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  2. Not that you providers

    I would think that booking with reputable reliable ladies should alleviate this action. I’ve come across LOTS of bargain hunters lately. My guess is they moved on to an unknown, which there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just a bigger risk, and sometimes doesn’t work out. I may have told this story, but worth repeating. I had a client find a super bargain that he drove a long way to meet. He got to a sketch hotel, with non matching photos and a long list of no’s. He left, and drove back to me. His, time, gas, aggravation.... he didn’t save anything.
  3. Not that you providers

    Good ole stevie, up early, stirring the turds. Morning stevie!
  4. Not that you providers

    Not me, but referring to reviews, happened to a few different guys by same provider, same situation on those reviews
  5. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    I like to ask questions..."Do like how my h**d c**k feels in your...?" "How do you like me to f*** you babe?" while doing it. Gets the conversation going!
  6. Not that you providers

    If this has happened to you multiple times, I would assume that it is something you are doing to repeat that same result. ?? If you are making it thru screening of multiple providers yet ultimately being ghosted upon arrival...odds are the problem is on your end..
  7. Not that you providers

    Will admit to it but kinda wonder when you make a appointment and communicate till the person is at your incall and then you ghost them, my thinking is you get scared? If you screened him then should be no worries right? Or maybe not attracted to the guy, my guess, what ever the case it's wrong, especially when it happens multiple times!
  8. Oh No!!

    In the text editor like Bit said. I would click on "choose files", select the file on my computer only to get the popup box saying that "You are only allowed to upload 30.72kb." I had downloaded the image onto my desktop, resized it and then tried to upload it. I resized it down to 25kb and it still wouldn't go.
  9. Go-To

    I have friends who schedule their weekends around NASCAR
  10. Go-To

    Naked lawn darts. Naked Nascar?
  11. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    So meany hot sexy dirty words .. Like how sexy his c**k is .. I like the word C***K
  12. Good bye

    Just when I'm getting the hang of TOB .. Best Of Luck ,
  13. Taking a break

    Best of luck to you. Hope there are calm seas ahead for the both of you.
  14. Taking a break

  15. I've never experienced this. Maybe I don't seem a good mark, or I'm not wealthy enough! 30 years of playing, and no con jobs...I'm missin' out!
  16. Yesterday
  17. Women of Denver are amazing

    Amen to that.
  18. Good bye

    Best of luck on your future endeavors.
  19. No show

    Only if it was RANDs (cash)
  20. If anyone who comes on here oversees community service volunteers near Denver, please feel free to PM me so I can ask about something. I've got a few hrs of comm serv and not enough time to meet the deadline. Not asking for a favor or handout, but need someone to advise me on how to expedite this in a way that works for everyone. I know it's a long shot but thought it cant hurt to ask. Thanks!
  21. Useless reviews

    Indeed we do!!! Oh, for those of you are concerned about accurate photos. The Stroll (mostly Colfax) was WYSIWYG. But you might find a little extra under the skirt 🥴
  22. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    I like it when the lady uses dirty words to tell me what she likes and what I need to do to help her reach a bed shaking climax. OF course, if she chooses not to tell me, then I'll just have to try a lot of different things until I find the right combination. Then it's my turn
  23. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    I agree. Dirty talk can be fun and encouraging while not being disrespectful. Some words are a turn on and, for me, some words are disrespectful and a turn off.
  24. Would you rather? The game!

    Wet, happy,give, hands, hmmm not sure on the last one CaliK8, love your answers....even the "not sure" on the last one.
  25. Useless reviews

    Bit, glad to know that some of us are old enough to remember those days. Talk about rolling the dice and playing a blind hand. We have it so much better today, even after the changes from last year.
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