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  2. Tiffany D

    We removed the images. We are speaking with the user now.
  3. WWYD??

    Would I schedule a second date with a provider that robbed me? Probably not, unless I subconsciously developed a new fetish. I tend to live by the old adage “Fool me once, Shame on you; Fool me twice, Shame on me. I suppose there are scenarios where it may have been an accident, however I presume that probability is extremly low. However, I always take care of the business aspect first, so I may enjoy my company fully.
  4. Tiffany D

    This gallery is empty.........hmmmmmm
  5. Stood up too many times

    Not a fun turn, brah. Sounds like you might be personalizing (making the negative outcome about you and your sense of worth) as well as putting yourself on the ass end of 'luck'--as if the Hobby Universe were out to get you. Things tend to get squirrely when we do that to ourselves, and the desperation that commonly results can leak out into how we communicate with the lovely ladies on this board (with not-so-great results). If a provider--even three [gasp] in a row--ghosts you short notice (assuming your approach is solid), that's about *her*--her reasons, possibly her burner malfunction, perhaps her lack of professionalism, maybe her hair-trigger instinct to shut it down if something feels off, whatever--not you. Next. Move on. Dial another series of digits. Hobby on, Wayne. It's literally a numbers game.
  6. To be fair, ZTE has been called out by the US intelligence community as a potential security risk. My guess is that if ZTE is involved in any sort of spying, they are looking to get things like government or trade secrets. Personally, I would pass on a ZTE phone, but unless you are a C-level employee at a fortune 500 or a high ranking government official, its probably not anything to be too worried about. P.S. this is my first post on the forums. Hi everybody!
  7. Hose and Heels?

  8. Today
  9. 2 profiles?

    It was reported. Claim is they are two different people.
  10. Tiffany D

    720-534-4825 Tineye hits
  11. What happened to beautiful touch?

    They lost their lease on the little house as of July 1. The two principals were to get a place on the west side of town but I also heard that they might be using other accommodations. Apparently nothing settled yet.
  12. Stood up too many times

    Well said.
  13. Tiffany D

    720-534-4825 Colorado Massage Chances are she will not be the same person in the pictures.
  14. Stood up too many times

    Mr MFN its a bummer that you have had such bad luck lately but I think a lot of us have been stood up before, so don't think that you are alone. I am not going to say this is what happened to you but the times I have been stood up were because of OVERBOOKING/SCHEDULING issues and they chose the first one that arrived and the second one is circling the parking lot or sitting in their carLOL. I take it with a grain of salt, depending on what the excuse is, I reschedule or I go see someone else. You have to understand, they have probably dealt with a ton of NO SHOWS or CREEPS for the day/week and you just happened to be the one who is going to pay for it. I will admit, 3 times in a row with a different girl would make me wonder as well. Unless you are stuck on one specific type, I see no reason for you to just give up and throw in the towel, last time I checked, TOB has some beautiful women. Get back in the saddle and use/consider all the WONDERFUL advice that has been thrown your way in this post/thread............
  15. Warm drinks for snowy days?

    Café con leche, lol for those who know!
  16. Sharing references?

    Agreed. Maybe a question for admin for notification pop up option to come.
  17. 411 on Rose Gardner?

    Legit. Toftt and review is pending approval. Be respectful gentleman.
  18. Best fishing spots!

    After what one of those things did to Leonardo DiCaprio, I understand exactly. Grizzlies scare the shit out of me. Not real keen on mother Mountain Lions either. Big foot on the other hand is fucking hilarious.
  19. I'm surprised some people still aren't over high school slights. I was a huge loser in high school. Now I'm an even bigger loser nearing retirement! Life goes on! Why bring up high school now?
  20. Sharing references?

    I don't know what happens on your side but I believe it to be courteous to let the YL know by pm and a nice introduction that they have been shared. I personally believe you are on target.
  21. Best fishing spots!

    Courtesy of Laci via text...I love it. If you've never met a grizzly in the wild don't, I have. It's their fish...not yours.
  22. Warm drinks for snowy days?

    It’s not hot, but I love Rumchata with cinnamon whiskey when it’s cold.
  23. Info on SavannahMontana

    Just for you Badboy it is true go take one for the team. Then again may be it is too good to be true fourth image in gives results for aaliyah Hadid Phone number hits a companion reviews page that is no longer there. My self I have my eye on some twins. Good luck sir
  24. Info on SavannahMontana

    SavannahMontana Colorado Companion 305-771-5264 Anyone have any information on SavannahMontana. She's absolutely gorgeous and you know how I love that ink. Any info anyone? Seems too good to be true, but sometimes it is true, tell me it is true.
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  26. Advance Planning Mistakes?

    I've been around the hobby for many moons, used to be an moderator for ASPD back in the day, and would never intentionally insult a lady. That was more a fishing expedition to see who responded more than anything else. With the changing scene on the web I don't have time to shoot off messages to every gal on here to figure out where they are and other pertinent information. So please don't jump all over me when I post an ISO in the forum around the end of the month if I haven't decided on anyone special. MrA
  27. Sharing references?

    Hi there I’m just wondering if somebody can help me out regarding the sharing of references... I don’t get a notification when somebody shares their references with me. is this something that I can turn on so therefore I can receive a notification of reference sharing? I guess I always believed it was up on the caller or the sender to let the lady know that the references have been shared for her Convenience. Am I way off here guys? Thanks
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