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  2. Writing Retreat

    Hi P!!!!!
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  4. Football season is here

    Today's word of the day in the CU locker room....oops
  5. Lingam massage...

    To the OP, have you experienced a FBSM?

    I thought twice about posting this, because I don't want to yuck anybody's yum. I know the point of this story is the generosity of someone unfortunate who has very little. But this story mad me a little sad. It appears that she would rather have drugs than food. She essentially (All be it maybe not interntionally) sold you her cheeseburger for drugs. I know technically she didn't sell it to you because she said you did not owe her anything. But for all intent and purposes, she sold it to you when she said you could give her money to buy drugs. Maybe instead of money you could give her some food more nutritious than McDonald's? She might not accept it, I have had my own experience trying to give a homeless person food. They got angry and said they wanted cash. But I hope she is doing well, and she is able to resolve the issue of whoever is out to get her. And I hope she can stay warm with the colder weather approaching.
  7. Lingam massage...

    Tantrka works much like edging subtitled movement focus and being in the moment. The better you can hold your focus the better the sexual bliss! Meditation and sensory memory helps to achieve your bliss satisfaction. I love the Hindu arts!( Reiki is Japanese) and I do a lot of visualization with what I do also. I think you might want to get with someone who might know the practice of sexual tantrika . It is a true art.
  8. 🥰 should we quote Sonny and Cher? “l got you babe”!! 🤣🤣🤣
  9. What did you just say???
  10. Last week
  11. Hello from Florida...

    It’s an easy 1 hour drive on I-4 between Tampa and Orlando. Whenever I needed to be in the Orlando area in business, I would fly into Tampa and drive over. Access in and out of Tampa airport is so easy compared to Orlando.
  12. Writing Retreat

    Has anyone ever attended or will be attending the Writers/Writing Retreat in Colorado (2023)? I have never been but am interested since I'll be on home soil. Apologies, if this has been discussed before, idk how to search on here. Thanks ~
  13. Hello from Florida...

    Get in touch with the beautiful and highly Cherished @MilehiJasmine she is now in the Tampa Bay Area I know far from Orlando, but she is a very well sought out Companion from Denver. How fun would that be! Meeting up with special Denver lady who has since moved to Florida?
  14. 411 on Sin

    Well my review stands. Not sure how ahe is now but back when i saw her. She amd her bf ripped me off after ahe got my donation she got a call.she did t say anything then her bf came up amd was.knocking on door and then when she opened it he started his gangster threats. But if she has changed
  15. Hello from Florida...

    After spending all of my life in Colorado I relocated last week to Florida (20 min sw of Kissimmee). Don't ask's a bit complicated. I have not yet spent time with a companion. Choices within 30 minutes are very limited. Orlando has more choices - at least an hour away. Rates are, in average, quite a bit higher. Many of the highly desirable companions are 800 - 1K and up. I'm looking at PD, Tryst and will renew P411. Other suggestions welcome. The moral of the story- I was spoiled in Denver by the large number of amazing TOB companions at much lower rates. Appreciate what you have.... I will very much miss those 3-4 companions whom I saw multiple times over the years, as well as those I saw only once or twice. Already looking forward to a return visit.
  16. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Ah. I get it now.... Many years ago I suggested (tongue in cheek) that our company save money on our annual sales conference by double booking/sharing rooms. Those who wanted to go out and party all night (there were many...) would have the room during the day. Those less inclined to stay out all night would have the room at night.
  17. Is Tryst taking over?

    This makes No sense. Please PM us for clarification.
  18. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Most don’t do check in until 3pm now. With these, you can do 12p-5p, 8a-2p… there’s different options depending on the hotel. The rate is usually a little lower than the typical overnight reservation.
  19. Is Tryst taking over?

    This one!! . I’ve provided a reference for a potential new provider last year. It got to a point where she did get a profile created but because she couldn’t secure another providers reference her profile was taken down. Our loss, really
  20. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    I have always thought overnight stays?
  21. I have great respect for you you! Thank you!
  22. new Torrey Lisa intro 💋

    I enjoyed my chatting with @Torrey Lisa of course I wished it was under better circumstances. She is well spoken and has already helped the community out a few weeks ago! Go see her guys! I hope to meet you also lady! Thank you for the community support! ❤️
  23. So I want to an Asian Massage

    I was told that the Mills Mall has a wonderful therapeutic massage person. I don’t know if it’s man or female? Maybe both?
  24. Our Pup Update

    Pure love! Thank you @sparkey600 I love knowing about him! I think we all wish to meet hm now!🥰🥰
  25. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    I thought ALL hotels were available for daily rental. What am I missing?
  26. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Was it decent?
  27. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    There used to be an hourly motel on like 50th and federal blvd but dont know if its still around!

    LOL I am guessing she slowly poured it from the other bottle, I can't tell you. I bet you my ex can tell you LOL. My ex grew up extremely poor and she RECYCLED every damn thing and she was also the type to stuff the garbage bag to the point where it would burst whenever I tried to pick it up. She did a lot of things that made me shake my head at times and she also did a lot of things that saved me money.
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