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  2. Can't upload profile photo?

    Quick fix number 2! Upload to snapchat... then use snap folder to upload! 😘 good luck sunshine
  3. sexy susan

    Pm me on info. Curious
  4. Thank you

    I completely agree. The folks who run this board are awesome. I enjoy this community and admire the mods' ability to keep TOB up, running and a fun place to hang out. So, thank you....thank you...thank you. Also to the members and board participants...the mods are one essential part of this board. If we didn't have people participating, there would be nothing to moderate. Because of this community and the people who participate, I've met some truly nice people, both ladies and gents. So give yourselves a hand...or better yet, find someone else from our community to "give you a hand" ( or substitute something other than "hand").
  5. Happy Birthday Olgunn

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTIE OLGUNN!!! Hope you have an amazing day!!! Have several drinks and orgasms today, and think of me while you’re doin it!!!! The drinking...not the orgasms! Love you my friend!
  6. Happy Monday...

    Absolutely, Thursday night will be the best.
  7. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    Gotta say, pornhub is my main porn site. A second would be vporn. On vporn, I am just a viewer. On pornhub, I've gotten to know some of the folks (from a cyber standpoint, not in person). And my taste in porn is pretty eclectic, but somewhat vanilla. Like in the real world, I have no one "type" of lady who turns my crank. I love a variety of types of ladies, both in the real world and the porn world.
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  9. Careful with screening boys.

    I have had two and have ignored them
  10. Careful with screening boys.

    You can usually find out the Personal identification of a person pretty easy. All you need is the number. To any Newbies (men/women) I cannot stress enough to please make sure your choice is reviewed and that woman are taking a few extra steps (30seconds -24hours Depending on your process) To ensure their safety. I’m sure many girls have websites that have etiquette and frequently asked questions sections; read them, reach out for help, know the laws and your rights. Next time just dump your phone in the trash. Say it was stolen. And pay the $200 with your insurance. Tougher to do in a state of panic. It’s absolutely horrible. Good lesson to us all. Do our homework. And bring your teacher lots of gifts, Apples Get to be boring. Better luck next time
  11. Holly20000

    That's ok we found them.
  12. AA Men

    I understand that. No issues there. Was trying to get to the bottom of a few rude situations where things like this aren’t public knowledge. An when you ask or bring light to it the few had a serve attitudes because I didn’t know so I asked am then I’m considered a haggler or time waster. Thanks tho for chiming in.
  13. AA Men

    If it's a personal choice, just like a bakery not wanting to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding due to religion .. I get it.... Nobody should be forced to ever do something that dishonours how they feel or their the belief system... but at the same time, I do I believe business should stay business .. if you are a responsible, respectable fella with a good name behind you and you fall in all required criteria... why the hell not?? I used to play the race card when it came to my business when I was younger..I used to listen to other providers about MY business....I used to listen and judge on Current events in the current community. And then!!?..?? I encountered a major life and mind altering incident with..Hold on!!!.... A white guy! ..( Go figure) and I've never EVER in all my years been disrespected by any other hobbyist than this one guy.. it taught me that ignorance has no color, it's a frame of mind.. disrespect is intentional.. this is the number one reason why after screening , I prefer to chat with my future fellows for a few minutes before hand ...with text messages, emails and other internet nonsense and today's technology, it's really hard to tell these days who's behind the keyboard and what their intentions are ....again color has nothing to do with it ..after all most serial killers are white. Ijs.. At the end of the day what everyone wants , is a safe happy fun hobby to play with ...we want to be discreet.. we want to stay loyal ...but we all have to work together in this and know that things are changing, the world is upgrading and if you don't want to be left behind you better hop on ship with an Open Mind...
  14. AA Men

    Personal preference.
  15. Holly20000

    Well crap, I got outmaneuvered. Yesterday I found tons of ads on "live escort reviews" with the same girl but they had more pictures than are in profile here. It was the extra pictures I used to find the originals using tineye but now all those ads have had the pictures removed. I can't retrace my steps because I was in "incognito" mode so I can't look up my history. That was quick. The only ad left, with the girl in the photos, is the one I linked and it only has the same photos as the one on TOB. Well played.
  16. Can't upload profile photo?

    I have to delete other pictures to add a new one? Not sure what I am doing wrong?
  17. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    I can so relate to this 😂
  18. This isn't as much about MercedesRoberts720 720-399-7009 As it is about the response you get when you text. She/person responds asking what part of town. Then unsolicited gives a number and ends with ". . .can you work with that?" I got the same lines from another lady, and maybe even 2 or more others. I just started to realize the pattern. Any info or leads on this and how it ends up with an outcall visit from this person(s)? I'm guessing not great
  19. The difference

    When I was a size 3 with 36DD I was “tits on a stick” others called me sexy. When I gained 30lbs and a size 9 I was “bbw” or too big to enjoy, others thought I was perfect. Each and every person has a different view and different opinion. It’s not possible to label yourself because not everyone would agree.
  20. The difference

    She’s slim with tits love her eyes omg
  21. Thank you

    Hmmmmn which one of you girls on TOB come the closes to matching the boobs in the picture? Lol Please pm pics and I will decide the winner!!!! BR
  22. Thank you

    Hey TR, Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy!!!!! BR
  23. Happy Monday...

    Laci coming over on Saturday
  24. Happy Monday...

    Ahhh! Rockies game tomorrow night and golf league Thursday evening!!! And naturally every day thinking of all the pretty and awesome ladies here on TOB!!! BR
  25. The difference

    I think the opposite. Curvy can be athletic like: Serena Williams or model like Ashley Graham BBW Melissa McCarthy Amber, I think all the ladies above are beautiful and sexy. I think the lines can be blurred btw curvy and BBW, but it's also in the eye of the beholder.
  26. Apology

    Spend a little more and stay at a better quality hotel.
  27. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    My link didn't copy right.
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