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  2. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    Not necessiarly as long as the ones in the pictures, but yes, I love long, painted nails.
  3. No TF Games

    There really is just no end to the types of assholes you ladies have to put up with (other similar threads incorporated herein by this reference), is there? I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I want you to know that a fair number of us are appalled at how obnoxious guys can be. Sorry. I wish there was some way to either avoid or painfully punish them, but you will have to figure that out. Again, sorry.
  4. Not feeling it.

    In this business you are meeting someone blindly to "hook up". Sometimes, even if that person seems to have what you are looking for, it doesn't mean you two will "click". Chalk it up to a learned experience, and find someone you do enjoy. Not every lady is for you. Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  5. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    Honestly, those would look horrible on me because my fingers are short. I can't keep long nails because mine are so thin and brittle. I do my best to keep them covered in acrylic(when I have time) so they grow a bit and look decent. Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  6. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    I stopped getting my nails done years ago. Couple of guys were prone to scratches with just the lightest of brushes. One guy had a dog he rough housed with, so he said the dog did it. The other guy got pissed. So, I figured, hey I’ll save money by not getting them done. I don’t miss when one of those suckers break either. Either way, those nails the op put up aren’t appealing.
  7. No TF Games

    Just uncalled for. No
  8. Today
  9. No TF Games

    Yes, some bozo filled out the reservations form on my website filling in the fields with the services (SEO, Web-design etc.). WTF??? lol It's so aggravating to stop and have to look at that crap thinking that it's a real client.
  10. Low Volume Girls

    Every time I think or hear 'low volume', I automatically think what Barbi stated. It's also a good marketing ploy b/c (to me) it also means the lady limits her visits to X amount of gents per day/week. As pfunk says, I don't really care just as long as my time with her is quality!
  11. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    love medium manicured nails.
  12. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    Not to me
  13. Fear Of Screening..?

    From Provider to Client.
  14. Low Volume Girls

    Body size volume! That’s a mouthful to think about! 😂😂Got to do some thinking on that there one!? 🤔
  15. Fear Of Screening..?

  16. Fear Of Screening..?

    You already know where I work, the location, photos of me, age, description, etc...and there is only 1 of me. Unless a Provider sees only 1 client a year then she may not screen, but probably still should. The rest of us see multiple clients so unless your special in the way of being inappropriate, violent, an asshat, etc your screening info is never even looked at again. Comparable risks gets you so much further with anyone. Skin in the game I believe it’s called. I’m literally offering all my skin. Can you really complain about a business email/card, photo or location?
  17. No TF Games

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find it highly inappropriate to contact me under guise of booking (asking about location, specific rates, etc) in order to turn around and try to get my services for free because you’ve swindled other Providers for TF photos, web design, and ads. 1. If I want your services, I will seek you out. Just like you do for me. 2. Using those Providers to continually spread the nonsense for you is a no go, especially when you have already been rejected. Please stop. Please don’t get swindled into this TW game. It’s as bad as offering fake reviews in my opinion. That is all.
  18. Low Volume Girls

    Low volume: A little, tiny gal. Less than 5’, <100# High volume: A big boned farm gal. 5’9”+, >150# 😮😜😄😱😁😘
  19. Not feeling it.

    Two reactions: 1) This is not the first place I'd look for a "regular girl." You might want to get a bit clearer regarding what you're looking for, as others have suggested. Why not return engagements with the first two who were so great? 2) My guess is, you start talking about wanting "to stay" with someone you think you connect to here, you're going to find a lot of the girls here disappearing on you too. Good luck.
  20. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    I’m not getting a prostate massage if she has fingernails like that
  21. Not feeling it.

    Maybe you just didn't feel any sexual attraction. That can happen, but most of the time all works out well in my experience. The only advice I can offer is to really pay attention to board presence (if there is one), ads, website and reviews to try to determine your compatability ahead of time. I like to compare this to massage often. Sometime we will link up with someone that totally rocks our world, and sometimes it will be just an average massage, but nonetheless, we did get the service. Have fun, and try to focus on the girl as a person instead of a menu (not saying you did that), but the guys that study and pick a lady without any pre-conceived expectations seem to have the most fun.
  22. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    I prefer very short, and manicured. The pictures you show are very pretty though.
  23. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    No interest for me..... but I understand nails, or hair, or make-up are not supposed to be about or for me.
  24. Not feeling it.

    Everyone is different every time nothing is always the same thank you will find that even if you have a favorite each encounter will not be the same enjoy who you're with at the time you are with her
  25. Not feeling it.

    I have a feeling that you need to rethink your approach. This is a escort site. The lady met you and did her part on offering companionship to you. Try not to be so self entitled. Maybe you should go back to the strip club and pay the girls to tell you what you want to hear. They love them some sugar daddies.
  26. We all have different tastes and a different point of view about what is beautiful or not, I respect that. This is just my opinion. During the last year I've been seeing an increasing number of providers with very long fingernails. Probably that's 2017-2018 fashion trend, I wouldn't know. I'm sure it must require a lot of work and sacrifice to have fingernails like that, and I appreciate that! But in my very personal tasted and opinion, very long nails are not really appealing, even if they are beautifully done, red or with designs. This becomes especially concerning, if not scaring, when it comes to FBSM providers! I just wanted to share my point of view and see what you guys and girls have any opinion. Note: These pictures don't belong to any provider in particular...
  27. Not feeling it.

    Not sure I understand your question... is it common to not hit it off with every single person, every single time? I'd say yes - we are all human. You indicate she was nice and very easy to talk to but you just 'weren't feeling it' so it kinda seems like the issue was yours - maybe you were having an 'off' night? It's nice to find a "favorite" or "regular" but you can't realistically expect every other experience with different people to be similar. xoxo xo Danielle Rae
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