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  2. The NERVE!😠

    Lol I edited 😂
  3. The NERVE!😠

    This one is a different site. The OP's report is for
  4. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    It's fun Nice place to hang out after you've done something that makes you all sweaty 😂
  5. The NERVE!😠

    I think that's the sister company of one in the OP. Not sure though. Buying Bitcoins through Paxful has always worked for me, there's a link on the payment page to launch your wallet with them. I found it to be the least costly exchange as well, with many options in which to buy ( gift cards, PayPal, CC ect )
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  7. I am such a Pussy!!

    Opportunities will continue to present themselves to you over the course of your lifetime. It's up to you to choose and pick which ones you want to follow. I know that my choices have led me to the exact point in life where I am today.
  8. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    Read this yesterday and it was so fitting for me. I lost my cat this week and the void is devastating. 🌈 I wish the rainbow bridge had visiting hours 🌈
  9. meaningful quotes are they accurate

  10. When provider's change personas

    I got what you're saying. It didn't confuse me.
  11. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other - Mother Teresa #PeaceDay Spread goodness today.
  12. CMT recommendations

    Kaduk are you a lawyer? If not I think you missed your calling!
  13. Real pictures vs altered pictures

    Reviews should tell you if the lady in the photos is the lady you will meet. Do your research, and good luck.
  14. The NERVE!😠

    I did dispute one of these such transactions with my CC company, and got a refund. It is very frustrating though. The selling of a gift card option has worked for me.
  15. Review clichés that make you roll your eyes.

    I agree Jeff. It's ok to confirm she looks like the pics, wore something pretty, dressed as requested, can hold a conversation or not, incall comfy or not, and some activities. A play by play or extremely juicy details can come across as crass and embarrassing. There is one site that will only allow VERY detailed reviews, which can be a little embarrassing. I swear some of those are very embellished. I guess it comes down to individual perception as to how much detail is too much.
  16. San Diego Suggestions

    Good place to cast girls,guys..not so much. Nice that you took my advice to check it out.
  17. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    Used to go there a lot when I was working as a strip club DJ in Boulder. This was back in the late 80s.They must be doing something right to still be in business.You've tempted me to go back.
  18. I am such a Pussy!!

    Chrissy, you did what is best for you and nobody can blame you for that, and you certainly shouldn’t blame yourself. Something else will present itself. Look at as a positive thing for yourself. When one door closes, another one opens.
  19. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    The chilli and cheese fries are to die for!! But it mostly a hangout for the college kid across the street!
  20. Real pictures vs altered pictures

    General question.... but how many guys out there actually look at some ads where the pictures are air brushed all up and then think that that is the woman they will be meeting? I prefer to meet a woman with UN-altered pictures because I am then not upset by her appearance when we meet. My preference is all natural, nothing fake.
  21. I am such a Pussy!!

    You made the decision that is right for you in your life right now! I'm personally happy you decided to stay. I also think I heard a collective sigh of relief from all the gentlemen.😂😂
  22. Just Saying Hello

    Welcome to Colorado! Enjoy every minute and stay safe pretty lady.
  23. Review clichés that make you roll your eyes.

    Seems to me the trick Is hitting the balance between an egotistical jock boasting in the locker room (compensating for lack of size etc) and a wall flower scared to say anything lest they offend. So, as usual in most things, the middle ground is probably best sans the cliches (although I'll take a cliche over no info). I'd prefer the general details, skip the blow-by-blow and handle details in a PM. When a guy says 'treat her well' he's being a decent guy which I won't condemn although his exhortation won't change how I handle a lady (I treat them like they are lucky I picked them and, if they are honest, they should be paying me for the pleasure, but that's another topic for another day )
  24. VeroVeroCam01 411 Colo Spgs

    Kudos to Lonely1 and Realtor1 for TOFTT! Thanks guys. Too bad it's 50/50 but she sounds like a lot of fun but might be best to do incall not outcall. Her flakiness was corroborated by a fellow hobbiest who PM'd me about trying to see her in Denver but couldn't because she was flaky in communicating and planning. Still tempted though...
  25. Preference or objectification?

    Thanks for responding everyone!
  26. When provider's change personas

    Always stiring the coldren.... Until you have walked a block in there shoes, why wonder.
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