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  2. Intelligence level....

    Just because she was posting after she told she was unavailable at a specific doesn't mean that she really wasn't available at the time you wanted. She is running a business and in order to keep in business, she needs to advertise constantly. It would be a real pain in the ass to start in her ads "I'm available at this time, this time, this time and this time. It is a hell of a lot easier to say availability from X time to X time.
  3. Intelligence level....

    You are absolutely correct, I don't have any right to see her. Just would've been nice had she told the truth about my references in the 1st place instead of just saying she would be unavailable at that time and "to have a nice day".
  4. Just read me

    Thank you all for sharing a part of yourselves with me.😘
  5. Self Reviewing

    Lol. I think they might miss a few here and there. I saw one for your gal was too good to be true
  6. Intelligence level....

    Goid point Laci, she could have missed the times, so I'm not mad about it just annoyed really. But thank you for the compliment :-D
  7. Intelligence level....

    I understand the frustration, we've all been there, but you have to remember that you don't have a right to see anyone. She has a right to be just as flighty as she wants to be, and you have a right to just move on. Unless you had a scheduled appointment that she NC/NS'd I don't think you have a gripe.
  8. Intelligence level....

    Maybe she missed the time part in your message because she was juggling kids, dogs, horses, riding a bike or whatever... Ads don't have to state everything that goes into scheduling with a gentleman. Not sure why she would turn down such a peach as you. If you don't like the hoops move onto the next lady in line.
  9. I totally get all the excellent points that have been made, and agree with them wholeheartedly. No doubt that just because a provider is high priced or labels herself as elite or upscale, that she is in fact either of those for a specific individual. It's all very subjective as I said in the original posts. I was merely seeking fellow board members who may be more in-tuned with our community to provide their opinion on who they think may fall into that category. I've received a few PMs, thank you to those who send them with their input. Nevertheless, after consideration that it's all very subjective, I would love to hear your OPINIONS on who the top of the top gals are.
  10. Tongue piercing...

    I had a cute little clitoral hood ring that I recently . It looked really cute, but you never know how crazy a romp can get BCD so I often removed it and have since just left it out. I loved it for visual, but it added no increased sensation and just made noise when I used my vibrator. For now I'll just leave the piercings to my ears.
  11. Self Reviewing

    Maybe she made a change for the better?? Used that negative review as a healthy dose of wake the fuck to improve herself. I think the MOD's are a quick bunch that would smack a ho down if they tried to self review.
  12. Thinking of visiting from OKC

    Welcome to our little corner of the world.
  13. Self Reviewing

    Hmmm, perhaps this post should have been a PM to the mods? Not that what you describe shouldn't raise eyebrows Now everyone will be checking the reviews as speculation abounds and the YL gets smeared by inuendo.
  14. Thinking of visiting from OKC

    Welcome beautiful! Come on over and join our naughty Colorado group.
  15. Intelligence level....

    This is a rant. And yes it's about a specific provider in here but I won't call her out by name. Stating a specific time for an appt and yet still getting asked what time I wanted is annoying. Secondly, when I have to pm through here to be checked, and list the references I have, yet to be turned down is annoying. But the kicker is when you see her ads on BP still, and those ads mention nothing about references & screening, that just tells me you are either a druggie that can't keep tack of your ads, or lack the intelligence level to be on BP & here as well. At least she helped in one aspect......definitely won't see her, so thanks for that I guess. End of rant.
  16. Today
  17. Self Reviewing

    Okay so I have reasonable suspicion a certain provider that shall not be named on here just self reviewed herself. She only had one other review and it was a bad one from a legit member. This new review comes from someone that joined just a few days ago and has that sole review which gave her solid ratings that were opposite of what the bad review had said about her. Now I know this is all just speculation and can be a coincidence and she really did earn a good review but I feel it's still worth looking into since another member that had messaged me about her told me how he was basically scammed by her and her male friend. I guess I'm kind of curious how providers are caught and confirmed to be self reviewing on here in the first place? If the review is already up does that mean moderators already checked her out and she's good?
  18. Thinking of visiting from OKC

    And that we'll see the review shortly after her visit. Yes, HappyMon's post was a bit of a downer, but expressed reality. Just ask the gals who get invited to the Western Slope.
  19. Asking a provider to be a reference

    Being discrete has been my biggest concern. Having someone calling another party about me is not something I'm not comfortable with. My personal information and business is mine alone. I choose not to ask anyone around for theirs and expect the same respect in return.
  20. Thinking of visiting from OKC

    Nope. Simple reality check for an individual who was trying to make sense out of TOB. I was simply saying "hubba-hubba" on the boards is not necessarily convertible to $$ in her pocket. But no worries, and don't personalize. I'm certain that by now you've followed up your invite to the Springs with a request for an appointment, to be confirmed when she establishes her travel dates.
  21. Who is considered Colorado's elite/upscale providers?

    It's simple, just do a search for the words upscale and elite in the ad search function! Ad description search gives 206 upscale and 233 elite. Some of these are duplicates so it may overstate the numbers slightly. If they are really upscale or elite however, they will not bury it in the description but will state it in the ad title, right? Ad title search gives 28 upscale and 29 elite, so this should narrow it down for you. Unfortunately we aren't able to do a Boolean search for upscale AND elite, so you will have to cross-reference the above searches. Happy hunting! 😉
  22. On same page with others re: "elite" is subjective and no guarantee that that experience will be different/better. This is a variation on the scheduling with a porn actress threads on here: floats your boat, great, but as others have learned, not always getting the over-the-top action seen in the vids (ie. Not offering an experience any different from local talent).
  23. Anyone worried about

    Probably a GMan on the other end considering masturbation as a result of your actions
  24. Anyone worried about

    I'm with Laci: we have been spied on, be it corporate or gubmint groups, for a long time now. Not happy with Congress's move, and writing letters to my reps, but I would be more concerned re: a different move by Verizon: they will be installing spyware to track your every app move.
  25. Anyone worried about

    Somewhere right now, George Orwell is vindicated. #notjustanovelanymore
  26. Anyone worried about

    I have an iPhone so I'm already winking and talking dirty to the CIA.😂😂
  27. Harmony (BP MASSAGE AD)

    Old review:
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