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  2. PSA and apologies, clarification

    I agree Melissa.... I started on BP but once I saw a client that told me about TOB I jumped on it.... much better clientele, great staff and sexy women like yourself😉.... I'm here to play and have fun....
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  4. How or why does a So-So review get removed?

    I left a so so review once that was removed.
  5. How many times do you see a provider

    If you look at my reviews you can tell i have a thing for Asian ladies, a few ive seen several times, then i have my local babes i rotate with a few that are my faves and ive seen many times. Then laste year i screwed up.......yup.....i fell on my ass hard in love. Of course it was one way, but there is some genuine return affection there. We became friends and i almost exclusively see her now. Maybe 20 to 30 times now? We go out to dinner, lunch, out for drinks sometimes. I really like her shes a fantastic person, i really care about her and will forever. I help her with random things whatever she needs. Listen to her when shes sad. She tells me everything. So, i havent been making the rounds like i was. So thats why. It was bound to happen, im a lover. The bad part is no recent oks on 411, cant win
  6. In search of Photographers

    Several pics of the ladies here are my handiwork, ive never mentioned that, just for a few of my close regular girls. but i do have an eye for artistic beauty, and know just what poses are the most irresistible for your individual body type, hair, lingere etc.......usually starts with her mentioning how horrible her pics are, and they really are most times. I offer to do a much better job, so far 100% happy with my work. All classy, yet highlighting your best features to get you the most traffic, without looking sleazy. And i enjoy doing it, as a hobby. In other words theres no charge. I use your cam, you keep all your own pics. PM me if interested.
  7. PSA and apologies, clarification

    Good reply, think we all know and have contact with "lazy clients" who refuse to read our ads. I one way or another we all feel as though there is a constant need to repeat ourselves that goes well beyond being repetitive! For me the biggest problem is having to explain that I only do this line of work part-time. Reason because I also work in a regular office .too. Have to laugh because will often be explaing myself and i know the potential client is hearing my office line phone ringing. Looking forward to hearing more and learning from you. Thank you TSALottadignity!😅
  8. pre-pay

    Yes it was paypal that she requested the service. I had the same idea as you with paper trail she suggested a prepaid visa card. Great point. As far as I could tell all the info matched but I decided to error on the side of caution and forgo the payment. I was peaked by her reviews, pics and that she was in the springs. probably TGTBT Youre right its not a bad idea. If she was Colorado local and had reviews by members I'm familiar with then I'd go for it. Just not enough info for me to make the leap.
  9. Hi People!

    Ana I miss you. Come see me, your what's missing. Kisses
  10. Underpants

    That's valid... I simply cannot argue with your assessment.
  11. Posting area...

    +1 With a little luck, this new troll will be a person of its words and disappear.
  12. Backpage escort section gone

    I doubt a lot of fake girls will show up on Eros, it's pretty speedy to advertise.
  13. pre-pay

    Hoping that someday these feelings will change. Regulars don't need deposits. Bozos do. Once you get past a certain price point deposits become increasingly more common. If I were $350+ I would be asking for deposits. This is something that would really be beneficial to all providers were it to become more accepted. It's a huge step in eliminating those who aren't serious.
  14. A Guide to Escort Etiquette

    I can see clearly now...
  15. Posting area...

    You're leaving? Praise the Lord!!! Feel free to never return!
  16. Underpants

    OK ..... the sitting in underwear was TMI, but this is way over the line.
  17. BBBJ and DFK

    ssssshhhh He will hear you lol. JK I Agree with inkspot MAG is articulate. And while occasionally a pain in the ass not what I would call a troll and he did have good points from time to time. So, no, TN is no MAG.
  18. Underpants

    Who doesn't like dead pool? They need to make more superhero movies like it.
  19. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    I'll buy that unfortunately, I'll be 60 in May.
  20. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    Sorry about that, consider it a post for the visually impaired.
  21. pre-pay

    I would have a hard time paying an advance to someone I have never met. A regular I have seen more than a time or two, OK.. If you do schedule and pre-pay based upon Eccie reviews I suggest you make sure the contact info on Eccie matches her ads OR that you contact her through Eccie. Purpose would be to make sure not just someone trying to "borrow" a legit lady's ID. Has been known to happen.
  22. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    Why is your font so big?
  23. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    Big fan of the 45 minute time length. I even started a thread advocating for them last year (and got clowned on by the usual board bullies/alpha males...although I appreciate the few like Melissa Sterling and Bora I think that got what I was asking). I'm a 1 shot guy, I don't ever NEED a full hour. Especially for first meetings, where I have to determine if she's physically what I'm looking for, and figure out her personality and if we "click." If it's all good and I genuinely enjoy getting to know her and spending time with her and it seems reciprocal, I can do hour sessions later. But for the first meeting I'll do 45 minutes if it's offered. If it's not offered, I'll do 30 minutes instead. If neither 45 or 30 are offered, there probably won't be a first meeting. I don't see any rational reason why 45 minute sessions are any more subject to staying over the limit than other time allotments. Guys who book 30 will try to stay for 40 minutes, guys who book an hour are gonna try to stay for 70 minutes. The type of clients who try to stay long are gonna do that no matter what time measurement they book, and the good clients are gonna try to stay only for what they paid for no matter how long they booked. I also think some of the staying over problem is just ignorance of exactly what time it is, and not actively trying to take advantage and get more than they paid for. But that's drifting into a different discussion, maybe I'll start a new topic for that.
  24. Posting area...

    I'm guessing it wasn't a new and improved model?
  25. pre-pay

    I personally would have no problem putting down a deposit on certain ladies. If they advert it up front, yeah I'll address it. Gotta be somebody I want to see, and not a whim, but somebody I've followed.
  26. Western Slope

  27. Posting area...

    I used eros once way back when and had the unpleasant experience of having my chosen lady swapped out for an alternate model.
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