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  2. Strip clubs

    Be aroused at a literal sausage fest where the music is so loud you can't think... Not for me.
  3. Not good enough????

    All boys parochial HS. The gals in the neighborhood were fair game tho. I had a blast!
  4. 411 Elisa Blue

    I have also seen her awhile back. PM for more info.
  5. Zombie or Alien?

    Sci-Fi all the way. I don't mind zombies. Just prefer stuff like Aliens, Star Wars, or Star Trek... I'm your Lvl 99 nerd so ask away about any of them.
  6. Old tv shows! What are you re watching

    Watched that originally, just started rewatching on netflix
  7. Today
  8. Not good enough????

    Lucky guys. Having attended a military prep school, all of my class mates were male. 😱
  9. Not good enough????

    High School Reunions are a geat place to reconnect with the hotties from high school. On my 25th one who is hotter than she was in high school told me I was still on her TO Do List. Since we were both beteen marriages and we were staying at the same hotel, it did happen. I should have seen her her in school.
  10. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Gauge - damn that ass
  11. 411 on Rach129

    I am curious as well. I have reached out over the last few months via text,email and ToB message still no replies so good luck to anyone who gets a response.
  12. Not good enough????

    Oh high school. I remember looking through my senior yearbook, 20yrs after I graduated. A girl I thought was pretty but was way smarter than me, had written her phone number in it and told me call her. Said we could have some fun this summer. She made the first move but I didn't even know it. I always thought she would have wanted to date someone on her IQ level. If only I had looked through better back then.
  13. What If...

    What if it wasn’t eight days a week?
  14. Old tv shows! What are you re watching

    📺 Off the ole antenna: I like to watch "The Closer" (2005-2012) --Never watched it when it first aired but it's a favorite now... 📺 Lots of grt episodes but the first 3 minutes of this clip is one of the funnier moments...(especially :40 to :46)
  15. 411 on Rach129

    Rach129 Colorado Companion Looks like she joined about a year ago yet no reviews. I searched phone number and profile images and nothing turned up. Anybody have any info?
  16. Gfe or not

    I realize that it means different things to different girls. I just don't want to shell a fortune out to a girl, to find out a lot of things are off the table. Recently I had a session with a porn star. She was everything I was looking for in age, height, shape and looks. The rate was very reasonable. Since she was still filming, there couldn't be any fluid tranmissions. Everything was covered, no kissing or daty. Not a GFE experience in my sense of the definition.
  17. 411 on Gabriel from Eros

    Yes, has Denver Ladies past, but, might have moved on, and MIGHT be a more "activity" provider now. A number of ladies on here that got their starts with DL are top notch today. Phone does not seem to return any DL sites. Does not seem to have her profile on the DL models list page. Personally, would avoid until some other person with a review track record has seen. But if $$ is at an acceptable level for an unknown, maybe take a chance.
  18. Gfe or not

    From talking with some of the GFE FBSM and new FS providers, they don't really understand what GFE entails, they pretty much put it out there because so many others have it on their ads. I have a chuckle at the GFE providers who say they don't kiss and you can't go down on them.
  19. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Charlie I miss a lot!
  20. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    I don't think she is retired..Smoking hot in HOP..
  21. Happy Easter Everyone!

    You especially kind and thoughtful lady and 2 others here that I adore. Hope you had a very special day.
  22. Not good enough????

    While attending a school reunion last summer, I bumped into a classmate, that I thought was hot in school. (She still is!!) During our conversation, she said she always thought I was cute and asked me why I never asked her out? I was shocked!! At the time, I thought I would never get a second look from her and she was way out of my class! Turned out it was probably a good thing as she told me, she was on marriage number five!...……………. Does make a guy wonder though??………...For sure in my next life, I am going for it!!! LOL.
  23. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Candie Evans
  24. Accepted age difference?

    25 and older works best for me. And it's true women in there 40s are just horny as heck.
  25. Gfe or not

    Darn kinda like hey eat me but no kissing. It's getting stranger by the day!!
  26. Gfe or not

    GFE after you answered "do I look fat in this outfit?"
  27. Reference aging

    Well best to just communicate and see how your able to interact. Get a feel of what the other person is looking for. Like it has been said before jerks usually have a reputation.
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