve faster on a Motorcycle then a car?
  22. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    All that matters, to me. is how she treats me, when I'm with her. If she can make 10 guys a day feel special, more power to her!
  23. I slew The Dragon today

    The authorities don't want to admit that people are riding that road that hard.
  24. Hotels

    I love pop tarts! I rarely eat 'em now, but they were an everyday after-school snack, with milk, in high school.
  25. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    To the guys... Does it really even matter if we say low volume or high?? What appeals to you more? Obviously I know everyone has their own taste...
  26. Weird Guy

    You'll get the time wasters, the jokers, and the assholes.
  27. Weird Guy

    So I had this guy asking me all kinds of questions the other day. Although he of course never pulled through... It amazed me how someone could ask such stupid questions. Obviously I do what I do, because I have a hobby that has benefits! I feel so dumb for not doing it a long time ago. To think that I got jealous a while ago when I looked through a guys phone and saw the sites he was on. Perspective changes quickly. Lol Good vibes xo
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