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  2. Truth in Advertising

    Is that so? Please elaborate.
  3. Truth in Advertising

    You are new enough here to not know how that would complicate other situations.
  4. What is Going On Here?

    I hope you're enjoying the hobby and that your luck gets better! Hope the 2 ghost appts mean you get some extra hobbying in! So much fun to be had!! Dont forget to request references and write honest reviews! Welcome to this lovely, chaotic, but perfect group of people! Xo
  5. What is Going On Here?

    Welcome in!
  6. For the curvy/chubby girls

    whataburgers.....fatburgers.....cootchie's fermenting in foundations...bloat....rather a diverse thread
  7. For the curvy/chubby girls

    Fat burger has triples LMAO!
  8. Who would you bring back?

    Easy: Justina Carter and Sexy Soaren
  9. Who would you bring back?

    Oh! I loved her and Asia Kim. They had the best doubles and party pics 😆
  10. For the curvy/chubby girls

    I wanna Know where These TRIPLE burgers are.. There is No Whataburger here? 😂😂
  11. For the curvy/chubby girls

    💙💜 Yet , I am a woman. We ALLLL bloat and retain H2O 😆
  12. BBW providers

    You had me at glazed buns. Mmmmm,, glazed buns.
  13. BBW providers

    Just search for the body type "slender," should work fine 😎
  14. What is Going On Here?

    First, welcome! Second, since you're newer at this, I'd recommend sticking with providers who have more than a years' worth of reviews. The longer the list of good reviews (both quantity and time), the more comfortable I feel. Third, stay with standard 1/2 hour, or 1 hour appts, until you really know the provider. Lastly, read as many reviews as you can. You'll get a good idea of other reviewers you can trust, who share your taste. I hope things improve for you!
  15. can someone please...

    From definitely from.
  16. Truth in Advertising

  17. Who would you bring back?

    Dawna. Had a appointment with Jae when was getting out that never happened. Wished it had. Always wanted to meet Dakota.
  18. Are you ready for the fall and what do you like about the fall

    Hot apple cider, sweaters, colors, usually the weather. Football of course! To celebrate the return, how about a little bronco orange and blue?
  19. 411 Lyndzi

    Thumbs up. Nothing to worry about. Feel free to PM for more
  20. Who would you bring back?

    My choices would be Ashliegh Sparks, Cindy Moore, Aubrey(of lamp post and garage), Brae, and Lauren Alexis..mmmm.. she could go non stop on the Os..have not met another lady to match her.
  21. Who would you bring back?

    Belle Blooms, Belle Blooms and Belle Blooms.
  22. Most Walkable/ Picturesque Neighborhoods

    Take the time to drive up to the Maroon Bells outside of Aspen great hikes with great scenery
  23. Who would you bring back?

    Robin it's been gone for 10 years would love to see her again
  24. Truth in Advertising

    I disagree. I think if you see a lady and she did great, she should get a great review from you, even though other hobbyists have said the same as before. I think it reinforces the great job she does and it's always nice to compliment her.
  25. Who would you bring back?

    I would like to see Kodi (all american girl), Cheyenne, and Jae Taylor. There was another girl from long ago I think her name was Kim. She was a wonderful person and would try to help single moms and even held a fund raiser once at a local bar. Never knew what happened to her.
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