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  2. Looking from the outside in....

    I think a lot of us have had these feelings at one time or another. It is important that we take time for ourselves, and fill ourselves back up. That may look like exercise, meditation, family time etc. We are constantly putting out (literally, haha), we have to put back in as well. You have probably already discovered that it can be a fairly lonely. If you choose to stay, you might consider enrolling in a personal defense class. You have nothing to lose. It can be fairly liberating, and a boost in confidence. :-)
  3. ID Rant

    I just have to wonder what is so threatening about her and her opinions that she should be called out, vilified, or censured on any other basis than to refute her arguments. The fine fellow that you are addressing in the quoted post is one of the first to post ad hominem attacks, not on the substance of her point, but her right to make that point at all. Ostensibly we are all adults here, I submit that while a forum is the place for all to post their positions, it is not really up to others to critique the delivery when they obviously cannot address the points being made. It is also incumbent upon us as participants to be our own editors. Nobody is "shoving" anything down anyone's throat. It is up to all of us to read or not, respond or not; but as adults I think most should be able to move past a post that they have nothing to add but venom.
  4. Looking for a fun provider this weekend

    Yes, well known with a track record. His ISOs were posted weekly, specifying which section of town (varied) & what day he was interested. Because he kept repeating, I figured that he got enough traffic. On the other hand, 5 posts? I don't think so.
  5. Looking from the outside in....

    Oh I remember those days! they were to be enjoyed. unfortunately business isn't like that anymore (major sad face) women are vicious demanding and conniving when it comes to money. and I've had my fair share of stabs in the back and hurt feelings ..therefore I chose to stay independent alone and not involve anybody in my personal business ever again and it has worked out lovely to my advantage.. As far as feeling for my safety ..I don't much anymore.. I've taken classes, certain defense training and advice from all walks of life that help me in my day-to-day decisions. at the end of the day all my actions are on me nobody else.. I'm sorry you ladies feel this way.. I wish there was something I could say or do to show you all the lovely in and outs of this business, but only being in the business for a year or so, I can't help with that ..I am a decade-long lover of this Hobby since college. This isn't for the light or faint-hearted really do have to have something special to be in this Hobby ,and it's only up to you to figure out if it's for you or not. nobody can offer you the advice you seek on this matter. I really wish it were different but this isn't like a same size fits all situation.
  6. Looking for a fun provider this weekend

    LOL!!! I wasn't even born then babe
  7. Today
  8. ID Rant

    And i generally agree with most of your posts. This one included. She could attack less regardless of who starts the shit and it is by no means always her. What i referred to as over the line was stating old allegations as fact (not you) with no personal knowledge and several gleefully piling on just cause they dont like her. I think she derives pleasure in jacking with some people and some people derive even more from jacking with her and wish both sides would dial it back a couple clicks, and especially when it derails perfectly good threads. And sidetracks the point of board - sharing helpful information to keep everyone safer while enjoying adult activities with like minded fun people.
  9. Looking for a fun provider this weekend

    Back in the day there was a rather popular guy who would post an ISO and the girls would call him. It is possible, but I agree with Chrissy on this one. There's too many unknowns. To the Op...check the ads, the reviews are there too, but be prepared to be screened. Have your references ready.
  10. Looking for a fun provider this weekend

    Hey Chrissy! What a killjoy you are! Don't you know that 1970s science fiction promised this was possible? Just look: post a request and Jenny Agutter shows up! Seriously, though, you are correct. It does not work.
  11. ID Rant

    I usually agree with pretty much everything you post gr8owl but must definitely disagree with you on this one. It's not that Lucy has differing opinions on a lot of subjects that come up on this board, it's how she tries to shove those opinions down everybody else's throats that differ from her. There is a respectful manner in which to present those opinions and she shows absolutely no respect to others. At some point people get tired of her shit and strike back. Should we be the bigger person and just keep quiet? Probably, but not in my nature to let things go like that. Call it a personality flaw or whatever, I am very comfortable with how I personally deal with issues. When someone needs to be called out and am perfectly ok with being one who does that. What I will agree with you on is that it is probably time to close this thread since I'm not sure anything else constructive can be added to the original Op.
  12. Looking for a fun provider this weekend

    It doesn't work fellas As mentioned before, Us Mile high ladies do things differently than most states. When ISO's show up on this board we don't play along. Most of us do not like laziness in this fashion. We tend to ignore them and stick with what we know. He may get a couple messages from the unknowns or desperates. But us Responsible ladies don't care until we see the reputation build. So its a senseless post IMO .
  13. Best Exercise Program

    Thank you I'm definitely going!
  14. Looking from the outside in....

    Understood. There are a very few guys I'm willing to party with myself.
  15. Looking from the outside in....

    Thank you for your input.... I have met a few ladies that I have had a connection with....but I keep a close circle around me and there are few that get that close....
  16. Looking from the outside in....

    Don't know if still true, but gals used to work in pairs, or even packs. Still independents, just friends working together. They'd often get adjacent, or even adjoining rooms. Share each other's schedule and let each other know at the end of a session. Something as simple as a 2-ring hang-up call to not interrupt her partner's business. Sometimes they'd do doubles together. There were occasions when I'd ask a gal to lunch after playtime and end up with 3 at the table.
  17. Looking from the outside in....

    Thank you Cali...its nice to know I'm not alone💋
  18. ID Rant

    Speaking of over the line, how do you deal with a calumny like this? Perhaps if fair maiden would ever acknowledge that there are usually two sides(at least) to the issues and that they all have some valid points once in a while, she might not get so trashed. She wants us to be nice when all she does is spew. Why bother? I actually like Lucy's posts. They bring comic relief to the board, sort of like 2Big used to do. Wind her up and watch her spin like Linda Blair😁
  19. "The Maids have been Watching us"

    I took it to mean that he did not see any housekeeping/maintenance/etc. Re: OP: As others have pointed out, might be on video. Remember reading an article on what hotels/motels are doing to monitor this. On the lookout for guys hanging out at side doors, looking to be let in. Guys hanging out in the lobby. Room booked with cash vs credit. One that was interesting: lots of porn being watched in the room (guess as part of the billing for that to the room, have a computer program that can spit out statistics). Probably not, but, reviews on travel sites complaining about the hookers working in the next room is not good either. As per above, same article if I recall correctly, the CEO of the hotel chain had the same attitude at first re: image of rousting hookers, but changed their mind, as it looked better being proactive on trafficking (just saying what she said, not wanting to open the dead horse topic of misleading stats around that). Seem to recall a different article, and maybe a thread on this board, where hotels are building dossiers of escort ads for this purpose.
  20. Looking from the outside in....

    All the time. I worry about my safety constantly and sometimes it eats at my conscience, especially after a really rough session. I too love this job and all the rewards it offers, but at times I wonder if it's worth the risk. I try to be as safe as possible and make sure I see clients that have references but sometimes a few bad eggs have slipped thru the cracks leaving me in a awkward situation. Thankfully nothing bad has happened but the thought is always on my mind. I've even been thinking about working at some of the legal brothels in Nevada because at least there is security there so it's a little safer but I've heard mixed reviews on them so I'm not sure if that's something I'd want to do. Plus I'm really enjoying being independent, since I worked exclusively through an escort service for years. But I feel the same way too sometimes Bella but like you, I love doing this. We just have to be safe at all times and never do anything we don't feel comfortable doing. ❤️ Cali 🌹
  21. "The Maids have been Watching us"

    A long time ago (well, a few years ago) in a city far, far away (adjacent state) that is well know for its dislike of our little trysts, I had an outcall doubles session in my room in a 4 star hotel. It was great! Unfortunately, during the most frenetic moments of our session, one of the ladies kicked over an open bottle of baby oil. It spilled all over a leather couch. After the session, it was discovered. I did my best to clean it up...but alas...I had not the tools or skills to do it right. I thought about just checking out and if it came up blame it on earlier occupants...but that was not right. I was responsible. So as I checked out I told the guy at the desk that a guest had spilled baby oil, and if they could not adequately clean the leather to bill me. The next day I got a personal phone call from the manager. A woman. No doubt she had viewed the security footage showing me escorting a couple of sweet young things up to my room. There was a great deal of amusement in her voice. But she told me that thanks to my prompt warning, they had been able to clean the couch with no staining. She thanked me for being a good customer. Moral of the story: Be a good customer that shows concern for the hotel environment, atmosphere, property, and act discretely, and most places will look the other way.
  22. Google Voice

    I use google voice and it uses your data. Your bill shows up with random google numbers when you make a call. On the down side, if your appointment is a two call set up you run the risk of not having a good data connection and not being able to make the second call. Then, you either have to drive to an area with a good cell connection or dial with you cell.
  23. Looking for a fun provider this weekend

    Re: OP post: forgot to mention hung like a horse and can drive nails into a 2x4 with that thing. Me personally, white and fun, but old and body has seen better days, and looking for a lifeless provider. Hit me up if fitting the bill. Re: does this method work: guessing if a known quantity, sure. Joe Random, probably not as well. If I were a provider, pain in the but, imo, to go through this, unless need the cash. Among the things that can happen: playing one providers rates off another, client book something and cancel at last minute when maybe something "better" pops up for client, unknown/changing go-time, client putting up fight over verification.
  24. ID Rant

    This^^^ Unfortunately, at least some of that clique are members of management as well; it's not only tolerated but encouraged.
  25. "The Maids have been Watching us"

    So you went through with appointment but did not see anyone?? What are you talking about??? Did you get to hotel chicken out and no show her and this is cover for her rant or bl??? But in answer to question even if you did see someone if le did not stop you before you got off the premises you are golden. And of course the maids etc know what is going on. Hopefully she treats them well. 😎
  26. ID Rant

    So why is it certain juvenile members of the I Love Lucy (not!) club feel the need to dredge up allegations related to years old events that they have zero personal knowledge of. A new low - congrats. She has strong opinions (that I do not always agree with but do often) and presents them in a very clear fashion. I know many in the clique would prefer airheaded thinly veiled advertising sprinkled with how great you are and cant argue with her in a logical manner without insults but this is over the line. Especially toward someone with 50 great reviews including some from members of the clique. Grow the f**k up.
  27. ID Rant

    i dont believe it's going that way! it's not are fault she keeps her rants going, OP are just responding to her comments, I put up there what I did cuz people have to know what she did, after all of her preaching of checking id's and how unsafe it is not too!! she needs to keep her mouth shut period! she didn't make it safe for all those girls who got popped did she?
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