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  2. Favorite coming item

  3. Favorite coming item

    I like to whip out my big ten inch--chef's knife, that is. It's always razor sharp and ready for business.
  4. Bat shit crazy!

    George Carlin put it best women are crazy and men are stupid.
  5. Nasty, disgusting, sexist jokes - got any?OK

    I heard this one in the radio the this morning: A young lady goes into see her doctor and says she has some mysterious green spots in the inside of her thighs. Her doctor looks at the spots, says he no clue what could cause but that he will run some tests and tells her to.come back next week after the results are in. He tells her that I the meantime, maybe the spots will go away in their own. She comes back in the following week very scared and tells the doctor the spots won't go away. The doctor sits her her down and tells her that the tests all come back negative and that there is nothing medically wrong. She asks him what be causing the green spots. He stops and thinks for a moment and then asks her if her boyfriend wears earrings. She replies yes. The doctor then says "Tell him his earrings are not made of gold".
  6. People that waste your time!

    So, to try and offer some advice from a hobbyist point of view, I did a quick Google search on your phone number and your pictures. Basically, I found nothing, good or bad, which could be good or bad. It could mean you're either very new or very fake. There's no website or ads to look at which would make life easier on you.
  7. Bat shit crazy!

    I was married for 22 years before that took a death roll from infidelity on her part so ive been out of touch with the whole dating scene since Al Gore invented the internet. What i have discovered is that there are quite a few younger gals who are attracted to the salt n pep Sean Connery / Jason Statham look, and a Harley doesnt hurt literally fighting them off. I shit you not ill go out after work unshaven, not even dressed up and ill meet a new friend practically telling me she'll suck my dick if i take her home with me on the bike. And not baggers either im talking 30 something lookers. I was never this in demand till i crested the hill, who knew? Not a online dater i get em live, but i think the way relationships go now is too much texting. Too easy to be overwhelmed and messaging is like love letters and romance novels on steroids for women. I appreciate the boob and pussy pics but shit let a man breath! I feel sorry for the younger single guys looking for "the one" haha good luck with that!
  8. New to the board and the hobby

    Welcome. Play safe, have fun!
  9. Weiner - The Documentary

    It's amazing how his last name describes him perfectly
  10. New to the board and the hobby

    What a great attitude!! Have fun and be safe.
  11. Something Different

    Funny and so accurate regarding the wife
  12. Texted a date request to the wrong number...

    I was hoping for a hot story.
  13. Something Different

    I love humor and fun so bravo! Welcome to the community and I hope you have a great time!
  14. Today
  15. Bat shit crazy!

    Going through the Big D myself as in divorce. Although I'm not willing to agree with you that "...all women are BSC..." I'm not in much of a hurry to get into another relationship right now, and possibly never will be. Looks like I'll be in the hobby/sport no strings attached scene for the foreseeable future.
  16. STD testing

    You probably already have an STD. You just don't know it yet. Don't want an STD? Find a certified virgin. Then, again, even a virgin might have taken it in the azz already. The perfect solution: Mrs. Palmer and her four sisters.
  17. Any Transgender

    There are several TG Providers here. My suggestion would be to check out reviews and ads. Hope you connect with your TG fantasy girl, Pal.
  18. I Assume the following is the kind of answer the OP is looking for: I love playing board and card games. Settling down with a pretty lady whose company you enjoy, and a bottle of wine or two. Use the game to set the mood. CRIBBAGE: 15-2, 15-4, and then you can give her that run of 5 all night. I have actually had a session with a provider who was a cut-throat cribbage player. Both the game and the session afterwards was very enjoyable. Dirty Scrabble. Words from both the scrabble dictionary and the urban dictionary are allowed. In addition to the lady's regular session rate, if the lady plays a word describing and adult activity, and then later in the session engages in that same activity with you, you must tip her an amount DOUBLE the number of points she earned for the word. Play defensively guys! "BLOWJOB" is a 7 letter word, and played on a triple word score could easily earn the lady 125 points or more! PANZERBLITZ Can she defend against your massive panzer thrust right up the valley?!? I love a woman with a military mind! Afterwards, find out if she really CAN handle that massive panzer thrust! You get the idea. Just do something fun with a pretty lady BEFORE you do something fun with a pretty lady!
  19. Bat shit crazy!

    Hmmm. I see a potential problem here. If they think they're the only chick in your nest you haven't been straight with them. Tends to complicate things.😡 I understand - for some if you don't convince them that they're the one & only for always then you wouldn't be getting any nookie. They must think you're BSC for not clinging to them. 😜 I totally agree - lots less hassle dropping your line in this pond. 😁
  20. Something Different

    Welcome to TOB! Sounds like a pretty accurate assessment! I have a few clients that have the ability to make me melt like butter. But that's the point of this crazy secret... to have fun. So, have fun, and smile!
  21. Let's Play TALL TALES The TOB Edition

    Delicious squirted her lady juice on everyone. Samantha aka Susie Creamschmear demanded Delicious to bend over, pulled out her whip and scolded Delicious with 10 hard hits for squirting without permission. With each slash to the ass Delicious screamed supercalifragilisticexpialidocious when suddenly.....
  22. Any Transgender

    Check the reviews & profiles. You'll find what you seek
  23. Any Transgender

    If anyone knows a passable transgender in Colorado springs or in Denver please message me. I am looking for my first experience
  24. Any you nerds going to ComicCon?

    They will charge you to sign your own stuff. There is usually a limit on how many autographs you can get from one celebrity....they have to keep the line moving. Some celebs will only sign what you buy from them,best to look at their rules on the comic con website. They also charge big bucks to have a photo taken with them.
  25. STD testing

    ....condom WITH lube is the best way to go !!
  26. Bat shit crazy!

    Hey all, friends, secret family.........Hooker here, took a break from my favorite hobby to persue "real" relationships for awhile. Now i remember why i started hobbying in the first place......WOMEN ARE BATSHIT CRAZY!!!!!! i don't know if its the whole relationship thing or texting technology or trying to juggle 3 relationships at the same time but im about ready to hook up with one or two of my favourite no hassle babes for some mutually rewarding interaction. Seriously! Burning out on the possessive "do you really love me for me and only me because im me" drama and the endless texting and "where are you what are you doing" and "i gave you all of me and......" Its summer, lets party a little babes, whos gonna be first 😎
  27. 411 BP Bella

    Bella 256-274-1480 Colorado Escort Anyone seen her?
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