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  2. Personality!

    Han "I know" Solo.
  3. Thanks

    I'll take a guess that Hunter had a typo on an ad somewhere. Someone reached out to her with the information so she could correct it. Kudos to the person that did so. It might save someone skipping over her.
  4. Today
  5. Info on gianna in Vail

    Just looking for anyone that may have info on Gianna She has p411 ads but I haven't found any reviews or other info ads on other sites as well But no reviews that I have found
  6. Beautiful People

    I don't want to be stalker
  7. How to avoid stings?

    Crazy, eh? A wig with those glasses and mustache combo is usually enough.
  8. Never have I ever... Hobby style game

    Alex I’d leave the ID behind too.
  9. Anybody sign up to Storm Area 51?

    I just escaped from there and don’t really want to go back.
  10. How to avoid stings?

    I guess it depends on what you can lose. Me? I'm single and a class 3 misdemeanor ticket means very little. Someone with a wife and kids have much more to lose.
  11. Anybody sign up to Storm Area 51?

    It’s right at the 2 minute mark.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Beautiful People

    You are a beautiful woman! Thank you for sending love to the well deserving women! I agree with you! Many, many! 💕
  14. Audrey you said it perfectly for me! I had two last minute cancellations. One was a no show. I let go of another because he was being demanding and hurtful towards me. You win more favor with honey I said to him and then I blocked him. So after my big walk I saw someone I haven’t seen since last May. It was truly a beautiful day!💋 So beautiful out too! Enjoying this weekend fully!😘😘
  15. Thanks

    Never cool Chrissy! I am sorry sweetheart!😘
  16. Anybody sign up to Storm Area 51?

    Yes I am with Geecue on that! I rather not ruffle those feathers!
  17. Anybody sign up to Storm Area 51?

    I doubt they use rubber bullets.
  18. How to avoid stings?

    Wow , is it worth it? Lol sorry just seems like A LOT of paranoia to me. ? Maybe im wrong?
  19. Anybody sign up to Storm Area 51?

    I'm not real interested in meeting a rubber bullet, taser, or billy club. You go ahead though!
  20. Anybody sign up to Storm Area 51?

    I haven't yet but I'm thinking about it lol!
  21. Thanks

    I adore it when the guys help out. Especially when our photos are being used elsewhere by others and they let ya know
  22. TOB is great - Is there anything like it in another state?

    I used to use P411 because i travel weekly for work - and it is hands down one of the best/broadest reach dating resources you can use. grainbelt was good at one time - haven't checked it out in a while due to regional reassignments
  23. Thanks

    checks and balances are always a good thing:)
  24. Personality!

  25. Beautiful People

    there in lay the rub - and yes, +1... so many SO very attractive women on here and cum through here all the time - and i so often want to just drop a 'had to say hi because you are stunning, hope to meet you someday' DM - in the RW you get points for this type of behavior, in the HW it can get you labeled a time waster - so it's a catch 22 - and the sent DM usually is dictated by the horny eye of the hopeful beholdher. and if you do send a note like this, most often you will get no reply - so in effect it defeats the purpose of cultivating a connection - my guess is some date requests get tabled as a result - that is not to say that a rare few reply - and they no doubt make it on a short list somewhere... just one of the many natures of this type of dating scene - c'est la hobby!:) I must admit sometimes i can't resist though...
  26. Beautiful People

    Whenever I meet up with a provider in person I always mention how pretty they are even if it’s a little fib! After I mention that usually the appointment goes great! I would like to pm providers here and mention how beautiful they are in their pics but I don’t want to come off as a weirdo!
  27. Beautiful People

    That is totally true, a person's personality can either make them ugly or beautiful. I have seen it many times!
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