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  3. Dallas

    Exactly. I couldn't agree more.
  4. Dallas

    Not sure what exactly you mean by that but I had only one "no" review and that was due to me not providing unsafe acts. I'm far from fake and like I said im not sure what your angle is but I never had any issues on tob with anyone I have visited. Have a good one.
  5. Peptide 141 first dose experience

    I have concerns about injecting something you buy over -the -counter, that a layman must reconstitute, and does not tell how long it is stable after being reconstituted. I would not touch this product with a 10 foot pole.
  6. Let's Talk About Switter

    I've been playing with Switter, following and being followed. I don't mean to be negative but I'm wondering if it's going to work in the long term. It's like Twitter in it's design and operations but, so far, without the fun of real interaction. Basically it's all about ads being posted once and again. We have the same users and the same information Twitter but with the addition of the fun of knowing a little bit about the real life of the people like the pictures of their dog doing something funny, a fancy gift they received from a enthusiastic client or just a comment about being bored on any given moment. ...Just an opinion, let's see how it develops
  7. Insight

    First off, welcome back, Fork! Good to see you here again. There have been negative comments about EM, and I do not necessarily question most. But the majority of reviews I have read there for ladies I have seen myself certainly sound legit and they have NOT been taken from TER. That at least gives me a list of reviewers there I would tend to believe - its a start.. Some of what is on CityXguide are real ads, just not dated and are two or more years old. Got excited at one cause thought a lady had un-retired, but no - just very old ad. Only have looked briefly at adultlook but it appeared to be BP duplicator site and lost interest quickly. The rest definitely lame. BTW folks just because the wording for a particular reviewer/lady combo reads very similar on more than one site does not necessarily mean either ripped the other off. Sometimes a dude gets lazy (smart?) and does a cut and paste when posting review in more than one spot.
  8. The new protocol?

    Kali, you lovely lady. I always enjoy your posts and your positive attitude. If I were to start today, I would probably start in somewhat the same way that I started a number of years ago. I'd look for a newbie friendly lady who would be open to talking on the phone after a few texts. I'd be pretty open about the type of person I am. I'd do my best to have a real conversation with the lady, avoiding specifics, but hopefully encouraging each of us to explore a bit about the other, just in general. Then, if I felt comfortable and thought we might be a good fit, I'd ask her what she thinks. I would let her know that having fun, making some sort of connection are things that are high on my priority list. I've said this before, probably verbatum...I understand the business side of things, but for me it is about 2 )or more) consenting adults having a great time together. If we are both in agreement, then we get to meet each other. I realize that we are each taking a chance and it may not go according to my expectations, but I want to go in with an open mind and approach it like a dance....hopefully a very pleasurable dance for both of us. I enjoy getting together with real ladies, real people and do my best to treat them nicely. If it doesn't work out, I'm out some money and a bit of time. I'm sure there is more I'd like to say and things I have forgotten, but this is already a darned long post.
  9. Newbie to TOB

    Hello and Happy Friday!
  10. Listings

    Tob policy statement states that its now only listing colorado... forums are a great place to mingle!
  11. Dinner/Event arm candy

    Definitely reach out to some ladies of interest! I'm sure ladies will jump at the chance to be arm candy... or you could just call bad boy
  12. On the lighter side of things

    I like to think that this our community is fully able to put the "fun" in dysfunction. I always wonder when someone says, "Well, I come from a dysfunctional family..." and want to say, "Would someone show me a real functional family...I sure haven't met many in the real world."
  13. Dinner/Event arm candy

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He's a great date! You guys have fun!!
  14. Is it Time yet??

    I figure why not wear whatever makes you feel better. Or "not wear" some other things, to see if it makes life even more interesting. I am unaware of most fashion suggestions, and other than formal occasions I wear what makes me feel comfortable. So far I haven't been arrested or ticketed by the fashion police. Though some people have said, "You wear jeans a lot, don't you?"
  15. Good advice

    It really is a win win. You can't go wrong with kindness.
  16. Good advice

    Back at you gorgeous! πŸ’‹
  17. Good advice

    Baby! I love this! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
  18. Good advice

    I ran out of reputation points, but I completely agree with this. Being kind, offering dignity and respect doesn't cost anything. They are free ways to make someone's day a bit better. Life is difficult and challenging, so why not look for ways to make it less difficult and challenging. Offering a small kindness can be a win-win for all involved.
  19. Listings

    Are all listings gone in the US?
  20. Insight

    It's a big big world and there are billions of lovely ladies out there.
  21. Newbie to TOB

    Hello Zelda!
  22. On the lighter side of things

    Haha, awesome posts for Friday laughter.
  23. Has anyone seen NikkL lately

    Yes, she is awesome! Always very discreet in her advertisement but awesome.
  24. Insight

    FORK, it's you, it's really you, you are back. How were your travels in the far lands?
  25. Insight

    I appreciate the links, but these are all almost all bad. Eroticmonkey looks legit but has not much going on in my town. Cityxguide is good for a laugh! Looks to have auto-generated ads by a computer with broken English. Super fake. Escortfish has months old ads gfemonkey has only a few big cities. girl-directory - same bedpage has nothing. Only ONE of these sites,, looks like it might be useful. But I think it's probably just reposting old Backpage ads. Does anyone know if this site is legit, as opposed to just reposting old content? The fact that they don't have dates on their ads is a big negative. Some ladies are not liable to keep the same number for long.
  26. Supply and Demand logic: when supply increases due to decreased demand, prices goes down. Providers logic: when supply increases due to decreased business (and I know business been slow for all the providers these past 2 weeks and for many, none at all because they have no place to advertise and you can't always put all your eggs into regulars or past customers), prices goes up - being artificially increased by the providers themselves. During these times they should deal in volume and get as many appointments as possible. 3 appointments per day at $200 or $250 each is still more money thay can make if they only get one appointment per day for $400 or $500 or even no appointment per day for $400 or $500.
  27. Found this online

    Actually it’s both, each for their own reasons. The far right wants to ban prostitution on religious, moral grounds. The far left wants to ban it because it β€œexploits” women. Neither can see a middle ground. You can sell your mind to write dreck, sell your body to dig ditches, and sell your soul to just about every boss, but - Try to sell sex? Oh the horrors!
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