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  3. Info On Sofia

    Not the lady in the pic but was a very attractive young Russian lady with a few rules.
  4. I love gingers!! Anyone seen Caradee?

    her current ads on pd, posted for the following cities, Raleigh North Carolina, Chicago Illinois, Seattle Washington, Tampa Florida and Denver Colorado , all say this, 👋 Hello Verified PD Gentleman,👋 I'm Cara Dee, putting the Dee in delightful. I'm a new Upscale Independent provider, former Russian asset. If you're interested in a classy and no pressure experience get in touch. I am available for both Incall and Outcall in the Scottsdale and phoenix area. If you want to schedule longer dates please email me with your request and references. her switter post yesterday had the following tags #Surprise #Tucson #Tempe #Nevada #LasVegas #Henderson #Reno #CarsonCity #Oregon #Eugene #Salem #Arizona #Phoenix #Mesa #Chandler #Peoria #Glendale #portland #Bend #OregonCity #washington #Vancouver #Seattle #Tacoma #Kent #Everett #Spokane #Colorado #ColoradoSprings #Pueblo #Denver #Arvada #Lakewood her Tryst page only mentions Phoenix, nothing about traveling. so, rather unlikely that she is here atm.
  5. Info On Sofia

    Sofia 845-262-7260 Colorado Companion If anyone has seen this lady please share with the rest of us!!
  6. Of People. And Sheep.

    I just had the occasion to spend a few days in the Front Range. My overall take? There are a lot of people there, and I made that comment to the few that I met. In another lifetime I lived in DC and commuted regularly to the Front Range for business. Now that we live in rural CO, the people and traffic in cities are profound. As I was on a county road on the trip home, within a few miles of our house in SW CO, oncoming vehicles kept flashing their brights at me. I rounded a corner and this is what greeted me. Thousands of them. This portal would not allow the video to upload so I just grabbed a screen shot. A perfect contrast between Front Range and the Other Colorado.
  7. Living with the pandemic can life go back to normal??

    Sure glad that heart attacks, cancer, flu, TB etc... deaths didn’t come this year, the only thing people died from this year was covid, we could of had atleast 500 thousand deaths, Thank god for covid 😄 it spared a lot of people’s lives
  8. Living with the pandemic can life go back to normal??

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sometimes--no matter how difficult it may seem-- we must think of the general public and public health above our own need for convenience. If the folks in the photo below can wear masks in 1918 to protect their friends, neighbors, strangers, etc. then so can we in the 21st century. Did you know? The last pandemic killed 675,000 Americans and an estimated 50 Million died worldwide. According to historians, there was a second wave in 1919 because people here and abroad took their guard down and stopped wearing masks. Before considering not wearing a mask think of the frontline workers (retail, trucks, warehouse, cashiers, etc.) and healthcare workers, nurses, physicians (just about anyone in a hospital/clinic) who risk their lives every-single-day without complaint. Most terrifying is that working that closely with infected patients makes it nearly impossible to stay safe. Many have become infected and died. And those who have survived the ordeal are begging and pleading with the rest of us to maintain social distancing, wash hands and wear masks. So, that's the least we can do. We have now reached an unforgivable US death count of 200,000 deaths from Covid-19. Our greatgrandchildren and descendants will be shocked with disbelief that we did little to enforce public safety on a national basis. We all have been impacted in some way by the health crisis but until we get it under control things will not get back to "normal." It's discouraging and confusing to see the anti-mask folks revolting when Scientists/Epidemiologists believe that at least 30% of the population shows no symptoms and may just be carriers unknowingly spreading the disease. I guess we should be happy we're not in Florida where 100 people die of Covid every day! and today their Gov. lifted health restrictions.
  9. I love gingers!! Anyone seen Caradee?

    PD says she is here
  10. Yesterday
  11. Life and times; Notorious RBG and moving forward

    Bit sorry to dump on you. But with your statement. I will enlighten you with why I would have equally jeered him and probably reacted more fervent had I been there. You really expect Adolf Twitler who does everything but comply with his wife's Be Best anti bullying and anti online bullying campaign respect? You really expect the Assaulter in Chief who has been on the record of spewing over 30,000 lies weeks ago civility? You really expect a cordial response from people who loved an ethical and moral icon who had a virtuous compass she followed in her life's journey?? This wanna be supreme totalitarian has created a climate of hate and separation that has pitted Americans amongst each other in less than four years. This corrupt soulless businessman has made a mockery of our democracy and has a delusional belief, or better yet Doesn't Know or uphold the constitution. In my lifetime I have never seen the country I live in regress in such a hateful direction! Never thinking this was even possible! Jesus Christ, I do not live in 1930's America! These are all the things RBG opposed! I also don't know how you or others would expect a different response from observers at RBG's repose? Do you think there was a profound reason the tyrannical child was not invited respectively to George H.W. Bush and John McCain's funerals? A guy who is masquerading as a leader not being invited to two monumental conservatives final observances? As in their families and John McCain making it clear this corrupt human being was not allowed to a gathering that all presidents were givin a thumbs up with invitations-Carter, Clinton, and Obama welcomed! Come on man, this lying waste of human flesh was not invited to two really important men who carried the beacon for what we know as the Republican party. Megan McCain was strong worded that Ivanka and Jared snuck in as they or any Trump were not were not invited to her father's ceremony. That they had "crashed her dad's funeral" and "they're not good people". Let alone this Kim Jong-un wanna be didn't want government flags lowered at half mast when John passed. Or he wanted the USS McCain name covered up or moved while he visited Japan. Or Cadet Bone Spurs saying McCain "was not a war hero" and "I like people who weren't captured". Like what draft dodger fucking says this?!?! McCain a mere mortal who survived five and a half years in the Hanoi Hilton! And what hand jobbed conservative gives tiny hands a pass to say things of this nature???? Glad to see fellow republicans/conservatives and all his fellow political brethren defend him as he lay in rest, ah-hem Lindsey Graham! And to top it off. He was his usual small penis uncompassionate hate filled self when Congressmen Elijah Cummings and John Lewis passed. So to circle back. No this waste of human flesh get's no respect or acknowledgement of being a human! He has shown America that he doesn't give a shit about our country or us as individuals! He is the arsonist responsible for starting this cataclysmic fire that is burning up our country! The bigger question is how are we gonna clean up this total and complete shit show of destruction? And do we ever come together as a country? That's if this emperor neophyte ever vacates the Whitehouse?! I'm out of words when people act naive and completely oblivious about the Liar and Thief! I suppose Hitler had followers as well. Sad that our WWI and WWII allies see our country as a joke and a threat. But hey we are in the pockets of Russia and North Korea, thumbs up! Poor Ronald Regan is rolling over in his grave. Occam's razor is never a possibility when it comes to discussion of the ethics or morality of America's mad man! And to the people who believe in country first and what the Lincoln Project is doing. My hats off to you..........
  12. GFE vs PSE

    Okay, please tell me the difference between the two GFE vsPSE. What does that mean to you? GFE? Kissing, touching, rubbing, missionary, doggy, sideways, DATY, conversation ( gotta include that), massage, rub and tug, DFK, foot rub, skimpy lingerie ??? PSE ? Professional, movie star want to be, experienced, wild provider, Greek, swallow, ejaculate on face, toys, ASP that does everything and loves what she does, DP, orgy experienced, rough intercourses, hair pulling, ass slapping, Go fast, but last long time, edge, rimming. Asking for a PSE would mean you have to bring your game. There are a few professional porn makes on TOB who are they?
  13. McConnell did not allow the previous regime's nominee to be brought before the Senate. Now he will do the exact opposite. The expression you used is defined by Webster as being: used to say that one person or situation should be treated the same way that another person or situation is treated McConnell had two identical situations as he defined it during the previous regime. I find it troubling that you don't acknowledge that because you're obviously an intelligent person. Regardless of ideological differences we might have I would think we could agree on what happened/is happening and the meaning of an expression. BTW, if the dems take the exec and senate and retain the house and then change the number of justices to "pack the court" they'd be "playing by the rules". I expect people to hold to a higher standard than merely playing by the rules.
  14. Thanks for commenting frostyjack, yea it is pretty great. After seeing that style of getting a haircut, you can't help but think we're doing it wrong over here.
  15. I love gingers!! Anyone seen Caradee?

    Ummmm...her twitter and switter say she's in Phx, AZ.
  16. You have your opinion, and I have mine. Feel free to try and convince me that US citizens have no voice, and a majority of government leaders do not follow the Constitution. Best of luck!
  17. couple massage ???

    Aw I love that place! I miss traveling
  18. I stumbled over a place like this in Vegas, full of asian ladies in their mid-twenties. Everything was as you described above, flirty, friendly, massages, she even unpromptedly popped a zit she found on the back of my head (I don't know why that part sticks out at me after all these years), but that was over 15 years ago and I haven't seen one since. I know, not very helpful, but it was a nice experience and wouldn't mind doing that again myself. Following.
  19. Valencia

    If you register there. You can read her reviews. Has her rates and guys experiences. She has a considerable amount of reviews for Rubratings.
  20. Valencia

    This Valencia? She's also on PD And P411 I've never seen her personally, though.
  21. Caradee 602-935-9732 Colorado Companion Anyone seen her, she has great reviews and a few other sources of info but when I try to text her I get one response and nothing else. I have two numbers and both produced similar results. Not sure if I am just saying the wrong things via text or what?
  22. Life and times; Notorious RBG and moving forward

    Reading these posts, it seems that most of you are still under the impression that we still live in a free America where people have a voice and the Constitution is relevant and followed. I don't understand how you can be so mistaken.
  23. The family stated that she said ............ no need to repeat. Question was asked "do you believe she said?" You answered no. That is the very definition of calling them a liar. And then you try the "yeah, but Hillary" defense by saying you sure would not boo trump at the "service". Perhaps not but that has NOTHING to do with the reported statement. And no I am not trying to pick a fight, I just have no remaining tolerance for bullshit and people trying to defend the indefensible crap the president does and says. And HE started the "I don't believe she said that" crap. It is obvious she would not want her successor picked by someone diametrically opposed to everything she stood for. What she wanted is also totally irrelevant, should never have been a "thing" to begin with and never should have been taken as an opportunity by our dear pres to throw shade and disrespect at the family and throw meat to his base. If calling all that bullshit is picking a fight, so be it.
  24. Life and times; Notorious RBG and moving forward

    I agree that Sen. McConnell is playing by the Senate rules. But IMHO there is a higher set of rules, our Constitution, which I feel he played fast & loose with for Judge Garland’s nomination.
  25. Life and times; Notorious RBG and moving forward

    Where did I call her family liars? Are you trying to pick a fight? I was responding to ^this^ post which asked for an opinion (“do you believe...”). I expressed my opinion based on what I knew. Regardless of whether the Trumps deserve to be booed and harassed, this was neither the time or place for such actions.
  26. Valencia

    Valencia Colorado Companion Any info on Valencia from rub ratings?
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